Ranking Of The Most Loyal Signs When They Deliver The Heart

Being honest, from one to ten, how loyal do you consider yourself? There are those who are more relaxed when it comes to giving their heart , let’s say they do not take much importance to welcome a third party in the relationship. In the end, as they say, each head is a world and has its own rules. But if you’re just flirting with that person, it’s a good time to get an idea of ​​what to expect in the future. Although of course there are always exceptions. This is the ranking of the most loyal signs when they give their heart:

1.- Taurus 

If you want a tender, loyal and dedicated love, without a doubt, Taurus is the person who can give you what you are looking for. When it comes to relationships, you don’t take them lightly, it’s a pretty silly sign, so look for stability and don’t give up until you have it. Taurus may not be the most romantic sign in the world, but when you love, you show your unconditional and respectful side. He’s an Earth sign, he doesn’t have time to fool around.

2.- Cancer 

Second, we have the charm of Cancer, not only is it synonymous with loyalty, it is also a partner who gives everything. It is an accumulation of emotions and it does not hold back, if it feels safe by your side it will show you that it cares in every breath. It is possible that sometimes it is a little intense, because it does not understand gray, it loves in an incredible way and it is committed. Cancer is the one who honors the home, who more than your partner becomes your friend, is not going to hurt you.

3.- Virgo 

In the ranking of the most loyal signs when they give their heart, Virgo is on the podium, in position number three. Perfection and loyalty get along wonderfully, it is something that Virgo knows and that makes it clear in each person who appears in its path. Virgo is very meticulous when he starts a relationship, he practically puts you to the test, if you meet his requirements, go ahead, if not, he prefers to follow his path. He is not a conformist, an Earth sign, who wants commitment , stability and zero drama. If someone is not ready for that they cannot have something with Virgo.

4.- Libra 

Libra in love can be very indecisive, insecure, you really need to spend a lot of time next to the person and realize that it is worth being by their side. He is observant, he wants more than pretty words, he wants facts. Libra stays with whoever is through thick and thin. When he is sure that he is the right person, he defends him from the guts. Libra are dreamy, but loyal, so much so that they don’t always have to be with the person to show that they don’t have eyes for anyone else.

5.- Capricorn  

Capricorn is consistent, dedicated, attentive. Yes, they may not be the type of partner who fills you in with details all the time and praises you with compliments, but one thing you need to be sure of is their loyalty. Capricorn enjoys relationships in which things are clear, he is not afraid of formality, on the contrary, if he smells of commitment he feels safer. It is not a sign that he hides, when he falls in love he shouts it from the rooftops and maintains the bond with pride.

6.- Aquarius 

Are you surprised that Aquarius is in the middle of the ranking of the most loyal signs when they give their heart ? Not everything is what it seems, although it is reputed to be a sign that does not like commitment and prefers solitude rather than getting hooked , when it really falls in love it is very loyal. He has a humanitarian side that helps him put himself in the other’s shoes. It does not tolerate lies, much less betrayal. Aquarius values ​​deep connections, they will not do something to hurt your feelings.

7.- Leo 

Then we have the charming, persuasive and brilliant Leo. It is actually a loving sign, it has generosity in word and deed. It is a very creative sign, but it also has a very liberal side. Let’s say that Leo decides to whom he is and who is not, to give him his loyalty. He is quite cunning, so even that part he uses to his advantage, do not try to demand that Leo be loyal to you, because the simple fact of turning it into order will make him not want to anymore.

8.- Aries 

We are entering the last places in the ranking of the most loyal signs when they give their heart . Aries is one of the signs that puts loyalty in a place with a golden key, there are few who have the privilege of knowing that part of their heart . And they are very distrustful, they need to feel the security that they are with the right person. They are terrified to know that they are giving a very important part to someone who is not worth it. Aries can be as loving as he is selfish, it depends on how you treat him.

9.- Pisces 

It’s funny, because Pisces has a reputation for being a sweet, passionate, dedicated and very empathetic sign. Let’s say that someone very loyal could be described that way, but the point that does not favor him is that it is a water sign, that means that his emotions are always a seesaw. Sometimes very intense and faithful, but other times scattered and capable of giving someone else the opportunity. In order for you to keep Pisces by your side, you have to show him every day how much you love him.

10.- Gemini 

Gemini is cool, funny, attractive, he is the mind that steals anyone’s attention. That magnet that surrounds you and that raises your energy. However, when it comes to loyalty they are very changeable. That does not mean that they are unfaithful, it is just that it is difficult for them to deal with the commitment, if they start to feel tied, they simply leave. It is reliable and will not tell your secrets. But maybe he will change his mind and no longer want anything with you, that’s how Gemini changes so drastically that it scares.

11.- Scorpio 

The second to last on the list. Scorpio is the one who symbolizes passion, love, intensity. The sign that breaks with the conventional when it comes to love. The problem is that your dark side can put you between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes, so much passion overwhelms you and you forget everything, you just live in the moment. If you feel that your partner minimizes your emotions and does not put desire to the relationship, you simply do not try to give your best. If you lose interest, goodbye loyalty. 

12.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is a soul that loves you the same today and not tomorrow, it is very volatile, but because it does not lie, because it has the courage to accept its feelings even if they change abruptly. He commits quickly, but just as intensely loses motivation. That is why he is not very good at loyalty. You need the right person, who becomes your partner in adventure, in risk, in life. Until he arrives, he will not give all the fidelity that is in his being.

Ranking Of The Most Loyal Signs When They Deliver The Heart

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