Signs And Emotions

Signs And Emotions

Blessed are the emotional ups and downs because they make us value every moment. Tears, anger, anger, calm, all of these make us wonder where we stand and that’s when we miss the really important people in our lives. Emotions do not warn, they arrive like sweeping waves and shake each sign of the zodiac until they are on the ground. Right there, in the middle of the broken pieces of their heart, they stand up again and breathe so deep it hurts, but at the same time soothes. That is living, it is not because of masochism, but how nice it feels to simply be. Signs and emotions:


What you have is the desire to devour the world without anyone stopping you, it doesn’t matter if they judge you as being too ambitious. What you want is that everything that goes through your mind comes true. Your dreams are not for mediocre, you want big things and your impulsiveness is not going to allow you to sit idly by waiting for the miracle to fall from the sky. You are a person who finds satisfaction in each of your advances and you enjoy it when they recognize it. It’s not ego or wanting to be better than anyone else, it’s just that you know how much it has cost you to stay on top and you understand that it is a challenge for a lifetime. So if you are going to please someone, it will be yourself.


Basically, you are synonymous with stability, you have an unstoppable touch that makes you wake up after every disappointment. Although it seems that you always have everything under control, there are times when tears do not warn you and your melancholic part breaks you without warning. There is nothing more than a small detail, you hate when you become the victim of the story, you do not like people to see you as someone who can not and that is when you prefer to shut up. You hide your emotions because you hate getting out of your comfort zone, that is feeling vulnerable and you know that there are those who are waiting for you to make mistakes to hurt yourself. Don’t hold yourself back in that Taurus way, it’s okay to take a break from time to time.


Your emotions? You don’t even know what they want from you. Sometimes, you wake up with the best face, and other times you don’t want to be approached. It bothers you to be so unstable in that regard, but it is amazing what you are capable of when your positive side is activated. You really get carried away in such a natural way that you ignore all the bad vibes around you. It is enough that you remember that you are big, intelligent and that your ingenuity leaves anyone with their mouths open, for you to show what you are made of with pride. You have a dominant side and also another that does not tolerate people who only seek to ruin others. When it is activated it is better that they stay away because you can say cruel things to them that they will not forget.


A sweet and intense drama, that’s what it’s like to live by your side. The truth is that when it comes to showing your emotions you don’t think much about it, the joke is to get out everything that hurts you and what makes you happy. You like your sensitive side because when you drop, your creative side also awakens and that is the moment when you have done wonderful things. You dare to do anything and break with your insecurities. However, there is your anxious side, Cancer, the one that forgets its qualities and often does not feel worthy of the other. It is not easy to deal with two such opposite sides, but do not let anyone minimize what you feel, much less tell you that you are exaggerating.


You try, you work very hard to maintain your stability, but there are times when the false movement of a piece causes everything to collapse and your emotions become huge knots that are difficult to untangle. Usually, you recognize your effort and love to know that everything you have is thanks to the sweat on your brow. However, your ego makes you believe that it is never enough and when you least realize it, your arrogant side has already been activated. You feel happy, but not satisfied and that is the worst thing that can happen to you because it is synonymous with your anxiety going to skyrocket. Start to trust yourself, to give yourself the opportunity to love everything you do because you are doing it well.


Imagine that you received the money in your account every time your thoughts anticipate what is going to happen, a millionaire? Your mind knows no limits, when an idea gets into your head, there is nothing to stop it and it can become your misfortune. You analyze so much that you forget the emotional part and that makes you end up lighting a time bomb because sooner or later you explode and that’s when you become extremely irritable. You worry about everything, you get angry about everything, and the future is your worst enemy. It is hard because you do not rest, you are always in another place less in the present and that makes your emotions break more and more.


There is nothing more frustrating than trying not to be a Libra in this world. There are times when you want to turn the page and continue like nothing is wrong, but a part of you always ends up feeling guilty when it shouldn’t. You are so empathetic that you fall into exaggeration, in losing yourself in order to help the other. Your emotions make a bad move on you, saying that you did not give enough when in reality you do not need to wear yourself out or put your stability at risk in order to show the other how much you love them. Sometimes your desire for everything to remain stable ends up breaking you twice as much. You are not always going to stay away from conflict. They are necessary even to have peace. Don’t be so overwhelmed by it.


You are the type of person that where he puts his eye, puts the bullet. For you, there are no impossible and you know it very well. You like to strive for what you want to achieve in life and you don’t feel the need to explain yourself to anyone. However, your emotional side is one of arms to take, because it is so mysterious and inopportune that it scares you. You may be focused on a new project and suddenly your desire disappears. It is a dissatisfaction that runs through you from head to toe. You may not realize it, but your emotions are trying to tell you to stop because your health deserves a break to move on.


The most beautiful thing about your personality is in the way you are grateful, you do not want to look at the sky and feel lucky to continue breathing. You are the one who finds beauty in small things, that is what earns your value. Your emotional part is embraced by your spirituality. That makes your good vibes feel from the moment a word comes out of your mouth. Of course, you have gray days, like everyone else, but that is not enough reason to let yourself be beaten. Sagittarius, you like to dominate the world, so you do not remain sunk in the depths of your sadness. That’s you, one day you can be terribly broken and the next you wake up with a smile.


Motivation for you can be seen in the desire you put into everything. There are really times when your spirit doesn’t help at all, but you have an inner strength that keeps you on your feet no matter what. Of course, the lows have made you doubt your abilities, but you are also very passionate, even if it is not noticeable and that helps you not to give up. Neither fear nor sadness is strong enough to throw you off balance. It feels very satisfying to realize how far you’ve come, even though the bad company has tried to hold you back. Nobody can with your discipline and perseverance, not even your dark side. You send that one to sleep because that’s enough with the rest of your enemies.


Your love is genuine, there are few who get to know your essence completely, but when they do they do not regret it, on the contrary, they are grateful that there are beings as valuable as you. The emotion that moves you has to do with the compassion that you add to everything, you do not seek a lawsuit and you focus on your own. Your emotions are selective, they do not like to show themselves to anyone and you are one of those who fight to become strong and not depend on anyone. Many may say that you are detached and that you do not give yourself completely, but you do not care. The only opinion that matters to you is that of those who have won your heart. The rest of the people say what they want about you. As long as you trust your projects, it is more than enough.


Yes, you are madly emotional, Pisces, a whole series of ups and downs flows to you every moment. It is difficult to understand your mind and your heart, especially because they rarely agree. You like to give yourself in such an intense way, so little thought, that you end up giving your best to people who are not worth it and that is when your instability arrives, shakes you, and makes you wonder if it is okay to be like that. Do not let anyone make you doubt yourself, much less if what you are giving is positive. Don’t stop being genuine, sweet, and loving, just for someone who is not ready to receive so much love. Your empathy is what governs you and while you are with the right people it will be the key to your success. Start to believe it, because you are the reason for everything.


Signs And Emotions

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