The 5 Most Intuitive Zodiac Signs For It

The 5 most intuitive zodiac signs for it

In the world of astrology and zodiac signs, there are five signs that are most intuitive because their intuition is on a completely different level and almost never lets them down.

Intuition, or the sixth sense , guides us through life where our rationality and judgment fall for it; it evaluates our environment in a way that we cannot perceive. Our intuition flows as fluidly as the ephemeral universe itself.

We often hear people say that their gut instincts say something is wrong, or that they have a feeling that it will be a good day. Intuition is also often associated with the heart instead of the capricious and inexplicable urges that beckon us. We plant it against the brain, the logic center of the body. This is where the countless quotes and sayings we have heard, in real life and in the digital and print media, come from listening to our heart and letting it lead the way.

Intuition works a lot with our belief in them, much like a nagging Tinkerbell in our head. Some attribute a greater number of their successes and better decisions in life to their gut instincts, while many others do not believe in its existence at all.

If you spend a lot of time on Goodreads, you inevitably stumble upon quotes on intuition from C. Joybell C., who says,

“The differences between people lie in their use of these senses; most people know nothing about the inner senses, while a few people rely on them as much as they do on their physical senses, and in reality probably even more. “

Everyone can use their intuition, they just have to try to give it space to strengthen and develop. Still, some are just naturally better at it, ruled by the planets and constellations that they are. And so the strength of the belly over the thought seems to be particularly strong with some of the zodiac signs than with the others, and who have the strongest intuition and are known to be guided by their stomach and their heart.


The perfectionists of the zodiac sign Virgo want things to be done right down to the smallest detail. Their keen powers of observation and their analytical thinking, paired with their strong intuition, ensure that nothing escapes them. They can detect the mostly imperceptible changes in the universe and work accordingly.

This makes them inflexible but successful editors and curators whose rigorous analysis does not forgive the slightest mistake. Virgos are paradoxical, one of the most rational signs of the zodiac, but also one of the most intuitive.

2. Aries

The warlike sign, the Aries, has a sense of how conflict brews. Their love and weakness for competition and arguments – both physical and mental – make them prone to taking unnecessary risk, though thanks to their strong intuition they usually get out of the mess unscathed.

Since they are reckless and inconsiderate, their intuition guides them and takes some of the decisions away from them. Their gut instinct warns them about people and shows them possible ulterior motives and manipulations. The alarm bells that go off in Aries mind during times of crisis are usually fairly accurate, hence their startling intuitive abilities.

3. Fish

The fish flees the surface at the slightest sign of danger and so are people under the sign of fish. You make friends easily, your sixth sense of reading people is as easy as reading a book. And they cringe at the first tingling discomfort that interacts with someone.

They prefer a sheltered and comfortable life and exclude negative vibes and the people who project them from their lives as soon as possible. They are always the first to sense danger, and their watchful nature is a result of their strong intuition.

4. Twins

Notorious for their aversion to attachment and loyalty, Gemini are born with a Hellhound’s nose for predicting outcomes and sniffing out anger. They have an eye for connections, the instant “click,” but their aversion to confrontation makes them flee rather than going through inconvenience to break a bond.

They’re also quite gifted at sniffing out the traitor long in front of others, and that’s one of the reasons Gemini are who they are, unwilling to commit. Because they already know how the chessboard will be at the end of the game.


The most fluid of the signs, they share an inexplicable connection to the universe and the ways of the world. The most intuitive of the zodiac signs, their senses flow like the element of water that characterizes them.

Their decisions and impulses show their moodiness, and yet their intuitive compass always points in the right direction, which gives them more spotlight and focus than they’d expect.

That is not to say that the other seven signs of the zodiac sign have no intuition at all. Their nature doesn’t allow them to accept their gut instincts as organically as the signs above do, and sometimes that makes all the difference. The various signs all come along with their vices and virtues. They have different coping mechanisms that help them survive whatever life imposes on them. What one lacks in basic instinct, they make up for in knowledge, experience, and skill.

Intuition is a strange thing; it requires a leap of faith that some people find easier than others. Our gut feeling works when we let it. Denying it for too long slowly dulls it.

Remember that intuition is the light that leads us home when the sun goes down and the world is bathed in darkness; it is the map that shows us the way out of the dense and impenetrable forest; it is the impulse that can save our lives when we are near death.


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