Signs Who Don’t Do Well In Distance Relationships

Signs Who Don’t Do Well In Distance Relationships

Loving from a distance is not for everyone, it requires courage and patience, because they will give you outbursts in which you will desperately want to see the person and you will not be able to. Because jealousy can become part of your day to day, because there are those who simply need physical contact. There are signs that are not good at long-distance relationships, who prefer to put an end to it before putting their emotional health to the test.

The kilometers can become your worst nightmare, knowing that the person you love will not be there when you need a hug, a kiss or just want to see him face to face, is painful. There are signs of the zodiac that for those who do not know the relationships with text messages or video calls, there are those who only feel satisfied through touch and that is fine.

Signs who are not good at long-distance relationships 

These signs do not share the idea that distance can prevent a kiss, but not a feeling. For them the language of love is skin to skin, there is no more. If for some reason they end up in a relationship from afar, they begin to alter mentally and physically, those on the following list do not have a good time:

4.- Aries 

Aries is passionate, rapturous, and direct. When Aries falls in love, he does not like to think about it, he is one of those who says things to the face. It’s Mars who rules him, so he’s wearing the pants of bravery. He is demanding, he is not one of those who gives his heart to just anyone, but when he does, heneeds attention and physical contact,otherwise he feels impatient and may hold resentment, so he cannot bear to be away from the person who loves. Not to mention that it is a sign that he makes impulsive decisions and when he misses everything gets worse.

3.- Gemini

The zodiac sign who prefers to stay with a small circle of friends, than to pretend that everything is fine. Geminis are very reserved when it comes to showing feelings, so they need to feel confident in order to show their vulnerable side, which is why they have a hard time doing it through a screen. It is ruled by Mercury, a strong planet but it prefers attention and contact, because Geminis are easily bored and if their partner is not at the right time, they can get lost in other arms.

2.- Libra 

It is possible that Libra to the principle not bother you begin a long distance relationship, because it is very independent and always look for your space. However, when time passes and you don’t see action, you may despair. Although Venus, the most romantic and passionate planet rules it, it needs more than just texts. Libra is fun, social and likes to share with his partner. In addition, it is a sign that carries flirtation in the pores, which can make you fall into temptation for more love that you feel for your partner at a distance.

1.- Scorpio  

Intense, sweet and demanding. Scorpio is the sign that knows very well how to be alone, it does not depend on anyone and if you decide to start a relationship it is because you really care about that person. However, they are not given distance relationships because they want loyalty and physical contact, it is very important to them, even more than the emotional part. The moment jealousy is present, Scorpio loses control and prefers to end the relationship.


Signs Who Don't Do Well In Distance Relationships

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