Ranking Of The Signs That Make Your Heart To Pieces

Ranking Of The Signs That Make Your Heart To Pieces

You can be strong-willed, intense, and very brave, but nothing prepares you to experience the shock of a broken heart. You feel that the tears have no end and at the same time, you get angry, to see yourself there, so vulnerable and without hope. It is a loss, you have to accept that the other person no longer wants you in his life. Without a doubt, it is one of the greatest tests that the soul faces. I wish we had advance notice every time we meet someone, but the truth is that it is the last thing on our minds. Falling in love surrounds us until we are convinced that nothing happens if we get on the roller coaster, but at the slightest distraction, they break your heart. This ranking of the signs that tear your heart to pieces will help give you an idea of ​​how painful each breakup can be.

1.- Scorpio  

His love is the one that comes like moisture, you don’t realize when it is already impregnated in every corner. He is very intelligent and makes you lose yourself in every fragment of his conversation. Scorpio doesn’t love halves and that catches you because he gives you all his attention from the first moment. That certainty that everything will be fine and that while I’m with you nothing bad will happen. However, when his dark side is activated, rage becomes his medicine and he ends up bleeding in hearts that are not even to blame for anything. That’s when it tears you to pieces when it disappears and it doesn’t care what you have to do to fill the void it leaves. His intentions at first seemed perfect, but in the end, he left you just like the loves you told him one day did.

2.- Capricorn 

A sign that prefers to keep its line well marked because what it hates most is feeling fragile. From the beginning of the relationship, he behaves distant and justifies it with the workload, because he does not like to express his emotions. In fact, he can go out of his way to love you, but he keeps quiet. For good, it is the sweetest sign, the one who is always attentive to the needs of his partner and who is capable of making you feel the happiest person when you are in his arms. However, the bad way is cruel, distant, it is the coldest heart that you are going to say goodbye to in life. It is not that he likes to play with your feelings, but he is not going to wear himself out for anyone. Capricorn has a very dark side, he can see you cry and he doesn’t bend at all. He doesn’t hate you, but he won’t lose his shine for any love.

3.- Aries 

At first glance, it seems like the ideal heart, the one that makes you tremble with so much love and inspires you to break with all those stereotypes that do not let you move forward. It’s not that Aries is bad, but he has a perfect hook to hit right on target that melts you into a thousand pieces. When you decide to get someone out of your life there is no turning back, it doesn’t matter if you have been with that person for years or if you beg, nothing is going to change your decision. He is very determined in goodbyes, he also suffers, but he reminds himself at every step that it is the best. Aries doesn’t mess around with games, he doesn’t want to fall into toxicity, if you cause him more misery than happiness he doesn’t want you in his life. It is selfish to stay next to someone and pretend love. So he prefers to be one of the brave ones, one of those who leave on time, even if it means that one of the two will suffer.

4.- Virgo 

The truth is that Virgo is not a bad sign. In fact, when you start a bond you make your intentions very clear, you like commitment and work hard to achieve something in the future, but that is not synonymous with staying forever with someone who no longer vibrates with your lifestyle. He doesn’t leave in a monstrous way, but he does it with honesty ahead and he may say things to you that hurt you, but he knows no other way to end. Virgo is sensitive, but he is not naive enough to fall into emotional blackmail. He does not want to live next to someone who fills him with anguish. The relationship does not always end due to infidelity or abuse, there are times when you simply change and there is nothing left to do but turn the page. You can’t force someone to stay, no matter how much you love them. Keep going.

5.- Leo  

The exact combination between white and black. That is you, Leo, you have bravery in the soul that inspires anyone who enters your heart. You stand out from the rest because you know no limits, you always want more and you love the way you find a solution for everything. The duel of a heart alters your life, but it is not reason enough for you to throw yourself away. For the other person, it is very confusing, because they get the idea that you did not love them, but the fact is that you love yourself much more and that is something that they will understand only with the passage of time and with experiences that help them. to mature You don’t like going back to the past, when you make a decision it’s to improve your future, period. You understand that it is difficult to let go, but you are not going to get hooked, just because the other person still loves you, that does not mean that you have to love them.

6.- Cancer 

A sign that has no perversion in its walk. When he falls in love he does it like a child, where innocence and fantasy keep him with a smile on his face. The bad thing is that many times so much optimism on your part is counterproductive because it ends up adorning hearts that don’t have a single bit of good. Make no mistake, Cancer is not one of those who throws away so many lived moments, if he really decides to break up with someone it is because he flat out no longer feels valued and may even feel humiliated. He can love you with all his soul, but at the same time, he leaves you, because he is not going to become anyone’s sack. It is not to endure mistreatment in a relationship, much less pretend that everything is fine in front of the rest and between four walls the same hell is lived. Sorry, Cancer, you don’t deserve such cruelty.

7.- Gemini 

The steps of a Gemini when he leaves are very firm, you feel the way the cracks begin to form in your heart. He doesn’t do it to be bad, he just doesn’t have much subtlety to say goodbye and believes that the faster everything is, the better. Gemini also faces his fears, the insecurities in his head that tell him that maybe it is not the right thing to do, but he knows that his emotions no longer feel comfortable next to that person. The last thing he wants is to harm the other, on the contrary, he values ​​the good thing they lived together and decides to keep it… However, you hope that the person understands and does not pressure you to return. It is very difficult for a Gemini to regret that because he has already analyzed it deeply and came to the conclusion that his happiness is very important and it is not fair to stay next to someone who no longer makes him feel like before.

8.- Sagittarius 

Without a doubt, in your being there is no room for negativity. You are one of those who prefer to find a good side to the situation because you know that in the end, everything happens for something and that life has something better prepared for you. It is no coincidence that someone no longer interests you as before and it is brave to admit it. Not everyone dares to leave comfort by listening to the heart. However, you are very loyal and supportive, you do not like to hurt people, much less someone who was so important to you. You try to be very sweet, but without making up reality. Sometimes, it is valid to say goodbye with a hug, there is no rancor on either side, but it is not fair that they stay together when the flame of love has been out for a while.

9.- Aquarius 

The thing is simple, no matter who was to blame, the last thing Aquarius wants is to fall into an unnecessary drama, because it is already painful enough to get over a breakup without adding more lemon to the wound. The last thing you want is to be the reason someone breaks up, you don’t want to hurt their feelings, but you don’t want to swallow yours just for fun. You are fragile, especially when that person meant a lot to you, you wonder over and over again if it was for the best. However, you trust your intuition and you know that as long as you don’t feel comfortable with someone, it’s not there. Aquarius, is going to say goodbye with all the love in the world, he wishes you the best and maybe you will end up in pieces because it is not easy to get him out of your heart, but he will leave in peace.

10.- Taurus 

Well, they say that you should not get carried away by appearances, because Taurus is not as everyone believes. The fact that he is not as effusive when it comes to showing love does not mean that he is cruel when it comes to ending a relationship. He is not one of those who throw away what he has experienced, on the contrary, before leaving he looks for all possible options to save the relationship. However, he does not intend to fold his hands for someone who no longer moves him as before. It is intelligent and that helps to calm the anxiety that the heart feels, because even when love vanishes, the habit remains and with that, you have to fight hard, because it can convince you to stay. Taurus wants to be happy and for the other person to be too, so if it is necessary to say goodbye and suffer for a while, they will do so.

11.- Libra 

How hard it is to be on the other side of history. Libra already had to be the person who was left for many reasons and it was very painful to understand that there was nothing wrong with her personality, it’s just that there are times when love becomes nothing and that’s when you have to leave and not conform Libra, he hates to see the suffering in someone else because he knows what it feels like, but he is not willing to risk his heart to satisfy the needs of the other. It may be that at the moment he regrets it, it is very difficult for him to let go and he gets the idea that maybe if they put a little effort it can work, but with the passage of time he discovers that the best thing is for each one to follow their path, although that means that tears are present when leaving.

12.- Pisces 

The last on the list, the sign that would never do anything to break your emotions. It hurts him so much to say goodbye that he wonders a thousand times how to save the relationship and even forces himself to change for a while. However, sooner or later he realizes that he cannot stay by someone’s side just because that someone is happy while he sinks into misery. Pisces is kind, kind, but he also respects himself and wants a love that fills him with life, not one that takes it away. She is terrified of staying in a relationship where they become enemies and end up saying the worst in every argument. That’s not love, so he prefers to say goodbye, but don’t be surprised that he wipes your tears, it’s not because of ego, he’s also having a hard time and it breaks him to see you cry.


Ranking Of The Signs That Make Your Heart To Pieces

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