Ranking Of Girls Who Want More Attention According To Their Sign

Ranking Of Girls Who Want More Attention According To Their Sign

Start a series and then stop in the middle? This is not an option for these zodiac signs – they are absolute binge watchers .

These three zodiac signs stay awake for three days to see their favorite show.


Hardly any other zodiac sign has such stamina as Capricorn. This is also carried over to the streaming behavior and turns many ibexes into binge watchers. Because Capricorns can not just interrupt a series like that . If you start it, you have to find out the end as well – as soon as possible. That’s why they look through the entire season in one go, especially if it’s one of their favorite series.


Stubborn as the Taurus can be sometimes, he usually wants to strictly follow through with the series. True to the motto: breaks are something for the weakling, bulls go through the series quickly.

As friends of organization and planning, Taurus are also those who carefully plan the binge marathon in advance and shovel a weekend free to enjoy the favorite series to the fullest. But then nobody is allowed to interrupt the series entertainment; planned is finally planned .


Cancers are very emotional and empathetic. The crayfish’s favorite series are accordingly of great importance. Because the zodiac sympathizes with the characters and is more excited about exciting stories than some people in real stressful situations.

Cancers are therefore well-known serial junkies. With them it can happen that the favorite series is unintentionally looked through in you – simply because you couldn’t wait to keep watching and to find out what the characters’ next steps are.

Ranking Of Girls Who Want More Attention According To Their Sign

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