Signs That Create The Conflict And Signs That Flee From It

Signs That Create The Conflict And Signs That Flee From It

There are people who do not miss any problem. They try to discuss it, fix things, in front of others who perhaps all they need is to go far away and let everything return naturally to its place, even knowing that this is not always possible. Riding a crusade for any problem may not be the best way to lead a peaceful and fulfilling life. But letting important things pass, not giving them a voice and running away, is not the healthiest thing either. And of course each sign has its own way of acting, on which side towards the conflict are the signs? We explain it to you below. There are signs that create conflict and signs that run away from it:


An Aries loves conflict, comes as the ram that is ravaging in any discussion but does not care or what is being discussed. Like a little boy who only thinks about playing war. But a lot of the time your goal is to bring peace, weird right? You have to see him as a lawyer who defends justice, or someone who puts his voice so that others do not fight for nonsense, but yes, he enjoys doing it. And perhaps your way of avoiding conflict is to enter it without thinking to end it as soon as possible. Aries, as much as we see him with his character, does not like to see how his friends or family waste time in arguments, with how easy it is to settle it by doing what he says. Or simply expressing love to each other.


Taurus knows that there are wars that are not worth fighting, they just don’t matter. And that’s why so many things go by. It is like a bull that lies down in the grass and lets the animals bother him, until a human being comes with a red cloth to pull his horns and hit him in the face. At that time you should fear the argument with Taurus. Because he’s going to draw all his weapons to affection you. And besides, you will never get it out of what it is thinking. Taurus is one of those who are immovable with their decisions, they have made them from tranquility and they know what is best for them. Arguing with Taurus can be an eternal task, very tiring, and in some cases dangerous.


Gemini does not suffer much in conflicts, they are intellectual games and can even be fun. Of course, as long as you touch a topic that affects it a little more, you will understand what it means to be an air sign. He will bring you the chill of the intelligentsia, he knows how to stay distant and become unapproachable. Gemini can give you a thousand reasons that will leave you speechless, because surely one of those will have to be true. Don’t expect me to be empathetic to you. Because if the discussion is no longer a game, he will not be amused, and if he has to fight for something, he will do so without taking into account anyone’s feelings. In a disagreement with another party, the only option the other person will have is to give you a good argument. Because despite everything, Gemini is made for change, and once his coldness is overcome and allowed to express himself,


Cancer prefers not to have to get into conflict because he knows that when he does, his emotions get out of control. And if something hurts him in the discussion, anger will appear, he will give free rein to his words without stopping to think that they can do more damage than he really wants to do. Managing your emotions for Cancer is not easy, including for other signs that have their Moon in this water sign. But in its weakness is also its strength. In the discussion you will also feel empathy for the other and if the other person knows how to remain calm, in the end they can come to understand each other in a much deeper way than with any other sign.


Leo seems like he’s not one of those who escapes a problem, right? Well there is a little catch in this. Leo does not like to argue, because he knows that if he gets into an argument it is to get his way, and this entails having everything well thought out, which sometimes is not possible, and taking into account that he can lose. Which is not very funny either. So if he gets into an argument, you’re going to see his pride out there yelling that he’s right for a reason, even if even he himself has run out of arguments. For this reason, they often act impulsively trying to get out of the conflict quickly, or using arguments that belittle the other. And it is that Leo does not understand why so much conflict comes when it should be clear that he shines and is right.


Virgo costs will come in conflict, but is smart enough to know that you can not avoid them . He does not like to get into arguments, but if they are necessary he will. Of course, you will need time to collect your ideas, rehearse conversations in your mind, change your mind a few times … If you finally enter the conflict, you will be a somewhat cold, calm but analytical person. He knows how to behave without losing his temper, makes his arguments and listens to the one in front. You may even change your mind if the other party makes reasonable arguments to you. He will not be one of those who mount a drama if the two parties do not agree, he will simply accept that each one goes his own way. Even if you are sorry and do not understand why it has come to that.


We know that Libraconflict terrifies him, to such an extent that when he has no choice but to confront one he will do so very unintelligently. You will probably cling to an idea and will not want to leave it for fear that your doubts will appear. You will feel that it is better not to empathize with the other, because Libra knows each other and knows that listening to the other person’s reasons can make you doubt your own. So, in big conflicts, you may find yourself with an unbalanced Libra, without empathy and even a little bit evil. It will be a hitherto unknown pound, one that you will see very little of. A forced discussion for him can reveal his darker side, wouldn’t you think it was all harmony? Not being used to dealing with conflicts brings you many complications and unhealthy situations.


Scorpio knows how to handle the energy of conflicts, understands that getting fully into them is necessary to advance in life, and it is precisely she who constantly puts extreme situations in front of her, for her evolution. Scorpios do not look the other way, they face conflict by showing their entire repertoire of emotions, and we know that some of them can be scary. When a Scorpio decides that it is time to show his dark side, he does not think twice, and if he has to show how strong he is to make himself understood, he will. This can be very scary for the other person. Conflicts will seek him out and he will give them space. Little by little he has to find the most balanced way to deal with them.


Sagi goes through life facing conflicts without giving it the utmost importance. If something doesn’t seem right, you will know. It is true that arguing with him is difficult, because he listens very little. He has his ideas about things, and you’re not going to get him to change his mind no matter how much he lets you talk. It will give the other person the opportunity to express their reality about the problem, but will not change their opinion about their position.

But Sagi also has his Achilles heel, there is always something in his life that will cost him to stand up, be it a love, a boss who manipulates him … In these cases he will remain silent for a long time, perhaps years, and the day that you least expect it will hit a door. This will be his way of saying: “We have come this far, it is not worth discussing it, I do not want this in my life.”


When Capri is presented with a conflict , he puts his feet on the ground and analyzes the situation. What’s more, Capri tends to create conflicts because she knows that there are things that need to be fixed in order to move forward. And he doesn’t see it as a drama, but as an opportunity to recondition. You will seldom lose your cool, unless you have a personal planet in water, but even there you will try to give voice to what you feel in an orderly way. You won’t miss a minute conflict, so be prepared to deal with all the issues that come up, even if it’s exhausting.

It is not that Capri seeks a fight, it is that he likes things clear and honest, and as an earth sign he will be clear, even a little cold many times. You won’t make decisions that take you away from your goal, so it won’t be easy to change your mind.


Aquarius has a limit with conflicts. Little ones are usually fun for him. Argue with someone without many consequences, show your point of view and listen to the other. It may get a bit intense but after a while it will be the same as always. All this assumes wonderfully, as long as the conflict does not directly affect his emotional world.

When we touch a chord, the true pain of Aquarius, we will not be able to enter into discussion. We will find ourselves in front of an immovable posture and an Aquarius who takes refuge in a very dark place and away from the other person or the conflict. And in that place it can take a long time before you are ready to deal with the problem, if there is still a chance.


With Pisces you will never know how things are going to go. With regard to conflicts, depending on how you are that day, you will swim in one direction or another. Your empathy may push you to have an honest conversation in which you try to connect with what the other person is feeling. Or maybe, by clinging to your idea, you manipulate and opt for blackmail. Because although the fish is a sensitive and idealistic sign, it is also sometimes treacherous. And he knows how to use his super powers related to feelings and his good reputation to get people to do what he wants. For Pisces, in their ideal world, conflicts should not exist, they do not see the need, they do not want to get into the real world to argue. But he also does not like being ignored and not getting what he needs. It is a sign that is lost a little in the conflict,


Signs That Create The Conflict And Signs That Flee From It

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