That makes you jealous. According to your star sign.


We are all there. Everyone knows how it feels. And no one really can suffer them like that. I’m talking about the jealousy. Although none of us want to be jealous, this negative feeling is hard to avoid in today’s social media age. 

Our stars tell us why and why we are especially jealous. Because every sign of the zodiac has a few trigger points that make it particularly jealous. This can help you to better understand yourself, but also your partner. 

Find out exactly what makes every star sign jealous!


The vain ram has its external appearance especially important. He is often jealous of other people who are superior to him, look better, or simply more attractive than him. It does not matter if it is about the latest fashion or a perfect figure.

The ram wants to stay in the center and be perceived by his fellow human beings as the best, the most attractive and the best.


Even the bull always likes to keep the full attention of his environment. He wants everyone to listen to him when he has something important to say. If this is not the case, he could become very angry and leave out his frustration to his fellow man.

He also becomes jealous very quickly when others obviously get more attention than he does himself.


Twins do not notice it when they are jealous. However, they can not hide their jealousy as soon as they realize that others do not appreciate them.

They absolutely need recognition and attention from the people who are close to them. If this is not the case, twins can quickly get bitchy.


Cancers never liked it when they realized that other people have something they like to own. Even as a child, the cancer found it bad if his friend had the better toy. Today this is still similar.

New things must always be the first of the cancer. Be it a designer bag or a new piece of furniture. Nobody is allowed to forestall him, otherwise the cancer could become very jealous.


The most jealous zodiac of all is the lion. You should always give it your full attention. Because lions are very quickly hurt in their pride.

Always look a lion in the face when talking to you and do not look at other people. Otherwise he might get it wrong. 


The virgin can hide her feelings very well. It is organized and inviolable. However, she flips out when she finds out that her partner is hiding something from her. This can sometimes lead to a few jealousies here and there.

For virgins, the worst thing is when their partners cheat on them. Her jealousy would never let her go and torture her forever. For a virgin that would definitely be the end of the relationship.


The Libra is also jealous of everything and everyone. It gets worse when she feels threatened by other people around her. Then the scales can be very mean and condescending.

Libra is very arrogant in her environment when she is jealous. Unfortunately, a Libra can not hide its jealousy well, but always has to carry it outside. 


Scorpions are not only the most passionate zodiac signs, they are also among the most jealous zodiac signs of all. However, a scorpion can release his jealousy and anger by physically exercising.

After a round of sports, he can sweat away his insecurity and is back to the very old. 



A shooter does not notice his jealousy either. But he will ignore the people in his environment and could deceive one or the other people too. The worst thing for a shooter is if he is not taken seriously.

He desperately wants to clarify his point of view in a discussion round. If he does not get this opportunity, it can make him crazy. 


Capricorns are less jealous. Only now and then it comes to a jealous attack. Usually this does not last very long. When ibexes feel threatened, they tacitly avoid the situation.

They do not address things and do not feel the need to clarify things. They prefer to avoid the conflicts. 


Aquarians are hard to see through. As a rule, an Aquarius never shows his feelings. He also does not get jealous, unlike other star signs.

A jealous Aquarius will not show his jealousy and would rather pretend that nothing had happened. He prefers to swallow his jealousy instead of sharing it with someone.


Even the fish is hard to make jealous. Because fish have a great deal of compassion and the gift of empathizing with others. They feel a lot of empathy and therefore rarely have jealous attacks.

If a fish feels jealous then his reaction will be harmless. He will not beat anyone or condemn anyone.

That makes you jealous. According to your star sign.


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