Repeat This MANTRA According To Your Sign And Everything Will Go Better

Although we think we know each other, life puts us in situations that force us to adjust our way of being. Our essence should not change but the rest should. Flexibility is a great virtue, especially if we apply it ourselves. Because sometimes our main enemies are ourselves. When you get depressed, or sick because of something, or get away from your essence, or want to break with the world, talk to yourself. And reconnect with the most authentic of you. Repeat this mantra to yourself according to your sign and everything will be better. Especially in love matters, which are the ones that hurt us the most.


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Aries When you fall in love, you put all your gifts of persuasion, energy, strength, and initiative into action at the service of conquest. You leave your skin behind, but you get so excited that you don’t even notice the tiredness of sleeping little and the weakness from eating little. In your stomach, there are only butterflies. If it goes wrong, the full force of the rocket that is fired takes the reverse path and you fall brutally. Although it takes little time to recover. That is your essence. For the moments of the downturn, repeat yourself: “with me, nothing can and less a love story that just had no future.” “While I was excited I was happy and being able to feel that is already a triumph.” “I will always look for love but while the final one arrives I will enjoy and live minor but stimulating loves 100%”. “Starting stories is great for me because I’ll keep starting them a thousand times more.”


Taurus, your way of living life is calm, watching the world go by in front of your eyes, enjoying it, savoring it … You also like to live your relationships that way. And when it’s not like that, everything goes awry for you. You ask yourself a thousand questions, you create doubts and suddenly everyone has an opinion about what has happened. Stop and repeat to yourself: “If I have doubts it is because they believe me, I should not look for answers from the wrong people.” “My world is controlled by me, nothing and nobody can separate me from what I believe, because experience shows me over and over again that I am not wrong much because I mature things, I am not going crazy.” Recover your natural balance and little by little you will recover your energy and your usual strength.


Gemini, no matter how much you turn your head, no matter how much you have a privileged mind that can think of a thousand questions and a thousand solutions, you cannot handle feelings with your head. When you fall in love you shoot up, when it’s all over you shoot yourself in a thousand directions. Stop and repeat this mantra twenty-five times (or more): “I have the ability to take control of my life because I know myself well.” “If I scatter it is because my head has such mental power that sometimes it dominates my actions.” “But my head is not me, I am everything and the control of my whole being is mine.” If you give yourself time and rest, you will see what you have in front of you much more clearly and you will not stress yourself trying to guess the future. Nobody can think about it. Relationships end for many reasons. Don’t stress out trying to get all the answers.


Cancer your life and your worries and problems weren’t enough, you tend to make other people’s problems your own. You are always there to receive in your arms whoever it is and to give them support, advice, attention, affection … and a long list of other things. But when the other is so relaxed, the one who stays with their problems is you. You go too empathic, and of course, you end up wrecked. You have to distance yourself and repeat the following as a mantra: “I am not responsible for anyone’s life, or their actions, or their problems, or anything.” “I can help anyone who needs me, but I have to set limits.” “I have to think of myself before anyone else.” “When I’m not well, I have to take care of myself and others will have to wait for me to be well.” “And if you can collaborate in helping ME I will thank you forever.”


Leo, when you interact with others you ask as much as you give. Your generosity is innate, in details, affection, attention … But it is not disinterested, you like to receive the same in return. You don’t ask for more, but you don’t settle for less. When you give and give and don’t receive, you sink a little. You feel between disappointment, grief and, above all, you ask yourself many questions, you want to change and be less delivered. Do not do it, you have given and you do not receive, there is nothing more to talk about. In any case, repeat yourself like a mantra: “I don’t have to change, let others change who are the ones who let themselves be loved and don’t give anything in return.” “If I’ve done something wrong, let them tell me, I’m not a fortune teller.” “I am who I am and they have to love me that way, I don’t want anyone to change me just as I don’t want to change anyone.”


Virgo, you are someone who in love works between caution and surrender. If you like someone, there you are, but you don’t open your heart at the first change. It is not in your nature. Sometimes you confuse the love signals you receive, or you get frustrated that they are not what you want. And when you feel rejected, you think about hiding as far as possible from that person. Don’t give up Virgo. In general, to better manage your relationships, repeat this mantra to yourself: “no person is perfect, no relationship is perfect, nor am I perfect.” “I have to feel more secure in who I am when I fall in love.” “I have to let myself be carried away by my heart and what I feel. I must not allow myself to be carried away by cold thoughts, neither practical nor little empathetic ”. “A rejection today doesn’t mean that if I try hard I can’t get that person tomorrow.”


Libra, you know how to get the exact juice you want out of your relationships. You are capable of giving yourself 100% to someone if necessary (with your limits, of course), but you are also capable of adapting to less stable, more open relationships… you adapt to whatever it takes. In your mind, you know how to find the positive in each situation, and you don’t force yourself if you sense that a story has no future. So as not to have doubts that you are doing well (because you always have them, whatever you do), repeat to yourself: “If I feel good when I am with someone, I should not care what others think, I decide.” “Even if I care a lot about someone, I shouldn’t say yes to everyone.” “I like to fall in love but I DO NOT NEED a relationship at all costs.” “I should not be with anyone who makes me feel bad.”


Scorpio you were given a choice between passionate love and a lot of money, you would stay with the former. You have it very clear. So much so that your life is aimed at finding love. And you put all your energy and strength to find love, which for you is always LOVE in capital letters. Your desire, however, crashes to the ground every time you have a bad relationship. And sometimes you think you would like not to try it anymore (even if it takes a few minutes). Your spirits darken and you just want justice. Well, the right thing for you is that you think, reflect, and repeat this mantra: “I am a fighter in love and nothing and nobody can take away the desire to continue fighting.” “If a story goes wrong, it has to help me to make it even more enthusiastic.” “I bet hard when I fall in love, that’s why I lose a lot when it’s over.”


Sagittarius, no matter how crazy you may seem, let no one is fooled into thinking that you spend everything. Your spirit is young and makes you want to live more than anyone else in the world. But you know who you are, where you are going, and what you have to do to get where you want. If some relationships go wrong for you, it is not because you do not lack passion, optimism, or desire to share. They go wrong because you may have chosen the wrong person or moment. So do not blame yourself and repeat this mantra: “I am good in my relationships because I am brave, sincere and I do everything possible so that my partner is well”. “No relationship, even if it ends badly, has the power to take away my desire to fall in love again.” “No person has the power to harm me either.” And believe everything you say to yourself, Sagittarius because it’s true.


Capricorn Although you look for love as if it were a job, deep down, your heart is more tender than you want to show. For this reason, when you relax, another self of yours comes out that leaves many with their mouths open. Until the story goes wrong and you sink a bit (and more because you have relaxed and confident). But love cannot be controlled like a bank account. So take a deep breath and repeat this mantra to yourself as many times as necessary so that it sticks well: “I am capable of falling in love and making love with whoever I want.” “I take my time because I am to take my time for everything.” “No matter how tied up they are, things fail, and relationships more, because feelings are at stake and those are inexplicable and difficult to handle.” “I can’t control them even if I want to.”


Aquarius, when you fall in love, your face is the mirror of happiness. It’s so difficult for you to lower your barriers and let someone enter your heart that when love arises, bells of happiness ring for you. You have a hard time trusting, which is why it hurts so much when someone fails you and betrays your trust. Don’t be dramatic, of course, it hurts, but you are precisely one of the strongest people so that this betrayal does not rule your life or your state of mind. This mantra, if you repeat it to yourself several times every day, should stick with you: “it’s hard for me to fall in love but I do.” “There are people who give me confidence and trust is not bad, worse are those who deceive me to trust.” “But I will continue to be brave and continue to trust when someone is showing me that they deserve it.” “Nothing happens if I make a mistake again. Nothing happens.”


Pisces, when one of your relationships does not go well, your ability to forgive that person is admirable. Especially if he has hurt you for having cheated on you. Forgive her if you want, but don’t punish yourself. Do not scold yourself for having fallen in love again. Your essence is to be in love, never lose it. The mantra that you should repeat to yourself would be this: “a love relationship is a matter of two, and that lasts is a matter of two, and if it fails it is a matter of two”. “I have to assume my guilt but not bear my mistakes and also those of the other person, it is not fair to me.” “If there is no solution to the relationship, I must thank for what I enjoyed and what I learned, let it go and turn around.” And to dream again Pisces.


Repeat This MANTRA According To Your Sign And Everything Will Go Better

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