Ranking Of The Signs That Love Money Most

Ranking Of The Signs That Love Money Most

We need money to move around the world, our society imposes monetary exchange to be able to live, so, logically, all signs are interested in money, but the relationship they have with it is different. Not everyone cares with the same intensity.  There are signs that understand that it is necessary to have the basics, to live with dignity, others see it as a tool to reach their goals, and others simply love the luxuries that a good amount of money can bring them. Read on and discover the ranking of the signs that love money the most. 

# 12 Pisces

Pisces is the least greedy sign, and the least tempted by money. He really cares little, he does not care much about winning it or losing it burdens him. You generally have few worldly ambitions that require large amounts of money. Also, the administration is not his strong suit, he spends on unnecessary things and then probably lacks for the basics. But if you have, you will gladly share it, especially with your loved ones. Because Pisces understands that money is something ephemeral, something that you cannot take to the other side … For Pisces there are things that money cannot buy and that are very important, so it is better to focus on those things that are the ones that last even after death.

# 11 Aries 

Aries is clear that what he needs is not necessarily in a bank. For Aries it is more important to have a name, to attract attention for yourself than for your money. He prefers to be a person who does not go unnoticed to have a lot of money, that is why he is generous like the most. He doesn’t mind sharing his wealth, and even more so if it can make people like and trust him. Although sometimes you may need a slightly larger amount of money, for things like clothes, to help you reach your goals, but this does not mean that you are obsessed with having a portfolio overflowing with bills. It is only a necessary tool at a specific time.

# 10 Aquarius 

Aquarius is not one of those who cling to money, it is true that he does not like duty or being borrowed, but that does not make him a miser. For Aquarius it is not gratifying to see exorbitant numbers in your account as it can be for Capri. Rather, he prefers to be busy with other matters, and if they bring him money, welcome, but for Aquarius it is not the priority. If it becomes important, it is simply because you need it to protect your freedom, to pay for a flat and become independent, but you will still prefer to live more adjusted than to worry about getting much more money. Although Aquarius is not asking for promotions at work, and he does not care much about money, he knows what it is worth, so his boss better not try to take advantage of him.

# 9 Gemini 

At number 9 in the ranking of the signs that love money the mostthere is Gemini. You have little desire to accumulate money. You prefer to move from your pocket to experiences. Spending and earning again is part of their life, surely Geminis rarely stop to look at how much they have left in their account. For him it is more important to be able to make the plans that he wants at all times, and if the money is spent he will earn it again, because he also knows how to make money, even if it is not his priority. Of course, you can see Gemini without a penny, after a crazy summer, and still keep saying yes to plans that he cannot afford. Or get mad at not being able to do them. When this happens in the end, he gets away with convincing a friend to invite him, or changing everyone’s plans to make others that do not have to spend anything, but can have just as much fun.

# 8 Sagittarius

Money alone is of little interest to him. If you have it, you will spend it without being aware that, if you had saved a minimum, you might have been able to buy something bigger or more important a few years later, something you need like a car, a house … Sagi is one of those who are burning money as soon as it reaches their hands, and if nothing comes to them they don’t give it much importance either, because even when traveling they know how to get by with little money. Sagi is generous even with his pets, he is one of those who spend to rescue helpless animals, and he is one of those who will lend you money even before you ask him. He cares so little that he does not hesitate to gamble to have a good time, Sagi likes to tempt his luck and when he loses he does not mount a drama, in the end the important thing is to have fun.

# 7 Scorpio

Scorpio enjoys money as long as he has earned it. He cannot bear depending on anyone, he prefers to have a little less but to continue enjoying his freedom. And if you give him the choice between being influential, having power, or having a job that gives him more money, he will always choose power. A Scorpio ends up being quite unpredictable on the subject of money because he may not spend anything or do it in extravagances, but what is certain is that for him, there are things above money. Although he does not like the problems that lack of resources creates, enough worries life brings us to let money be one of them. That is why he prefers things clear from the beginning, if there is a problem with money, know it from the beginning,

# 6 Leo

Leo loves spending, luxuries, the good life. You might think that you love money, but you can actually live happily with little. If you have money, it burns your pocket, you prefer to spend it, give it life. You will be looking for a good salary in your life but you will not be obsessed with it. For Leo it is more important to have its own brightness even if that means being at a minimum for a few months for having spent everything. It is not something that involves a conflict. And if we talk about lending or giving away, we have come across the most generous sign. Leo loves helping others, keeping his friends happy. But before you borrow from him, make sure he has to do it, because before telling you that he cannot leave you, he is capable of mortgaging.

# 5 Virgo

At number 5 in the ranking of the signs that love money the mostis Virgo, who as a good sign of earth, knows the importance of having economic resources. You like your money to be safe and secure. It usually saves a lot since it is a sign that does not need to show what it has, a sign of little ostentation and luxury. You are in control of your bank account, you know exactly what you need to live, where you have to cut expenses and when you can indulge yourself, which will still be necessary and improve your quality of life. Money does not obsessively worry you, but it does give you its value. It is important that a Virgo be paid what his work is worth. For Virgo money is not a status symbol, nor does he want to accumulate like a Cancer to feel safe, all he needs is to know that the day he is sick and old, he will have enough to take care of himself.

# 4 Libra 

A Libra loves having money and spending it . It also tends to have quite expensive technological quirks. His taste for clothes and being well presentable makes him spend a lot. That’s why you love having the satisfaction and security that money is pouring into your wallet. Libra needs to be surrounded by beauty, harmony and will not hesitate to spend all the money it takes for this. Libra likes to have a lot, so as not to go around thinking about budgets or sacrifices. It makes him feel good to buy gifts for himself and others, even if they are details, because it is one of his ways to express what he feels. Stable jobs tend to do well because you don’t organize your budgets well, and if you don’t have an inflow of money every month, you may start to run out of money.

# 3 Taurus

It is true that Taurus likes luxury and well-being, sometimes it seems that he lives a little in love with money, that is why he occupies the third place in the ranking of the signs that love money the most. Despite this, Taurus also knows how to enjoy the things that are free in life, the moments with their friends and nature. But be careful, do not ask him to give away what has cost him so much to win. He knows what it means to have to sacrifice time and energy to get money and that is why he is not one to waste it. It is going to cost him to release it many times, he has to be completely sure that he is really spending it on something that is important to him and of good quality. You better not borrow it because you would put it in a big commitment, since it surely does not feel very good leaving you.

# 2 Capricorn

In the second place in the ranking we find Capri. Because if there is anyone who values ​​and loves money, it is him. Capri knows perfectly well that to move around the world you need a good base in your bank account. For Capricorn, who knows how reality works, turning his back on money is crazy. You don’t want it for mindless luxuries, you don’t need it to feel safe. It goes beyond all this. Capri knows how she has to dress to reach her goals, where to go, where to study, and in which vehicle to move. And all this needs money, there are few things that cannot be bought. Capri is not wasteful, it saves a lot, but does not hesitate to spend on what is necessary. Even in what you need for your psychological well-being, and these are not whims. Capri wants her bank account to never drop below a minimum. And he achieves it with his great organization and his constant effort.

# 1 Cancer 

In the number one position, Cancer, the sign that loves and needs money the most. If you have a childhood Cancer friend, you may have already noticed that they have been fascinated by money since they were little. He loves to get paid, he knows the brands that are in fashion and asks for them for his birthday, and he realizes how important it is to have a good salary. So when Cancer grows, it becomes one of the most money-obsessed signs. He wins it easily because he has worried since he was young about betting on professions or relationships that help him fatten his bank account. As much as you have, it will never be enough. Cancer knows that money will give him security in life, a house and food for his family. It will comfort him to know that at least he has money, even though other things are not going well for him. Despite your emotional ups and downs, money will always be there to get you out of trouble.


Ranking Of The Signs That Love Money Most

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