Reminders No Signs Should Forget

Yes, sometimes life is heavy, sometimes you think there is no way out. You only ask for a truce, a respite because you can’t take it anymore. Trust, believe when I say that everything will be better, because from up there life has great plans for you, because you are special and even with a sad look you are worth it. These are the reminders that no sign should forget, read well, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Life is hard, I can’t try to make up pain, frustration, disappointment or sadness. It has that bitter side that makes us want to throw in the towel, we cannot put a smile on our face overnight. However, each fall is synonymous with transformation, that you are growing and learning. And yes, all that has a great reward, do not forget:

🖤 ​​Aries: You are great, from the side you look at yourself, I know that sometimes you think that you are doing it wrong, that you blame yourself and that you just want to run away. However, you do not realize how brave you are, Aries , how much you have traveled, the many people who admire you, do not throw in the towel, because the reward is coming soon.

🖤 ​​Taurus: Love can make you tremble, it scares you to give your heart to the wrong people, I can only tell you to trust your intuition, believe in yourself, in your vibes, in the way you are when that person is. You are doing well, but do not stay where you have more than what you add.

🖤 ​​Gemini: The truths, that’s what steals your sleep. Your character does not have the patience to bear falsehoods, you are tired of having to deal with people who just want to see you fall. It is time to be a little harder, to set limits even if others do not feel comfortable, do not forget, first your peace.

🖤 ​​Cancer: Pleasure is what has you between a rock and a hard place, Cancer , your homey, sweet and attentive side betrays you. Enough is enough, you are not here to satisfy the needs of others. It is time that you give yourself attention, that you listen to what you really want and do what makes you smile, you are not to suffer. 

🖤 ​​Leo:  The weight of keeping up appearances is robbing you of your calm and making your anxiety worse. You no longer know what you do for pleasure and what you do because others don’t like it. Be brave, one of those who shout out loud what they don’t think, the people who really love you are the ones who are worth it, the ones who leave are the ones who only used you.

🖤 ​​Virgo: Nothing happens if things are not as square as you like, Virgo , nothing happens if from time to time disorganization is present in your relationships. Give yourself the opportunity of a space, to get away from excess productivity and simply say thank you for one more day, you are more than a job.

🖤 ​​Libra: You have learned the hard way, people, work, your loves, children, they absorbed you so much that you forgot about yourself. Suddenly you lost your balance due to the need to put yourself in the place of the other. I know you want to help, but you cannot solve the lives of others, you sank to shine again.

🖤 ​​Scorpio: Stop being the shadow, stop trying to get others to accept you, stop humiliating yourself, that’s not it. The time has come to open your own path, even if your heart and whole soul tremble. Fear is good, it drives you to be better, not to give up, to fight for what you want, what are you waiting for?

🖤 ​​Sagittarius: You have the strength in your soul and you haven’t even noticed. You are the zodiac sign that never stops, that is always looking for a way to fly, to shine, to be. Sagittarius you are brave and that is your best weapon,   you are to go around the world twice, please do not forget it.

🖤 ​​Capricorn: Sometimes things don’t go your way, Capri, I know it’s frustrating, I know you want to do it all by yourself. But that is destroying you, it is time for you to stop your obsession a little, because one day you will wake up and you will realize that your life has gone away in things that maybe were not worth so much.

🖤 ​​Aquarius: I know that it is better to stay in your circle, create your own world and sink into your thoughts, in your dreams, in your beautiful way of seeing life. But, from time to time take a look around you, remember that not all of them are trustworthy, that you have to be careful and keep some of your stories to yourself.

🖤 ​​Pisces: There is something very wrong with you, something that prevents you from moving forward, something that steals your sleep during the early morning. That something is that you do not believe in yourself, that you think you have something wrong, when in reality you are an exceptional being. Do not let your mind tell you otherwise, because just what you are thinking you can achieve.


Reminders No Signs Should Forget

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