Thanks to Mercury, the ex of these 3 zodiac signs will return to you

If you’re a fan of astrology, you’ve probably heard of the need to beware of periods when Mercury is retrograde.

This fascinating but destructive phenomenon is known as Mercury retrograde.

Surely many of you have wondered what that actually means.

Mercury moves very quickly, so three or four times a year it looks like it’s moving backwards.

And there are some indicators of that retrograde and strange things are starting to happen to everyone based on their zodiac sign.

Some dramatically announce all kinds of communication, transportation, and engineering problems: business deals fail, cars and computers break down.

Disputes and misunderstandings break out, documents and keys are lost, exams are canceled, gossip spreads, meetings are canceled.

Nobody understands you, you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown and you just seem to be haunted by bad luck.

You get the impression that you are helpless and that the best thing to do is to take sick leave and hide in the house for three weeks  (this is how long the retrograde phase usually lasts) until the anger is over.

Definitely one of the worst things that can happen during Mercury retrograde is when the ex-partner wants to make up with you again.

This may be terrible news to some, but some even welcome this event.

Maybe you’ve missed your ex or want to try again with your ex. If you are one of these zodiac signs, you’re in luck.

Mercury retrograde will bring your ex back into your life one more time, maybe they weren’t that bad as a couple after all.

When will Mercury retrograde happen in 2021?

In 2021, Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion during the following time periods:

  • January 30th to February 20th
  • May 29th to June 22nd
  • September 27th to October 17th

1. Fish

Admit it, Pisces, there was someone super attractive in your life who let you down.

You likely dropped all other options just to be with that person and it still didn’t work out.

Maybe you were just unsure or misunderstood, but this time you get another chance.

Your ex realized that you have a heart of gold and that you are certainly worth their attention.

Even since they split up, they haven’t found anyone like him.

A love that is so magical and a person that is so emotional and deep.

You will meet again, especially on vacation and in your free time.

For most of those who are in a not-so-positive relationship right now, seeing their ex again might be just the thing.

The only thing we’d advise you to do is not cheat, no matter how unhappy you are in your current relationship, you’d better break up.

Even if it doesn’t work out with your ex, he is definitely an angel compared to the person you’re with now.

2. Aries

The zodiac sign Aries is known for its toxic partner choices.

So it’s no wonder you will enjoy these a little more during Mercury retrograde.

You may not have seen your ex in years, but somehow he’ll keep popping up no matter where you go.

After so much time, they’ll get so close to them that it’s almost uncomfortable.

You can also expect Aries to pretend you didn’t notice them, but we know your heart will race.

This is definitely a great opportunity for Aries to resolve some of the past problems as well.

Perhaps the two of you are much more mature now to have a better relationship.

Your ex-partner was also likely a Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces that you had difficulty communicating with.

Eventually, water will put out the fire, but this time try to learn more from what you have experienced.

Every Aries has to be more realistic and mature, and ultimately not push everything to the other side.

3. Twins

The ex-partner definitely made a terrible mistake in leaving her.

Imagine having someone as perfect as the twins and then losing them, how embarrassing.

Being a twin’s ex isn’t a gimmick and it’s no wonder they’ll try to get back to them at some point.

The problem is that Gemini are pretty radical when someone leaves them, they never let them come back.

That’s because they don’t like being fooled and their pride doesn’t allow them to do that.

Still, Gemini cannot deny the attraction to their ex, who was likely a Libra or a Cancer.

They seemed like decent and successful people at first, but something made them break up.

Whatever it was, now is your chance to reconsider that decision.

We advise the twins to be a little more considerate this time, after all, there is more to the situation than you may be aware.

Maybe you just didn’t meet at the right time, but sometimes the wrong time is just what you need, such as during Mercury retrograde.

Thanks to Mercury, the ex of these 3 zodiac signs will return to you


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