Ranking Of The Signs Ahead Of Their Time

Ranking Of The Signs Ahead Of Their Time

Misunderstood, out of place, different … This is how the signs with the craziest ideas feel, those that already live in the future and are setting trends. The signs ahead of their time, those people who feel that they would have liked to be born a few years later, that their generation is not ready for their ideas. They are also signs that invent, that have fun, open doors to new worlds, and are in command of the evolution of the human being. To be happy they have to allow their instincts to guide them and not be carried away by what others say, be creative, stubborn when no one believes in them, and go for it despite the short-sighted people trying to stop them. They are often seen by the strangers of the group, especially in their youth. Yes indeed, when they manage to translate their ideas they are true geniuses and necessarily earn the respect of everyone else. This is the ranking of the signs most ahead of their time:

# 12 Leo

Leo is a quite creative sign, but it is difficult for him to get out of the norm, what is established and what looks correct. This is why we find it in the last place in the ranking of the signs most ahead of its time. Leo needs things to be more than proven, he relies on what has always been done and has worked. And, besides, it takes very bad to be seen as weird, he was born to be admired and he is not going to play it by saying crazy things. He cares too much what people think of him, and honestly, thinking about the future all the time seems like a waste of time. The new will never be better than the old, although there are always exceptions (perhaps a Leo with a Gemini or Aquarius ascendant). Leo will play it safe, with the fewest possible changes.

# 11 Taurus

If there is a sign that likes to live quietly, enjoying the moment, that is Taurus. Perhaps that is why it is ranked number eleven in the ranking of the signs most ahead of its time. Because its purpose is not to make the world tremble, to move fast forward, but to settle and value the present. That is why Taurus does not usually think about things unless he needs money to achieve stability. He tends to bet on what he already knows is going to work, because of the established, and taking risks is not pleasant for him. It is clear that sometime in your life you have to jump into the void, but it will never be with a totally crazy and meaningless idea. Taurus is persevering following the rules, and this is his way of moving forward in life, his trust will never be placed in something that he does not see clearly.

# 10 Pisces

Although we may think that Pisces You may have brilliant ideas out of the ordinary, this is not usually the case. He is creative and sensitive but he is ranked number ten in the ranking of the signs most ahead of his time because he does not usually use his mind to think about innovation but loses himself in fantasies of his own life. His idealism focuses on himself and his desires. It is true that he may have the ability to be ahead of his time, but he lacks the order and ability to see what is not working in the world. Pisces is often too optimistic to think that something has to evolve. If you can get in touch with your less selfish side, and perhaps get together with another sign with your feet a little more down to earth, you could try putting some of your dream mentality into a project that helps take humanity a step further.

# 9 Scorpio

Scorpio lives in a reality of its own, but not always ahead of its time. That is why it is ranked number nine in the ranking. He has enough perseverance to carry out his ideas, and he is structured, but many times he remains anchored in the past and it is difficult for him to look ahead. He can be different and innovative when he bets on being himself on subjects that other people do not want to think about, but that he is attracted to, that has to do with the mysterious, the hidden, questionable, or romantic subjects. It is then when it goes a little out of the canons and can serve as inspiration, especially it did years ago, in more traditional societies that did not dare to look at these issues. But today, many Scorpios live too tied to the past or their own traumas to dedicate themselves to innovating and going outside the norm.

# 8 Cancer

With traditional values, sensitive and introspective, this sign finds it difficult to risk its material well-being with ideas that are too crazy and that have not even been tested. For this reason, in position number eight in the ranking of the signs most ahead of their time, we find Cancer. It is true that he is a born idealist, but rather in terms of issues related to the emotional, the romantic. And those values ​​you dream of don’t differ much from the ones that have worked your whole life. Also, if they have worked, why change them? If he is not in the last position of the ranking it is because of his ability to undertake when necessary, to jump into the pool if he needs money even if the idea is strange, yes, he needs to see a clear purpose and a good remuneration that convinces him. You have the ability to lead and take initiative when change is needed. In addition, his sensitivity helps him to commit to the ideas that in the end, he gives a chance, even if they are not entirely traditional, but they are more in tune with his soul.

# 7 Virgo

It is said of Virgo that he is not very innovative, but in reality, he is visionary to make changes that really solve problems. He does not hesitate to improve whatever is in his hands, he adapts to the changes that are necessary. Virgo is ranked number seven in the ranking of the signs most ahead of their time because they are not afraid to undertake in places where others do not see anything clear. Topics that need an agile and analytical mind, whether from the last century or the most active today. If you see it clearly, you do not hesitate to launch into any activity, as long as it passes through its coherence filters. Many times their methods go to extremes or are misunderstood, and Virgo is one of the signs that get to feel more alone. Especially when he sees a clear future in something but the rest of the people do not even understand what the subject is about. Entrepreneur, if there is something that can make money, he will go for it.

# 6 Sagittarius

Sagi is a restless and visionary sign, but not one of the most ahead of her time. Simply because you are not always able to see what is not working. He’s upbeat, positive, and more focused on having fun than thinking about problems he could solve. You may have very good and visionary ideas, but you do not have the need to carry them out and you are not able to order them methodically. Of course, when you manage to focus and choose one of them, you can really change the world. For a Sagittarius, getting out of the comfort zone and breaking down barriers is a treat. When you find something different that really adds something to your life, you will not hesitate to jump into the void. But because of his character, he will seldom be lonely or misunderstood. He knows how to flow but he confuses it with letting go and does not give free rein to his ideas. What’s more, Being a sign of fire, it does not give much thought to it either, it simply launches itself into an adventure. A little thought and down-to-earth would get you higher in the rankings.

# 5 Libra

In fifth place in the ranking, we place Libra, is usually an entrepreneur and likes to be aware of everything new that happens in the world, that is why it is one of the signs that are well ahead of its time. Your ruler, Venus, gives you a touch of intuition and leads you to always look for elements that improve your life in the most elegant way possible, with technology. And being an air sign, it is capable of thinking, of understanding new ideas that are brewing in the environment before they are said out loud. If you let a Libra get all his madness out, the result can be wonderful, he just has to let go and not think about what they will say, or not be afraid of not being understood. This is one of the reasons for not being in a higher position, which often cuts their creativity thinking that they can put it aside, or call it weird. But the world needs free Pounds

# 4 Capricorn

The enigmatic Capri occupies the fourth position in the ranking, almost in the top three. Among his hidden abilities is being ahead of his time. His ambition makes him understand from a young age that only those who are at the forefront go far. So he begins to be interested in what could happen in the future, where the trends are going, and he worries about being prepared. With his intelligence and ability to understand how reality works, he begins to find solutions to current problems long before other signs, to innovate in any matter. You develop an intuition based on logic, which enables you to foresee how the world will evolve in a few years. The best thing about Capri is that he does not care at all not to be understood, he just keeps working on what he believes in, and in the end, always reaps its fruits.

# 3 Gemini

The number three position is for Gemini, a sign ruled by the planet Mercury, which gives them the ability to adapt to any situation, be creative and find very innovative solutions that the rest of the signs do not fully understand. Gemini is a friend of technology and we can find several experts in it with this sign. This is why your skills with social media, marketing, or whatever crazy thing you choose will always pay off. It is perfect for setting trends and it is easy for you to change your way of thinking to be in tune with the new. That is why it is a sign ahead of its time, that many times you can lose patience when others are left with outdated and obsolete ideas. The best thing about Gemini is that they have a lot of ability to communicate,

# 2 Aries

At number 2, Aries, the sign that stands out for taking the lead in the face of difficulties, the one that looks for forceful solutions, that launches itself with the craziest ideas. He is ahead of his time because he never considers that his idea could be impossible. If you want something you just go for it. That is why many times you will be surprised that that madness that I was pursuing, a few years later, has come true. This happens because his mind has no limits and ends up finding solutions long before others, opening unknown paths. Aries does not lack optimism when it comes to jumping into the void, that is why it is able to look without fear into the abysses and find answers, while others do not dare to lookout. Having a chat with Aries is perfect for getting inspired and getting out of your comfort zone.

# 1 Aquarius

The number 1 position is undoubtedly for our Air sign, Aquarius. If we talk about innovation, we have to talk about it. Wide-minded and open-minded, Aquarius seems to live years ahead. He does not mind being different and breaking with the established canons, that is why we say that he is ahead of his time, that goes beyond the limits of the present. He knows how to intuit and is interested in projects and technologies that to others may seem crazy with no future. He is able to adapt over the years, even if it is difficult for him to let go of the things he likes. You will always be open to life trends and you will know how to move in the world when you are old, that is, you will know how to keep up-to-date with new technologies without a problem. Aquarius brings ideas, inspires, and never goes unnoticed in its extravagance, that’s why,


Ranking Of The Signs Ahead Of Their Time

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