Signs That Are Clashing With The Mystery Of Scorpio

Signs That Are Clashing With The Mystery Of Scorpio

Scorpio is that soul that becomes a magnet for anyone who crosses their path. It is synonymous with mystery, emotion, and a lovely touch that makes you bite your love. But not everyone has the doors of their heart open, there are those who cannot even stand near the door because they seem unbearable. Scorpio can become very special, they want something more than the way you look at yourself, they want your essence, to dive into the depths of your thoughts to dare to take the plunge. There are signs that are incompatible with the mystery of Scorpio and when they appear in his life, he prefers to continue on his way:

1.- Leo 

Leo is a bunch of wild sparks around Scorpio. Let’s say that their first meeting is not bad, they are two intense souls willing to let themselves be carried away by passion. We don’t talk about romance and caresses, because they really understand each other perfectly, it seems that the bodies are read until they form the perfect harmony. But…from there to it working out for a long-term relationship there is very little chance.

And it is that once the flame of passion diminishes, their personalities are not compatible at all, they argue all the time and that becomes synonymous with frustration. They are very loyal and when they give themselves up they do it without filters, but they do have a stubborn side, they both hate being told what to do. They both feel stuck like they can’t be complete. Leo becomes demanding and at the same time can not with the emotional part of Scorpio.

2.- Virgo 

In an unsuccessful mix, Virgo and Scorpio are two souls that can connect on an emotional level, but once they face everyday life, things change. At first, Virgo is mesmerized by how defiantly Scorpio approaches life. Somehow he becomes the motivation to dare to do many things that he had forgotten. However, we cannot forget that Virgo is an Earth sign and he wants everything to be in its place, he can become very closed.

Above all, when his perfectionist part is present and if we add to that that he does not tolerate drama, things do not look good. Virgo tends to be very practical, he doesn’t get hooked and when Scorpio gets too romantic he can feel out of place, quite uncomfortable and all he wants is to stop. While Scorpio feels unheard, he feels that his emotions don’t matter.

3.- Aquarius 

Scorpio and Aquarius, without a doubt, are one of the most complicated couples, attractive and with a passionate touch that steals the looks. The problem is that it is something intense but momentary because when they start spending more time together they realize that they do not coincide as much.

Aquarius tends to put up a lot of barriers before feeling confident in taking such an important step. This may seem a bit intriguing to Scorpio, but only at first. Scorpio can get lost wanting to know everything, but he starts to get disappointed when he is met again and again with indifference. There comes a time when more than a healthy bond, it is a constant battle. In fact, they are more likely to have a friendship that doesn’t push them and respects their way of looking at life. Because as a couple, they both see things very differently and that’s when they realize that it’s best to finish.


Signs That Are Clashing With The Mystery Of Scorpio

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