Ranking Of The Most Popular Signs

Ranking Of The Most Popular Signs

Are you a socially active person who makes friends easily? Do people love you and always count on you? If you are absent, do they already miss you and does it show that you are not there? If the answer is yes, you are undoubtedly a very popular person. In Astrology, there are signs much more prone to popularity, it even happens without effort. While there are others who are just the opposite, the less popular they are, the better they feel, and what’s more, they will do their best to keep that low profile. This is the ranking of the most popular zodiac signs :

1. Leo

It was more than obvious that Leo had to be in the first place here. He loves to make others feel good, he is super sociable, he always wants to be the star in everything and he is a super good host. They are friendly, outgoing, optimistic, energetic, and kind. He makes friends anywhere and talks to anyone. They give and receive loyalty and honestly, it’s rare not to admire any of them.

2. Sagittarius

In the ranking of the most popular signs of the Zodiac, Sagittarius is number 2. He is very funny, talkative, has an impressive desire to live, and is always doing things, and creating. His will to live is tremendously contagious and he has an incredible sense of humor. Sagittarius will talk to you wherever they find you. For the blander, this attitude may seem a bit intrusive but the vast majority love to meet people like Sagi. In addition, they are generous people, very loved, and make the rest feel good at their side.

3. Pisces

Pisces is ranked number 3 in the ranking of the most popular signs. People love them and although many think that they can be a bit variable, they are always there when you need them. They are selfless and that makes them very popular. In addition, they get along with everyone even though they often need to isolate themselves. If you need inspiration they will be the first to give it to you. If you need a shoulder to cry on, he’ll be the first to put his on.

4. Aries

Aries is ranked number 4 in the ranking of the most popular signs. The last fire sign in this ranking had to be on top. Aries is a winning sign, a sign that fights and fights for what it wants and that nothing is capable of sinking. He is brave, competitive, fair, and has unstoppable energy. The people around him know that Aries will always stand up for them, making them popular. In addition, they also encourage and “push” others to achieve their goals, which is why they want to be their friends. It is a sign that SUM.

5. Gemini

Gemini is ranked number 5 in the ranking of the most popular signs. How could Gemini not be in a position of the first! They are tremendously social and know-how to make friends easily. In addition, they always find something in common with any person. Gemini can turn a bad day into a wonderful day just by being by your side. Seriously, they have incredible ease.

6. Libra

If Libra is popular, it is because they are friendly, cheerful, idealistic, and have a unique and groundbreaking style. They tend to take their popularity very seriously and having many friends and especially people around them who love them is very important to them. Of course, they do not necessarily want quantity. They will always prefer quality. The idea of ​​not liking others for something hurts him, precisely because the one who thinks that is that he doesn’t really know him, he doesn’t know what Libra is really like.

7. Aquarius

Actually, Aquarians are popular people but they don’t make any effort to be. If they are admired, it is for their artistic gifts, for their professionalism, for their poise, for their treatment of others which, despite being distant, is always correct. People seem to like their personality, they feel comfortable with Aquarius and no one is afraid to show themselves as they are, probably because Aquarius is not one to judge. They will support anyone without having to take their ideas out of their heads because, for Aquarius, any idea is good.

8. Taurus

Taurus has a lot of styles and when he wants, he uses his ability to attract others to him but he needs his time alone to regenerate. Although he is often the center of attention, he never does it on purpose, moreover, he always prefers to act in the shadows, without attracting too much attention. It’s hard not to be impressed with Taurus and their ability to win over people. If there is an argument or fight, Taurus will not give in, and he will be able to turn the page and start being popular with other people. He is not afraid to start from scratch.

9. Cancer

Cancer is ranked number 9 in the ranking of the most popular signs. Cancer has many acquaintances, but not so many friends, some Crabs can count them on the fingers of one hand. And don’t think he’s not proud of it. He prefers a thousand times more to have a truly loyal friend than 6 false friends. They need to trust others, that’s why you will never see them give themselves to someone they just met. Cancer is very secretive with his intimacy and with his privacy. And this is much more important than popularity without a doubt.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn doesn’t have much time to be popular, he knows that if popularity comes it will be because he is admired in other sectors in which he HAS worked a lot, for example, at work. They have friends, very good friends, and they don’t need to do more. That they arrive, they are welcome, that no, they do not lack love from those who are already there. They have friends from childhood, from adolescence, those from their whole life in the town, from work… And they are the ones they feel most comfortable with. Honestly, they don’t need more.

11. Virgo

Virgo is a sign that does not sweeten anything at all. They have friends but they are not always friendly or nice. If they are admired, it is probably for their ability to work, for their inner strength, but not so much for their relationships with others. Sometimes they are very harsh and critical of others, especially when they see that they have done something wrong, and this can discourage potential friends. Virgo, not being the most popular zodiac sign does not care at all, they are quite sure that they are the most intelligent, and those who love them, really love them for who they are. Without having the need to create an image that is not yours.

12. Scorpio

Scorpio relationships are intense, passionate, and very special, but they always occur with very few people. Scorpio is not going to be friends with everyone, acquaintances yes, he probably has many, but friends? For Scorpio, friendship is a word like love: strong and you really have to feel it. Scorpio would never call someone a friend if it wasn’t his real friend. They will always prefer to have fewer people they can trust than many who appear loyal but then disappoint.


Ranking Of The Most Popular Signs

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