The 5 toxic properties of the Scorpio woman that put people off

The 5 toxic properties of the Scorpio woman that put people off

The Scorpio woman is a little different from the Scorpio man in some ways, but her core is quite similar.

The only difference is that the Scorpio woman does her best not to betray her intentions and not to show what she is capable of at first.

In contrast, the Scorpio-man reveals what to expect of him very early as a warning to anyone who gets involved with him.

That makes the Scorpio woman more dangerous than you can imagine.

But what is this woman really like? No matter what these women look like, they have a certain attraction to other people.

Something that sets you apart from the others and draws you closer under its spell.

Since they are very confident and wise, everything they say seems to be true.

They amaze by the way in which they analyze people, but also by the great support and loyalty they show to someone.

In fact, they can be some of the most reliable and trustworthy friends, but sometimes only because they create that illusion.

In reality, however, they create what appears to be vulnerability so that others can better bond with them.

While in fact they don’t trust anyone and show only very small aspects of themselves to others so that nothing can be used against them.

In this way they collect tons of information about others that they can use against them when it suits them or when they want to reciprocate.

No matter how much you liked and respected the person, if they feel hurt by them, they will definitely stab them.

Or even if they just want to claim dominance because they strive for emotional control.

So they are real emotional manipulators who work in silence because they don’t trust anyone, so now others also have to learn why they shouldn’t trust them.

1. Scorpio women lack empathy

Scorpio women seem very strong on the outside but very vulnerable on the inside.

Mainly because they feel things very intensely and are hurt by certain actions and words that others would not even bother.

Over time, these feelings become too overwhelming for them, too, and they begin to lose the trust they have for other people.

Because life has taught them several times what happens to them when they trust too much and even love.

So in order not to feel weak and uncontrolled, they build up this illusionary trust and become less and less empathic over time.

Since nobody showed them empathy in times of need, they also lose empathy for other people in order to become stronger.

2. Scorpio women don’t trust anyone

Trusting others is something that Scorpio people do not find easily.

Both men and women of this zodiac sign know a person before they’ve even talked about themselves, and that’s very unusual.

So you know pretty well when someone is lying, faking things, or changing their personality.

No matter how hard the person tries to hide their intentions.

However, some Scorpios also use this ability to take advantage of others.

Male scorpions mostly use them to avoid being hurt in love and to seduce several women.

Female Scorpios, on the other hand, are more likely to use this ability to reciprocate and protect themselves from dangerous situations.

3. Scorpio women love to play victim

The victim mentality is a common self-defense, but also a manipulation mechanism that both Scorpio women and Pisces use.

Since both are watermark, but both express it in different ways and for their own reason.

Pisces play the victim because they want to hide their lies and sins, while Scorpios play the victim to punish someone.

They want to make someone feel bad about their actions and that others also consider them innocent.

So whoever caused them a lot of suffering will pay for it and suffer from the consequences for a long time.

While they’re not exactly a helpless victim, that’s more of an act they pretend to be.

4. Scorpio women love manipulation

Sometimes a Scorpio woman will act like your best friend only to stab you in the back later.

Especially when she doesn’t take you so seriously and wants something that you have.

Most of their manipulative tendencies are also about love, money, or status.

These women are powerful when it comes to the things they want and they don’t follow any rules in doing so.

So they usually manipulate things to go the way they want when they are able to.

They have little or no remorse about how this will affect others.

5. Scorpio women are passive-aggressive

The Scorpio woman is not very talkative when she feels offended or hurt.

Unlike the Aries woman, who will suffocate you for days if you’ve wronged her.

But that’s not the Scorpio woman’s style, who will punish you in a different way than the one you disrespected her with.

What’s worse, you will never know how or when what makes this punishment even more frightening.

Either way, most of the time, they’ll avoid any type of conversation, knowing that it won’t teach the other person a lesson.

But if they instead take revenge on them when they least expect it, that will teach them never to try to disregard them again.


The 5 toxic properties of the Scorpio woman that put people off

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