Stay With Who At The End Of The Day Tell You They Miss You

Stay With Who At The End Of The Day Tell You They Miss You

There are loves that are very cunning when it comes to lying, they wrap you up disguised as compassion and empathy, but in reality, they are mere appearances. However, there are the genuine ones, the ones that fill you with life and make you feel like the most valued person in this world. I’m talking about those who care about you, who are with you through thick and thin, they are much more than emotional support. Dear zodiac sign, let me tell you that there it is, stay with whoever tells you that they miss you at the end of the day.


It is Mars who guides your steps, the planet that honors energy and also desires. When it comes to love subtlety is not welcome with you, you like to let your impulsive side decide. That is why direct and forceful love is the one that will best warm your feelings. Someone to hold your hand in the midst of danger and tell you I miss you at the end of the day.


Usually, you find it hard to believe at first, but you are not overwhelmed by the idea of ​​thinking about something forever. You know that you have the potential to build lasting relationships and you are not afraid to determine who is your safe haven. The infatuation catches you for a while, but then it’s the facts that keep your interest. You expect them to show you how much they love you, there is no more.


Sometimes, you focus so much on finding the positive side of people, that you forget about your own. You are an open-minded sign, you like to connect with all kinds of environments and you appreciate the lessons learned. You like to express what you feel, but you take it with caution. If you want something more than a paper love, you need to prove that it does exist and that it is not just romanticism.


It is the Moon that bathes your actions, sometimes, in a very good mood, and others you can’t stand it. Honestly, it is very difficult for you to break the shell of your emotions, because you have realized that there are few who really treat your heart as what it is, a sanctuary. You like to give yourself trust and devotion, but until you are sure that she loves you and misses you.


Your personality is brave, proud, and very strong. A long time ago you decided to put limits on matters of love because you don’t want anyone to humiliate you. If their goal is to captivate your heart, they will have to win it, it is an everyday task. As if you were a plant, sometimes in need of water, air, or a little sun. It is patience that shows you when they truly love you.


For you, relationships are much more than just hanging out, they are a constant exchange of energy, in which you don’t always win and that is precisely what scares you the most. It takes you a long time to trust someone, but once you do, you are able to include them in your life plans. You are open in love, but not permissive, if someone sees your face, they forget about you.


The planet of love and beauty is the one that helps you position yourself among the first lovers. You love to immerse yourself in the web of falling in love, but that does not mean that you are naive, on the contrary, you tend to be a bit suspicious when it comes to opening your heart. You want something more than a dream moment, you bet on stability, to feel with your soul when they really miss you.


Without a doubt, for you, there is a very thin line between love and despair. There are times when your instincts betray you and all you want is for your fantasies to come true no matter what. You like to navigate at a deep level, and your caresses are the ones that decide for you in any situation. You definitely believe in love, but who shows it to you in a genuine way?


For you, love is synonymous with celebration, with allowing your emotions to take control and letting yourself be carried away to the ultimate consequences. You like souls without taboos, those who dare in any area of ​​their lives and are not afraid of making decisions. That kind of honest connection is the one you trust, that person who doesn’t say he misses you just for appearance, he really means it.


You are the sign that becomes the teacher of many because you teach to love from simplicity, affection, and firmness. You like things structured, even when it comes to your feelings. There is nothing more frustrating than getting involved with someone who doesn’t know what he wants. From the first moment you put your cards on the table, if they don’t meet your standards, let them go.


Without a doubt, when it comes to love, you are more practical, you don’t have time to dwell on the same issue, and at the first red flags, you walk away. However, you take it with a sense of humor, because taking refuge in drama is not your thing either. You trust their love when they are able to immerse themselves in a conversation by your side and at the same time make you think in many ways. It’s nice when after all your craziness they miss you.


Your love does not know any type of barrier, it goes to the rhythm of light, it is exciting, but with a sweet touch and that makes it charming. You are a generous, empathetic sign and you love to show affection whenever you can. However, you know that not everything is hunky-dory and that’s okay, you don’t want a false story. Before they tell you that they miss you, you look for their support when you need it most.

Stay With Who At The End Of The Day Tell You They Miss You

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