How your child’s birth month will affect their life

How your child’s birth month will affect their life

The month the child is born dictates personality traits, future career and even how healthy the child will be in their lifetime.

Most dentists are born in December and musicians in February; and what does the birth month of your child mean?

The Columbia University School of Medicine scientists looked at data from 1.75 million patients born between 1900 and 2000.

And that gave amazing results.

The test showed that some months of birth have a higher risk of disease than others.

Children born in October were associated with an increased risk of the disease.

The babies born in January, August and December had neither a higher nor a lower risk.

Don’t be surprised if your bundle of joy has an independent fiery nature if they are born between March 21st and April 19th as it is associated with the zodiac sign.

So, in this case, your child is an Aries.

Maybe you are planning to have a child and this text can help you which month is the best to give birth to your child.

Below we will list all the months one by one and you will see what characteristics the child can have based on the month in which they were born.

January child

In a study examining a sample of 100 celebrities, including singers, athletes and actors, it was found that most stars belong to this zodiac sign, Aquarius.

These children can be stubborn because once they have formed an opinion about someone, they don’t change it easily.

In addition to star potential, these children will grow into kind and generous people.

You will have good instincts and good people skills.

If you’re not thrilled that your child will one day become famous, don’t worry because most lawyers and doctors are also born this month.

February child

February brings babies who will later become artists or traffic cops – these two professions couldn’t be more different.

Children born in February are more likely to be withdrawn and hide their feelings.

You don’t need too many friends to play and have fun.

They don’t mind playing alone all day.

These children are very empathetic towards others and as adults they are very humanitarian.

The parents need a bit of persuasion to get the child to open up to them.

March child

March brings forth many talented and creative people.

A study has shown that babies born in March may have trouble sleeping and are likely to be night owls.

In general, children who are born in the autumn and winter months go to bed later.

If you don’t close your eyes at night because your baby isn’t sleeping, then you should remember that it has to do with March.

They are energetic and headstrong children.

Surely you will often feel tired because you cannot keep up with your child’s energy.

April child

Most company CEOs and CEOs are born in April.

Because of their confidence and ability to make friends easily, they’re likely to be serious little networkers right from the start.

Because they belong to the Taurus zodiac sign, they are very determined, loving and reliable.

When they grow up they can become resentful people and if you insult them they will never forget it.

Remember this, if your boss is a Taurus, never forget to wish him a happy birthday, otherwise he will never forget that you forgot about this important event.

May child

In England, people born in May have the lowest chances of being captain of the football team.

Thank God we live in Germany and can still hope.

These little ones listen to their parents and don’t mind tidying up their room, feeding the cat or sorting through the school schedule.

They don’t need to be told their chores twice because the cute little heads find nothing more satisfying than checking off an item on their to-do list.

You are very bright and can adapt to many situations – an ideal zodiac sign to send to daycare.

June child

Most Nobel Prize winners were born in June.

So you can have a bright mind in your family.

They are very intelligent little minds and because of that they can get bored very easily.

For them, after-school activities are the best, and some variety in their daily routine might be just the thing.

The little ones are very emotional and shy, need their mum very much and it might be difficult for them when the time comes to go to kindergarten.

July child

Most bricklayers and engine drivers are born in July and surely your child will love Bob the Builder  and Thomas the Tank Engine.

It is said that babies born in summer have a very positive outlook on life, unlike winter babies.

While July and Lion cubs can be very practical, they also have a sensitive and tender side that craves affection.

Your little one is confident and a great leader, but also a little needy of attention; just like the lion too, free and energetic.

August child

The youngest in their class, these little ones certainly feel like they’re catching up on their peers.

Though the school year might be against them, Virgos are highly intelligent, independent, and will certainly have no trouble at school.

Most barbers were born in August, so they’re going to give their mama a good haircut.

They are in their element when they receive praise and attention, because it drives them forward and gives them the impetus to do even better.

So, dear mums and dads, please don’t be shy about praising the children.

September kid

The children born in September deal well with problems.

You were born in the first month of the school year, so you could be one of the oldest kids in the class, but you won’t have any problems with that.

Because of their perfectionism, they will not have any difficulties in the classroom and with students.

The little one will be extremely sociable and friendly.

You should only pay attention to his possessive side towards friends and family.

October child

Babies born in this month have the best chance of getting a place at Oxford and Cambridge.

Scorpio month is the best month for your child’s future prospects.

An October child has an innate charm and people will eat out of his hand.

So don’t be surprised if you take your baby for a walk and everyone you meet smiles at the little one and says how cute he/she is.

Just keep in mind that when a Scorpio wants something, they can be ruthless.

You can see this when the baby is hungry and if it doesn’t get food right away, it can cry so that the neighbors can hear it.

But dear mums and dads, their babies are also loyal, intuitive and caring.

November child

November Children are very curious and can’t wait to dive into their next book or project.

You can see that from an early age because they love picture books and fairy tales.

Many good actors are born in this month and therefore your child may be excited about acting.

They have their own mind, are unconventional and not afraid to get their way.

These traits are ideal for future entrepreneurs and therefore parents may have trouble with their little one constantly pushing the boundaries.

December child

Your goal oriented child will grow up to be quite a perfectionist and might be a bit shy.

But it will always be loyal, supportive, and loving to its friends and family.

December children are known to be big optimists, but they can also easily get impatient.

They always look ahead and wherever they go, they always find a nice-smelling flower.

How your child's birth month will affect their life

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