How Zodiac Men React To “I Love You”

"I Love You"

How Zodiac Men React To “I Love You”

That moment when you declare your love to your crush for the first time with the famous three words “I love you” is something very special. It is all the better to be prepared for all eventualities in advance.

We tell you (with a wink) how the zodiac signs typically react to a confession of love.


“I love you more!”  Aries in love returns declarations of love twice as passionately.


 Are you serious?”  If a Taurus is not 100% sure of his feelings towards you, he will block an “I love you” as a precaution until he really is.


“And I love…cakes.” Geminis have a hard time talking about deep feelings. So you’d rather quickly steer the topic to other things like… cake.”


“… but are you sure about that?” – If cancer gives away its heart, then forever. Before he says, “I love you,” he wants to make sure you mean business with him.


“Of course you do.” – The proud lion is more than aware of his attractive effect on the opposite love – and makes no secret of it.


“Thank you.” – Virgos are not always very talkative, but they are always polite.


“I have to go!” – Libras sometimes shy away from deep commitment. If he’s not sure that you’re the one, he’d better walk away if you confess your love.


“Mhm.” – It takes a little time to really get to know the fiery Scorpio. At first, he hesitates to reply “I love you”. If he does, then he means business with you. And forever.


“No, I love YOU.” – Once the hard-to-tame Sagittarius has been tamed, he throws himself into it and smears honey around his beloved’s mouth.


“I know, I know.” – Capricorns are flattered by the three famous words, but they sensed how you felt about them long before that.


“What is love anyway?” – The philosophical Aquarius first questions the whole concept of romantic love before answering.


“What did you say?” – Pisces have a hard time dealing with rejection. Before they can accept “I love you,” they want to make sure they got it right.

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