Ranking Of The Most Vengative Signs

Ranking Of The Most Vengative Signs

Revenge is a feeling that has been at our side since we inhabited the earth, it has been present in almost all works of literature throughout history, and even we ourselves have been persuaded by its power at some time in our lives. Some have imagined what the perfect revenge would be for someone who has treated us badly or who has antagonized us, others have carried out the coup. Be that as it may, revenge has always been associated with a negative feeling, but now, some researchers have concluded that revenge has some advantages that nobody expected, such as that it can be a powerful emotional trigger that mobilizes people to act. There are people who perhaps out of revenge (so that no one sees them fall or feel bad about something) they fight with all their might and keep their heads up, they pull forward; Others suddenly understand that indifference is often the best they can do at any given time. And thanks to the desire that the other person might have a bad time, they do themselves good. Those are an act of good revenge, the ones that in the end, make us get back on our feet before life, even if we don’t want to, just to tell the world that no one will break us.


You occupy the position No. 12 in the ranking of the MOST VENGATIVE signs, and not precisely because you are not, but rather that you carry it in a different way. It may seem that you have already forgotten everything they did to you but it really is not. You carry it inside and burned but your ways of revenge are not impulsive (even though you are one of the most impulsive in the zodiac). At the moment you can scream and say everything that goes through your mind to the person who has betrayed you, but revenge is yet to come. You don’t take much time planning it because you know very well that the exact moment will come to return it. Sometimes your crazy head makes you forget because you have a million things to think about before you get revenge. But deep down, it’s still there, waiting inside. You know. I know.


You occupy position No. 11 in the ranking of the MOST VENGATIVE signs. Of course, you love to savor revenge like anyone else but the difference is that your mind drifts among other things that you think are more important to you, such as straightening your life. You are vindictive but you act at the moment. If you are hurt with a comment, you will return it three seconds later, and it will also be possibly three times as hurtful. You are subtly marking the line with everyone and others know that it is better not to cross it, because you will have no qualms about giving them their own medicine. If they attack, do not think that you will remain sitting thinking about how to get revenge or why you did not tell them what you really thought, no, you are not going to spend time of your life on that, at all, because you will attack them instantly. You know. I know.


You occupy the position No. 10 in the ranking of the MOST VENGATIVE signs. Sometimes, because of your way of being, somewhat distant and shy at first, it is likely that on more than one occasion you have swallowed your pride and have not expressed your discomfort in the face of an attack by a basket or witch, and yes, that makes you explode with yourself thinking about why you did not make things clear at the moment. That’s where your desire for revenge begins to grow. “How can they discredit someone as exceptional as you?” Is what you think, and from the moment you feel bad, let’s say, you cross him out of your life forever. Hate can last for weeks or days but those around you remind you of what you really are and you end up putting aside that desire for vendetta. But when you cross it again on the street, anger invades you, and yes, revenge is still latent. You know very well that one day when you are at the top, you will return to remind your enemies who you are and what they did. You know. I know.


You occupy position No. 9 in the ranking of the MOST VENGATIVE signs. You are too busy a person to prepare meticulous revenge against someone, but still, your resentful spirit exists too. Usually, as soon as they attack you, as a Libra, you will say it to their face, without any doubt, since we all know that you cannot shut up against what seems unfair or unfair to you. But in addition to that, you will take that grudge home if you see that there is no regret on the other side, and then there you start to meditate on revenge. You are a bit reckless so it is very likely that you have to meditate more than once on what to do so that they do not catch you, although, what does an Aries care if they know it was him? Returning to the subject, you have to win, whatever it is and above all to leave the other person knowing that YOU will have the last word and that they do not believe that everything ended as they wanted. Of course not … Everything arrives, and everything is paid. You know. I know.


You occupy position No. 8 in the ranking of the MOST VENGATIVE signs. Of course, you are vindictive, you also love that revenge is served on a cold plate but you are not in a hurry for it to arrive. Being an unstable sign, the best thing you have for your enemies is that it “seems” that you quickly forget things, and that you do not remember those who have betrayed you at some time in life but NO, it is not like that. You remember each of their faces and their names, what they did to you, how they behaved, and how sooner or later you will execute your revenge. A Gemini can have his head elsewhere, he can be crazy or incoherent but he knows that if he gets it, he will return it with charges. It is clear. The first thing you will do is collect as much information as possible from your enemies, collect it and begin to criticize the most hidden issues of their past. You know that you can do damage, a lot of damage, and yes, after all, it’s just giving them what they gave you. Eye for an eye. You know. I know.


You occupy position No. 7 in the ranking of the MOST VENGATIVE signs. The bull never forgets, we already know that, but he is also spiteful and is very clear that whoever does it will pay for it sooner or later. You know that in addition to being brave, you have patience, especially in matters of revenge, everything comes, and everything is charged, you have experience in that. That’s why when they attack you, you breathe deeply, while inside you think about how to return it. That is when the attack has been covered up. If it is direct, and also with constant provocations it is possible that you explode at the first change and that your response is anything but peaceful. But at the end of the day, everything returns to calm, at least that is what they believe. You lick yourself waiting for the right moment. And you know it will come.


You occupy position No. 6 in the ranking of the MOST VENGATIVE signs. It is obvious that the king of the Zodiac is vindictive, of course, he is, but he does not have patience, and therefore, his main way of acting in the face of an attack is, mainly, to attack directly as a lion would. It will save your integrity against any offensive. You know. When they have hurt you, it is best not to leave you alone. Unlike other signs that prefer to meditate on what has happened and think alone, you need people around you precisely not to think. Great revenge can go through your head if you have time to do it, however, when you are busy with people around you it passes, at least for a while. Nobody challenges Leo, that is clear to you, and when the black thoughts of vendetta invade your head, the first thing you do is the plan, together with yours (this is important) what will you do to make it clear to everyone that no one laughs at the lion. You know. I know.


You occupy position No. 5 in the ranking of the MOST VENGATIVE signs. When they have tried to hurt you and you have not known how to react at the time, the most common is that you pay for it with the first thing that comes your way, an object, a person, or anything you can yell at and hit. You hate being left wanting to say something, and yes, sometimes it happens to you, precisely because you don’t want to be reckless. But no, it’s not going to end like this. You know that your blood boils if someone knows they hurt you and you did not make it clear, so you need a good plan to let them know. The problem is that you want it all NOW, at the moment and it is difficult for you to wait for that wonderful day of revenge to arrive. In the end, you go through everything, you continue with your chaotic life and it seems that you forget, but you know deep down that you don’t. Nobody notices it, you don’t go around telling others what you will do because you know that maybe,


You occupy position No. 4 in the ranking of the MOST VENGATIVE signs.  Better not come across an angry Capricorn, and less indignant when something has been done to him that hurts his pride. Capricorn is vindictive, very, very much, and will not beat around the bush. You proudly uphold the motto of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” and it doesn’t take long to tell everyone around you that this is the case. That is anyone who passes you will receive the same from you. You know how to forgive, although sometimes it is difficult for you until you have given your enemy to prove his own medicine you do not forget. That is so, and we all know it, so the best way not to check the anger of the goat is not to play with fire. You do not care who the person is or where they come from, because they will receive what they sowed, and you will be in charge of letting them know. You know. I know.


You occupy position No. 3 in the ranking of the MOST VENGATIVE signs. Worries are part of your daily life, and you know perfectly well that when someone has tried to hurt you, revenge enters your mind as one more worry. You are one of those who can smile when someone attacks you when someone tries to make fun of you, but inside, hatred takes over your entire body and sometimes you don’t even sleep planning how to return it. You can become obsessed with how to catch and ridicule your enemy, how to make him regret what he did to you. And yes, the day comes and you know that you will analyze all his weak points so that your words are so hurtful that he will be left with nothing to say about it. You have studied his past, his present, and what he wants in the future so it only remains to get the plan in motion to “Damn” a bit. So at least


You occupy position No. 2 in the ranking of the MOST VENGATIVE signs. You can be one of the sweetest signs of the Zodiac, one of the signs most in need of constant love but we all have a dark side and you, crab, were not going to be less. You occupy the No. 2 position because just as you have love in one half of your being, you have hatred in the other half and you cannot bear that anyone tries to laugh at you. At first, you don’t care about the consequences, so you throw yourself at the neck of whoever treated you badly without feeling bad. Your revenge is quick, you don’t take much time to plan it because you know that if you delay, the hatred will diminish, and of course, it is not the same effect. Even so, and if by chance in life you cannot make your plan perfect, do not doubt that sooner or later it will be executed. An injured crab only calms down when the one who has done it has paid for it. After, everything returns to calm, and each one with his life. You know. I know.


You occupy the position No. 1 in the ranking of the MOST VENGATIVE signs. How could you not occupy this position! It was clear, right? The king of evil when he wants, is also vindictive, to unsuspected limits. A wounded Scorpio will not calm down easily, if he is alone, he will be meditating his revenge, and, if he is accompanied, his mind will be planning his revenge, so it does not matter. Weeks, months, or years may pass that the scorpion will never forget. Besides, your acts of revenge are of the type… spectacular to say the least. Your mind spends a lot of time wondering what that situation will be like where you will smile sarcastically at your enemy while saying, “See, I told you, never play with a Scorpio,” and it all comes. Sometimes, and only sometimes, it has been so long that we say, revenge has been prescribed but, where there was fire,


Ranking Of The Most Vengative Signs

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