Signs That Always Imagine The Worst And Cannot Avoid It

Signs That Always Imagine The Worst And Cannot Avoid It

Sometimes, you are that person who smiles, who pretends that nothing is happening, who takes a deep breath and has become an expert when it comes to wearing one mask after another. You look perfect on the outside, but inside your anxiety can’t take it anymore. It’s you, dealing with all those thoughts that lie to you, that make you imagine the worst, that you try to stop but you can’t avoid. It is not easy, there are zodiac signs that prefer to remain silent because they have realized that others minimize their emotions and it is easier to hide. They are much more than cautious. These are the signs that always imagine the worst and can’t help it:

1.- Virgo 

It’s you against everything your mind tells you, Virgo. There are many times that you have tried to put a stop and you can’t. You need to know everything to feel peace, you want to control and honor perfection. If something does not go according to your plan, it is synonymous with defeat. You have a side that goes beyond being realistic, you have become pessimistic. And it is that you worry about what is happening, about what is just going to happen, and about what has already happened. 

There is no one crueler than you, you do not forgive yourself for anything. You do not give in even if you feel agitation in your chest, sweat on your hands, and a desperate desire to run away from everything. A long time ago you decided to go against the clock, fulfilling one goal after another and now it seems that if you stop it is synonymous with failure. You hate feeling like you’re taking the wrong step. You need to stop, your body, your mind, your soul, they can’t take it anymore.

2.- Scorpio 

Yes, at first glance he is a strong, independent, and vindictive soul. That is the fame that Scorpio has earned and although it is not the truth, he has not taken the time to deny anything, because he has used that as a shell. People think that he always has everything under control, that he has the strength to get up after any defeat. However, no one knows about your insecurities, the times you look in the mirror and you don’t like it at all.

How much your heart trembles when you’re going to do something new. The truth is that it is very frustrating to tell your mind that it is okay to trust because you no longer believe in anything or anyone. There is a part of you that does not let you enjoy yourself because it believes that behind a friendly face there are always bad intentions and the worst thing is that you have seen it many times. They say it’s paranoia, you call it caution.

3.- Capricorn 

A minute of silence for the many times Capricorn has resisted doing what his heart tells him. He is the one who prefers a thousand times to take refuge in his work, in a long list of activities, because he does not want any part of his life to have the slightest error. However, this has caused you to become too demanding, it seems that nothing you do satisfies you.

You distrust people, your family, your friends, and your partner. Your life is going by imagining things that only happen in your head and it is you who is creating an ordeal, the worst of all. Sometimes, you want to stop but you can’t help it, all that negative information appears out of nowhere and shakes you, makes you doubt your talents, the way you shine so beautifully and steal the looks. You are much more than all that accumulation of lies, it is time for you to believe it.

Signs That Always Imagine The Worst And Cannot Avoid It

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