That’s why you can’t sleep according to the zodiac sign

You can’t sleep and you have no idea why? Maybe your zodiac sign will tell you . Because the personality that goes with it often has an impact on whether you sleep well or not.

These are the reasons why you can’t sleep according to your zodiac sign.


You just can’t stop watching one Netflix series after another. And that’s exactly what keeps you from sleeping. Because it distracts yourself from thinking too much about feeling lonely. These thoughts also often rob you of sleep. Try meditation! That can help.


Geminis are often very insecure. After a long day , in the evening they go over everything in their heads that they experienced during the day. How did I behave? What did I say to whom? These thousand thoughts cause the Gemini many sleepless neighbors.


Why doesn’t he write back to me? What does this message mean and why is it taking so long? Thoughts that keep the romantic Libra awake for hours. Her imagination often runs wild with her. And not just in the negative direction. She imagines the most beautiful situations in the future and therefore often cannot sleep.


This zodiac sign has a tendency to self-sabotage. Your sleepless nights come from overthinking. Because that is what she does in a very extreme form. This zodiac sign rarely comes to rest. The Virgo is not only preoccupied with her own thoughts, but is also quite self-sacrificing and then worries about her family and friends.


Cancer wants to be liked by everyone. And that’s exactly what he thinks about most of the evening. He’s afraid of waking up and being alone with no friends. As a result, he often cannot sleep properly.


Actually, not much keeps the lion from sleeping. And if he can’t sleep, it may be because he’s not alone in bed . Or he’s just partying.


Aquarius has a very philosophical and thoughtful nature. Especially in the evening, the weirdest thoughts come to his mind. Conspiracy theories , politics, the environment – he thinks about it all before going to bed.


The work, deadlines, an important project that is imminent – it is above all the job that keeps Capricorn up in the evening.Because this zodiac sign is incredibly ambitious. The fear of failure often robs him of sleep.


Scorpio is far too preoccupied with the past. And that’s why he often can’t sleep. Instead of focusing on the future and what lies ahead , he deals with situations and relationships that are long gone. Try to leave things behind!


It is clear why this zodiac sign cannot sleep. Because the Aries is a real bundle of energy. He’s always on the move and full of adrenaline. That is why it is difficult for him to calm down in the evening.


Proximity and affection are pretty important to Pisces. They love to cuddle and are generally very passionate people. They don’t get to sleep because they let it go all night long in bed or simply enjoy being in someone’s arms and chatting all night.


Sagittarius can hardly save himself from all the friends. He’s an incredibly sociable person who has a huge circle of friends. And that’s exactly what keeps him awake at night. He writes with tens of thousands of people on WhatsApp, has to post a story on Instagram and quickly reply in the Facebook chat. No wonder the Sagittarius can barely sleep.

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