Ranking Of The Signs That Have Fewer Problems Opening Their Heart

Fewer Problems Opening Their Heart

Ranking Of The Signs That Have Fewer Problems Opening Their Heart

Not everyone is good at opening their hearts and talking about their feelings openly. There are signs that are born with this gift, but there are others that take a lifetime to learn how to do it, and, even so, they do not open up easily. If you want to know more about the ranking of the signs that have the least trouble opening their hearts, you just have to keep reading:

1.- LEO

Leo not only has nothing to hide, but he really likes to talk to others about his feelings. He has unmatched confidence and security and that helps him talk about what he feels without fear of feeling judged. He has no secrets to keep because Leo is how you see him, neither more nor less. He is always willing to speak from the bottom of his heart about himself and that is never going to change. 


Pisces can be a little short at first, but it’s pure feeling and it’s impossible for him not to speak from the bottom of his heart. Pisces is ranked number 2 in this ranking because he has zero problems opening his heart and expressing what he feels, but sometimes that has brought him problems and has made him shut down. He doesn’t come by very often, but he does. 


Cancer is a very emotional and sentimental person, he may be a bit reserved and have a hard time talking to people first, but when he has a bit of confidence, he has no problem opening his heart and letting others into it. He loves to connect with everyone around him in a special way and that is why he always talks about his emotions so that others are aware of what he feels. 


Aries usually live in the moment without thinking about the consequences of their actions. He is a very impulsive person and that is why he has no problem when it comes to opening his heart. He is not afraid of what they may say about his feelings because Aries is a free and independent person and he is not afraid of taking risks in order to win. He is not ashamed of anything, he always has something to tell that comes from the depths of his heart. 


Sagittarius when it comes to speaking from the depths of your heart, you are usually discreet. He doesn’t like to attract attention, but despite the fact that many believe that he doesn’t like to talk about his emotions, Sagi has no problem doing so. Of course, she does not trust anyone when it comes to opening her heart, she needs to analyze the person with whom she is talking very well to know what intentions you have before opening her heart completely. 


Gemini is a person who tends to constantly change his mind. He has so many thoughts in his head that it’s impossible for him to focus on just one, that’s why people believe that he doesn’t speak from the heart. Gemini has no problem opening his heart as long as the person next to him shows him that he is trustworthy. When he falls in love, he gives everything and that has sometimes hurt him a lot. 


Libra is a social butterfly, she has no problem communicating and socializing with people, but it is true that she has a bit of a hard time opening her heart. Dealing with so many people has taught her that not everyone can be trusted and that is why she is not always willing to open her heart. Libra is very sorry about things, but he doesn’t let the whole world see it. Whoever doesn’t like him already knows what he has to do. 


Capricorn is not considered the warmest and most social person, far from it. He is a very selective person and it is very difficult for him to open his heart to people who have nothing to do with him. Capri is a person who is full of feelings, but very few people are capable of knowing them. He doesn’t even trust his own shadow and that’s why it’s hard for him to open his heart to others. 


Taurus is a person who can be trusted and with whom you can open your heart without problems, but when he opens his heart, everything becomes much more complicated. He doesn’t trust people too much because humanity has let him down a lot. He has seen that not everyone goes with good intentions and prefers to keep his things to himself rather than share them with others and take advantage of them. 

10.- VIRGO

Virgo is known for staying true to her principles, and her principles would never let her trust the first person who crosses her path. He has a hard time opening his heart because he doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of him. He is not a person without feelings, but he prefers to create a shell and keep everything he has to himself before talking too much and messing up. That’s how Virgo is and that’s how you have to love him. 


Aquarius is a person who has always gone to his ball. He doesn’t like to talk about his feelings with others because he doesn’t want to worry anyone. He likes to live his life without giving any kind of explanation and because of all this, it is hard for him to open his heart. He is a person with a heart that does not fit in his chest, but you will never see him talking about his intimacies with strangers. 


Scorpio is in last place in this ranking because despite being one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, it is very difficult for them to open up to others and speak from the depths of their hearts. Scorpio is full of emotions and feelings, but he is unable to share them with others because he is afraid of being hurt and unable to recover from the blow. 

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