Signs That If You Have Something With Capricorn It Will Probably Be A Failure

Probably Be A Failure

Signs That If You Have Something With Capricorn It Will Probably Be A Failure

I wish relationships were as simple as analyzing the compatibility between the signs, but no matter how hard we try, there are no magic formulas. However, the chances of something being doomed to fail are high. How far are you from Capricorn being the love of your life? Capricorn is the one who is in command, does not give up, works hard, and puts practicality and logic ahead, not everyone can deal with so much stability. He is a soul that acts based on his objectives and if something does not vibrate with his energy, it is better that they turn around and leave. He has ambition, and goals, he is not waiting for a love that will solve his life, he wants a partner and these zodiac signs do not understand it. These are the signs that if they have a thing with Capricorn it will probably be a flop:

1.- Aries 

Two personalities are so similar that there comes a time when their union is synonymous with an explosion. Aries is thirsty to achieve his dreams, he is determined but gets carried away by the moment, many times he does not think about it, and he throws himself into the ring. This can make Capricorn feel tense because Aries is very authoritarian, he hates being told what to do, he is the one who takes the place of leader and he cannot deal with the very square mentality of a Capricorn, he gets desperate because he wants him to break the rules but that’s not going to happen. 

Aries is one of the signs that if they have something with Capricorn it will probably be a failure. Aries is fire, he gets carried away, and he honors the spontaneous, and that for Capricorn is instability, stress, and long sleepless nights. Once the cloud of infatuation disappears, they face reality and the arguments are more frequent than the love. Capricorn decides not to live so recklessly and Aries gets bored when he falls into monotony. 

2.- Libra 

At first, falling in love can give them their best faces, which somehow coincide, because there is a part of Libra that is always searching for peace and balance, the bad thing is that they are stages that do not last long. Capricorn can feel invaded, with Libra’s desire to ask him to live more in the moment and not get lost among so many obligations. Capricorn follows Saturn’s orders, so he always seeks structure, focuses on what he is doing, and takes responsibility for his actions.

What contrasts with Venus, which is the planet of daring, of love, of living in the moment? And if we add to that that Libra is quite indecisive, things get worse. Capricorn is losing the magic and when he sees things clearly he wants to run away because he can’t deal with so much spontaneity. He needs more than dreams, he wants facts if he doesn’t say goodbye. 

3.- Pisces 

If there is a relationship that is likely to end in the worst way, it is undoubtedly the union between Pisces and Capricorn. Pisces is the one who gets lost in his world, he is not aware of the moment and much less of following a structure. While Capricorn has his feet firmly planted on Earth. They are practically water and oil. 

Pisces is a fan of pretending that everything is fine and accumulating emotions that he does not say. Capricorn does not tolerate that, he wants things head-on and without thinking about them. There comes a time when Capricorn considers that Pisces is not ready for a serious relationship, that they do not have the courage to make the commitment, much less work for a long-term bond. Similarly, Pisces sees Capricorn as cold, and controlling, and feels that being together no longer makes sense. Maybe as friends, they work, but as a couple, they need to have a lot of willpower. 

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