Love In 2021 According To Your Sign

2020 has been a chaotic year for everything, but it has also been a chaotic year for love. Things are not as they were before. If you are single, you have realized that now you cannot meet new people, you cannot go out, talk to each other. Finding love in times of pandemic is quite difficult. But it is not easy at all for people who have a partner. The plans are now quite reduced and it is very easy to fall into monotony. If you live with your partner, spending so much time indoors can ultimately take its toll. With 2021 new purposes arise and also new hopes. Although everything seems complicated, things are going to start to change this year.

As you know, Jupiter and Saturn entered Aquarius last December. Believe it or not, this also affects love and relationships. We are in a moment of maximum introspection. Our priority is to know ourselves, to know what our limits are. 2021 will be a year of letting go, of putting oneself to the test, of leaving the comfort zone. A year in which we are not going to be afraid to try things we are not used to. For singles, a special date is when Jupiter enters Pisces in mid-May… The planet of expansion in a sign as sensitive and romantic as Pisces will make luck in love be on our side. From that moment on, singles will find many answers to questions that have been asking themselves all this time.

Now it’s time to know how love will go in 2021 according to your zodiac sign:


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This year things are going to be a lot easier for you, Aries. You have started the year leaving behind many things that no longer served you. This year you are going to focus on healing your wounds. You don’t close your doors to love, far from it, but your priorities have changed. If you are single, you are not going to force yourself to find love, quite the opposite. This year you will learn to fly alone and embrace your loneliness more than ever. Before someone loves you, you have to love yourself, Aries.

Your lucky moment will be from March 21 to April 14 when Venus is in your sign. Whether you are single or if you are in a relationship those days you will feel that everything has been worth it.

If you have a partner, for you this year things are going to be very different too. Now you are not looking for a passionate connection with your partner, you are looking for a mental and intellectual connection. Come on, Aries, when before you wanted to give everything in bed with your partner, this year you want to take another step and put your intelligence to the test. This year everything is based on the mental.


This year is marked by the square of Uranus in your sign with Saturn. 2021 brings many changes and surprises for your love life. Emotion will be the protagonist of this year. If you have started the year in a relationship that has been in for a long time, things are going to change a lot. You, lover of routine, this year you feel the need to change many things. That relationship can come or change completely or even end. Although it sounds tragic in reality it will not be so … Do not worry because everything will depend on you. If you decide to end that relationship it is because you feel that it is necessary.

This year you are going to free yourself from relationships that are already obsolete and that no longer contribute to your life.

If you are single, this year you are going to meet very different people than you are already used to. Both in spring and autumn, your charm will be through the roof and very special opportunities will arise. Of course, Taurus, this year you need to focus as much as possible on your career, so don’t waste your time with nonsense …


2021 is bringing out a side of you that few people knew. Your mind is changing and maturing completely and whereas before you were looking to have casual relationships now you are looking for something different. If you are starting to meet someone, in 2021, you want your relationship to be something serious. You don’t want the essence to be lost, but you want there to be more commitment involved. Fight for what you want, Gemini, and if the other person is not looking for the same, do not delay in letting go.

Whether you are single or if you have a partner, this year you are going to learn to listen to your inner voice and always put your needs first. This year you are not going to let any toxic behavior be a part of your life, Gemini.

If you want to find love, you have to start being honest with yourself. You have to force yourself to know what you want and what you don’t want. You have to test yourself. When you really know yourself, love will emerge. Pay special attention to this year’s lunar eclipses, especially the one on May 26. Bring a strong change to your life, especially in love.


This year your love life is going to get very interesting, more than you expect. Unlike in 2020, this year will be much less dramatic. What you are looking for is affection, forging a future with that person who is so important to you. If you are single, this year thanks to your warm personality you will have more opportunities to find love. Even Cancer, this year the flames of a love that did not fully crystallize in the past may be rekindled. A person who has always been in your heart can be the one who gives meaning to your 2021.

This year what you want is to experience feelings that you have never experienced before. If your love life so far has not been satisfactory for you, this year you feel energized enough to investigate what has gone wrong.

Although your relationships are always very important, do not hesitate to find time for yourself, to take care of yourself as you have never taken care of yourself before. 2020 has taken its toll on you so this year do not demand more of yourself than you can give.

The best moments for your love life this 2021 is when Venus is in your sign in June and when the planet of love visits Scorpio between September and October.


2021 has great challenges in store for you, Leo. This year your attention goes directly to your professional career, to your work, to fulfilling all those purposes that you have written down on a paper to read at the end of the year. For this reason, certain conflicts may arise between your professional life and your love life. You will fight with all your might to find a balance. Because, Leo, although your work is very important to you, love is something that you are never going to deny yourself.

This year your interests and your needs are ahead of everything else. Be careful, Leo, because this can bring some other problems in your life. If you need something, ask for it, but don’t let others guess what you need. You will begin to know someone and over time you will realize that they are not up to you, even if that person gives everything for you. Don’t let that go too far …

2021 comes to test you and knock you out of your comfort zone, Leo. Your life is going to be very exciting, that’s what you wanted, right?


There is so much going on in your life, Virgo, that you don’t even have in mind finding love or enjoying the love you already have. That has to start changing now. This year it will be a challenge to find time for yourself and for the people you love. It can be complicated, but you have to do your part. If you are single, the truth is that your priorities are not finding love or getting involved in a relationship. This year you are going to learn that you don’t need anyone to feel complete.

Even so, if you are one of the Virgos who is still interested in finding love, this year may bring unexpected people into your life with whom a special adventure may arise. It is someone you do not know, someone new will come into your life to change all your plans. Even if that relationship is something fleeting, something that seems like it won’t last long, it will teach you many things.

If you have a partner, this year put aside expectations and start seeing your partner as he really is and not as you want him to be.


This year you begin to notice how everything returns to take its course, how things start to turn out well after so long. And that’s because Jupiter and Saturn start the year by being in your air companion Aquarius. Libra, this year you really want to know yourself, but also to explore everything around you. Your charm will be in the air, but there are times you have to be careful because it can overwhelm you a little.

If you’ve recently started getting to know someone, this year you want to commit much stronger to that person. A very special moment in love for you will be when Venus, your ruling planet, enters Gemini between May and June. You feel free and wanting to be who you are. And although during those days that feeling is much stronger, this year your philosophy of life is going to be that.

This year you will be very lucky in love and your love life can surprise you a lot. Just enjoy and let yourself be carried away by what 2021 has in store for you.


2020 was a real roller coaster for you, Scorpio. The excitement continues in 2021 but this time it will be different. There may be unexpected surprises, even the end of the odd relationship, but in the end, everything is for the better, you’ll see. This year you are so eager to focus on yourself and make changes in your life that love takes a back seat. Your family and friends will continue to be at the top of your life, but the truth is that you will only want to spend time with them and with a few other people.

This year your chip changes completely and you are looking for relationships that give you something more than pleasure. And that is why a relationship may come to an end. You want to try new things, things that you are not used to. If your partner is not able to keep up with you, perhaps they should stop being your partner.

This year is going to be fun and different because you are going to start doing new things. Just go with the flow and force yourself to connect with yourself. A good time for love is when Venus is in Pisces between February and March and between September and October when it is in your sign.


You still have many things to learn about love, Sagittarius. You are very smart but you still have a long way to go. This year there will be many changes in your life. Look how rare it is for you, but if you are starting a relationship, now more than ever you want to commit. This year you want to have fun, do everything that 2020 has not let you do, but you also want to act mature and settle your head a bit.

On the other hand, if you are single, it is possible that during the beginning of the year you want to enjoy your freedom as much as possible. You are not even interested in starting relationships for romantic purposes. Things will change in mid-May when Jupiter enters Pisces and that desire to find love begins to awaken in you again.

Toxic relationships this year will be gone forever. If you find yourself in one right now, it won’t take long for you to realize that it’s not for you. This year you will heal yourself from the inside and realize that there is no better company than your own.

Eclipses this year bring major changes in your life, Sagi. Mark the calendar for June 10 and December 4.


This year you will feel like things are not as intense as in 2020. You will feel as if you have lifted a great weight from your shoulders and that is that both Jupiter and Saturn have left your sign and are now in Aquarius. Everything is different, now you look at the world with different eyes. In 2020 you have been so busy solving your problems that you have not even had time for other things, but now you can relax and enjoy love. If you are single, Venus in your sign during January will help you dedicate more time to love. At the beginning of the year, you will shine a lot, Capricorn, and something special may arise with a person you just met.

This year you want to get out of your comfort zone a bit and see what is strange about you. You want to meet different people. To such an extent, Capri, that when you least expect it, you begin to attract a super extravagant and unusual person.

Between May and June, with the lunar eclipse, the solar eclipse, and the Cancer season, you may feel that you are living on a real emotional roller coaster. It will test your relationships. but it will teach you to be much stronger. This year will be moving for your heart.


Without a doubt, Aquarius, it is going to be a great year for you. Start 2021 with Jupiter and Saturn in your sign and that makes you shine more than you have ever before. You will be in the crosshairs of many people and you will attract a lot of people without even trying. Your priority in love this year is to learn to be honest when talking about your needs and your desires. Ask for what you need and do not shut up for a single moment. Jupiter in your sign will bring up many opportunities in love, Aquarius, so many that you may even get overwhelmed at times.

If you’ve been single for a long time, this year you may find THAT person who completely changes your plans for the future. A person who will fill your heart as no one has ever filled it.

Although this year your love life is on fire, your attention also goes to your creativity. Despite everything, you want to enjoy your freedom and what the universe is giving you. You want to fall in love, but you also want to remain yourself.


This 2021 can be a great year for your love life, Pisces. Starting in mid-May, Jupiter will enter your sign and help you make many of your dreams come true. You have been expressing what you want to have in your relationships for a long time, imagining what your life will be like when you meet that person and this year there are many possibilities that a very special story will emerge.

If you have a partner, you will have to fight to find your place and the middle ground between being totally dependent on your partner and being completely independent. Extremes are never good and you know it.

If you are single, in 2021 there may be many opportunities to meet love, especially during February and March. This year you are not going to settle for just anything because you have suffered enough. Prepare yourself because an opportunity may arise with a person that you do not expect. Someone you have known for a long time but has never looked with those eyes.

Also, take advantage of the time you spend alone to discover what you want and what you need in your life. Not only in your relationships but also in what you need as an individual person.


Love In 2021 According To Your Sign

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