Signs That Say The Things In The Face Because They Hate The Pretended Smiles

Without filters, there are signs that cannot stand lies, hypocrisy and those people who stay with others just to pretend, just because they are not prepared to do what they really want and go around giving pleasure to the rest of the people . These are the signs tell things to the face because they hate fake smiles and prefer those who are fake to get out of their lives.

From 1 to 10, how honest do you consider yourself? Honesty is synonymous with stability, people who go through life telling the truth are the same people who follow their dreams, who don’t lie to each other and don’t think to act differently just because other people don’t like it. They are the ones who earn trust from the first moment, because even though they go slowly, it is safe.

Signs say things to the face because they hate fake smiles

Hints are for people who don’t have the courage to face problems. These signs are full of confidence, they work hard on their self-esteem and therefore they know that the main person they have to be good with is themselves. They hate fake smiles, it doesn’t matter if they are friends, loves, relatives, acquaintances. Who are they?

5.- Sagittarius

Actually Sagittarius is very partial when it comes to affective relationships, prefers to stay on the sidelines and when he feels that the person is lying he walks away . Sagittarius does not tolerate jokes that hide negative criticism, he prefers people who encourage him in every way. They know very well when to say no and do not allow anyone to override their mental, physical and emotional health.

4.- Virgo

The reason why Virgo always prefers to say things to their faces is because they have no time for nonsense, they are a zodiac sign that always has a full schedule. He likes to undertake and being a perfectionist doesn’t leave him time for much. Virgo is the person who will tell you up front the reason why they no longer want you in their life, they cannot stand betrayal and much less drama. If there is something that does not give you peace and tranquility, end it. 

3.- Leo

Leo is demanding, all the time he demands himself and with the people around him it is the same. It is a sign that you are proud of the people who are always there to shake your hand. Leo is very genuine and sometimes impulsive, which can get you in trouble because not all people bear the truth. He wants quality people, partners who are not based on envy or resentment.

2.- Aries

Aries is an open book walking and doesn’t care if most don’t like its chapters. Their character always distinguishes them from the rest, they have the courage to do whatever they want in lifeand honesty shows in every pore, especially when they get angry. It is a sign that you prefer to feel good about what you say and do, before someone tries to buy your stability.

1.- Capricorn

If there is a zodiac sign that honors sincerity, without a doubt, we are talking about Capricorn , a person who questions, reflects and once he has a conclusion, there is no more, he decides to have you or not in his life. However, they do not have a bad heart, they care to say things in a subtle way, but they will never try to make up things. The more loyal you are to your thoughts, the more comfortable you feel.


Signs That Say The Things In The Face Because They Hate The Pretended Smiles

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