Ranking Of The Signs That Would Die For Love

Die For Love

Ranking Of The Signs That Would Die For Love

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There are signs that are super romantic and others that are cold as ice, there are signs that seem to die for you and others that would prefer to die alone, come on, they don’t even think about it. There are signs that tell you that you are everything but at the moment of truth, they show you that you are nothing, and there are also those that seem to ignore you but when they really need you they are there for you. All time. Here is the ranking of the signs that would die for you vs those that would rather die alone:

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  1. Cancer

Cancer is known for being one of the most emotional and romantic signs of the entire Zodiac, it was obvious that it was going to be in one of the first positions. It’s not that Cancer is afraid of loneliness, but sometimes it’s too much depending on others. Cancer LOVES to fall in love, what’s more, he can’t conceive of a future and a life without a partner. When you think about his future plans, Cancer visualizes being happy with his partner and with his family. He loves the idea of ​​finding a person with whom he can share everything he has left to live.

Many people may think that living with Cancer can become too “suffocating” or overwhelming, but it is not like that at all.

What’s more, living with Cancer can be wonderful because he is one of those people who gives everything to help his people. There is no doubt that Cancer’s priorities are his partner and his family. For this reason, Cancer is number one of the signs that one could die for love, either for the love of his partner or for the love of his loved ones.

  1. Taurus

Although we normally see Taurus as a very stubborn and stubborn sign, it has nothing to do with how it really is inside. Taurus has a very soft and very tender side, sometimes even too much. People think that Taurus is a very selfish person who only looks out for himself, but has nothing to do with it, on the contrary, Taurus is very generous, especially with the people he loves.

Taurus loves the security that being in love and in a relationship brings.

It makes you feel protected, fearless, and sure of yourself. Plus, he’s not afraid to commit. Taurus is one of those people who loves and respects commitment above anything else. He is always thinking about his future and if he is in love, it is very important that this person is also in his future. Commitment also makes you feel secure. It is true that Taurus is not a very dependent person, on the contrary, he is one of those who does not need anyone to be happy. But when he truly falls in love, his whole world changes. Taurus is much more than he seems…

  1. Pisces

Pisces, along with Cancer, is one of the most romantic and emotional signs of the Zodiac. That is something we cannot deny now or ever. Pisces is too dreamy and idealistic and in his mind, he has an idea of ​​how he wants his perfect life to be and that is where being happily in love and having a healthy relationship with his perfect partner comes in. He wants his life to be as close to that idea as possible.

Maybe Disney movies and romantic comedies have done too much damage, but Pisces wishes their future was like this…

He would love to live in love all his life with the right person, he would love to live in a cloud full of rose petals and lots of glitters. He is capable of doing anything to make this happen, ANYTHING. Pisces for love is capable of doing anything because, in addition to being romantic, he is very kind and very generous. For his own, Pisces is capable of doing anything, seriously. For love, Pisces does whatever it takes.

  1. Libra

Of the air signs, Libra is without a doubt the most romantic. Obviously, he is not as romantic as Cancer, but he also has moments of maximum love from him. Libra’s romanticism is not something sticky or that overwhelms others, his love is much more respectful. His desire to find balance and harmony in his life is something that will surprise no one. And within that harmony, he is also finding a person with whom he can share his life.

It is true that at first Libra is a very reserved person, sometimes it can even seem that he is ‘anti-love’ and that he dislikes everyone, but deep down Libra is just the opposite.

Libra would love to fall in love with someone who would help her have that much-needed balance. A person who is there when she needs it but who also gives her space and her time. Although she hates conflicts and drama, she is one of those Librans who would give anything to find her soul mate and she would fight for their relationship to last as long as possible. Libra wouldn’t mind dying alone, but she prefers to die for love.

  1. Aries

It is true that Aries is known as the persuader and the flirt of the Zodiac. Although he likes to be a lot from flower to flower, then deep down he has a hard time getting really falling in love. But that doesn’t mean he hates real love and doesn’t want to be in love, just that Aries needs constant action in his life or he gets bored quickly. But when Aries really falls in love, he becomes a super passionate and intense person.

When Aries truly falls in love, he is capable of saying that he would die for his partner.

The only problem is that your opinion can change in a week or a couple of days. It’s not that Aries is a changeable sign, but if he sees that he’s bored and there’s nothing new in the relationship, he gets bored and slowly leaves. Aries loves the idea of ​​falling in love with someone who wants to explore life with him/her and wants to embark on new adventures. To die of love, Aries just needs to find someone with whom she doesn’t get bored.

  1. Leo

Leo loves to attract attention wherever he goes. Leo needs to shine on his own and he will never need anyone’s help to remain one of the best signs of the Zodiac. But that doesn’t mean he likes to go through life alone. Leo is also one of the most romantic signs of the Zodiac, despite everything. Leo is more than ready to live alone and he is a super independent person, he doesn’t need anyone in his life to be happy, but inside his heart, there is a lot of love to share.

Leo dreams of finding true love and falling in love until he dies.

Leo dreams of finding his soulmate and giving everything to her. He needs to find a person with whom he can share all that love that he has in his heart. Of course, Leo is a super demanding person and he prefers to be alone rather than be with someone he doesn’t deserve. Leo wants to fall in love, but not for that he will go with the first person who enters his life. He wants to find the perfect person, the ideal life partner, that person who will not cut his wings and who will let him continue to shine as he deserves. Until then, Leo will not be able to die of love.

  1. Gemini

Gemini is a super outgoing sign and loves to be around people. Gemini needs to relate to learning and to feel heard. In your life, you need people who listen to you but also bring you new things. But deep down, love is something a bit complicated for Gemini. It depends a lot on the moment of life in which Gemini finds himself and his needs.

There are times when Gemini could fall in love, be a very passionate person, build a life with their partner, and instead, other times all they want is to live their lives, be independent and do whatever they want.

That’s when Geminis see a relationship as something that holds them back from all the experiences they’d like to have. Gemini is one of those people who is at the middle point of dying for love or dying alone. He’s not sure what he wants, he’s not sure if he wants to fall in love or not, but he doesn’t know if he wants to spend his whole life living alone…

  1. Virgo

It’s not that Virgo is totally against the idea of ​​falling in love, it’s not that Virgo hates love, it’s just that they prefer other things. In fact, when he falls in love, Virgo is a very dedicated and very loyal person, there is no doubt about that. But in love, her perfectionism is something much more important than we can imagine. It is his perfectionism that can make him think that he is not enough for that person, or on the contrary, that person is not enough for Virgo.

He would not like to die alone, but there are times when he believes that it will be the best option.

Because, in addition, Virgo has a very hard time trusting others, it takes a long time to fully trust their partner and there are even times when they are too distrustful. And there are many times that he prefers to save himself all those bad moments. Virgo prefers to die alone rather than be in bad company.

He values ​​his time very much and does not want to waste it with people who steal his energy, takes advantage of him/her, or lie to him/her and play with his/her trust. Virgo is a super independent person and he knows perfectly what he needs in his life to be happy he is clear that he does not need ANYONE to be happy.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio is one of the most passionate signs of the Zodiac and it is also one of the most attractive signs. That mystery and that darkness attract anyone and with a single look, he is able to win over anyone. But it is also true that Scorpio is one of the people who have the hardest time trusting and who has the hardest time feeling truly attracted to someone. When he falls in love, Scorpio becomes a totally different person, a person who wouldn’t mind dying for love, but has a hard time actually falling in love with someone.

Scorpio has lived and suffered so much that he now prefers to die alone.

To be honest, right now Scorpio is such a distrustful person that he can even distrust himself. After everything he has suffered, Scorpio is a person who does not rush, now he is a person who has to be clear about his feelings to leave everything and go with that person. Right now, Scorpio would rather die alone than risk his heart again and risk being vulnerable. But with Scorpio, things can change from one moment to another…

  1. Capricorn

To begin with and make it very clear, Capricorn prefers to die alone than to die for love. It is something that is in his blood since he was born. Be careful, this does not mean that Capricorn will never be in a relationship or that he hates to love. Capricorn can fall in love and when he does, he is one of the most faithful and loyal people in the zodiac.

When Capricorn has a partner, he worries that the relationship works, so that there are no problems and that everything goes as well as possible.

In addition, Capricorn with his family and his real people always maintains a very close relationship, he is that person who always cares about making his loved ones happy. But to be honest, Capricorn doesn’t need anyone to be happy and that’s why he wouldn’t mind dying alone. He has many plans for the future, he has many other priorities than falling in love. He first wants to fulfill all his goals and fight to make his dreams come true before wasting his life on love.

Capricorn is not going to waste his time trying to find his better half when he knows perfectly well that he/she is neither half.

  1. Sagittarius

We are talking about the most restless and curious zodiac sign and anyone who knows Sagittarius knows what we are talking about. Sagittarius is not opposed to the idea of ​​being in love, it is more than when he falls in love he enjoys it very much and makes the most of all the adventures that he can experience being accompanied. But Sagittarius came into the world to experience, to live, to enjoy, and sometimes you can’t do that when you’re in a relationship. Before his time is up, Sagittarius has a lot of things that he wants to accomplish and thousands of plans that he would like to do.

You have a hard time seeing yourself in a serious, long-term relationship with another person.

It is very difficult for him to close the doors of his heart and focus only on another person, being able to continue enjoying life and meeting new people every day. In addition to the fact that Sagittarius really enjoys meeting people and being with his friends, he doesn’t mind being alone, what’s more, he enjoys his loneliness a lot because it makes him feel alive and thanks to it he can fight to achieve the things that he is really passionate about.

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius has many things to offer the world. He loves exchanging ideas, learning, finding his place in life, and finding the ideal place. Aquarius tends to be a very reserved person in every way, especially when it comes to talking about his emotions. Many people say that Aquarius is insensitive because he never talks about what he is feeling. But like everyone else, Aquarius has emotions and feelings, even if he doesn’t show them. It’s just that there are times when he doesn’t have enough confidence to talk about how he feels.

Aquarius is also a very distrustful person, a person who has a hard time opening up and fully trusting others.

And because of that, he gives love such a low priority in his life. Speaking bluntly, Aquarius has better things to do than fall in love. It is not that he is reluctant to fall in love, it is more than when he does, he enjoys it and can love very much. But if to fall in love with a person he has to give up his freedom, his space, and his dreams, Aquarius would rather die alone than fall in love.

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Ranking Of The Signs That Would Die For Love

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