How You Say Goodbye To A Toxic Love Even If You Love It According To Your Sign

How You Say Goodbye To A Toxic Love Even If You Love It According To Your Sign

There are times when there is no more, you have to love yourself twice as much as you give to the other to really say goodbye. His way of loving hurts, there is no sincerity or respect and much less love. If you stay by his side it is accepting crumbs and at this point, you are no longer to lose energy with someone who does not give you the same thing you give him. Deep in your heart you know you still love him. But saying goodbye to toxic love is the bravest thing you can do for yourself. It’s going to hurt a lot, but time will tell you that it was for the best. How do you say goodbye to a toxic love even if you love it according to your sign?


For nothing in the world, you stay long in a relationship that torments you. It is very difficult for you to turn the page because you are one of those who gives deeply and rarely bends your pride. However, you do not want to stay with someone who forbids you everything. Arieswhat you want is to breathe freedom, not beg for a hole in anyone’s heart. Saying goodbye shakes your negative emotions, but you know that it is the only way to open up new opportunities.


For you time is sacred, before accepting that the relationship no longer has a future, you need to put things on a scale. Take a deep breath and find calm in your wound. The lesson is there, you have the maturity to face it, but at the same time, your heart breaks into a thousand pieces. That’s when you walk away, you don’t want to talk about it for a long time, you need to be with yourself and throw out all the emotional garbage that he left you.


There are relationships that leave such deep marks on you that you feel that a part of you will never be the same again. Gemini, it is your mind that feels distressed and all it wants is to run away. You have the ability to take control of the situation and find a solution, but you need to vent with your loved ones. It is the support network that lifts you up and reminds you that you are worth too much to sink because of bad love. 


At first glance, it seems that your heart is crumbling, that it is not capable of resisting a disappointment in love because when you give yourself up you do so leaving your fears in the past. It is your sensitivity that speaks for you and prevents you from realizing at first that it is not there. However, you are not as fragile as you seemwhen you are hurt, there is nothing left but to face the situation and break the shell that helps you defend yourself even from the most disloyal love. 


The brilliance that overflows from your soul is so genuine that it is impossible for you to sink into the darkness of someone who does not value your company. You may be quite impulsive and when you love you want to shout it from the rooftops, but when you do not feel valued and respected, it is a sign that things are not going to work out. You do not plan to enclose yourself in a story that only exists in your imagination. Leo, your heart is fragmented, but reason thanks you.


Wow, you are daring when it comes to saving your emotions. If there is something that bothers you, it is to see yourself defeated, you do not want to see yourself crying for anyone, much less allowing them to humiliate you. You may feel very bad, but you force yourself to get up and not stay by the side of a love that fills you with bitterness. It is not easy, because habit finds you out of nowhere, but little by little you return to your projects and shine as strong as the first time.


Chaotic relationships leave you breathless, not wanting to try again, and desperately wanting to be alone for a long time. You are not one of the signs that go and give themselves to anyone, that’s why it costs you twice as much to disconnect, even if they hurt you. Libra, when you love you share the best of yourself and it weighs you down to know that you gave so much to someone who barely had time to give you crumbs. 


Honestly, you have worked so hard on your best version, that it even seems silly that they want to come into your life to give you such a dry, torn, and toxic love. You don’t want to stay with someone who steals your peace of mind and treats you as if you were an object of his own, with whom he can play whenever he wants. You are passionate, fun, loving, you deserve someone who gives you the same. It may hurt you for a long time, but you’d rather that than cheat on yourself. 


Your soul is free, it does not feel comfortable with a love that overwhelms and wants to monitor 24 hours a day. That insane love is the one that fills your path with cracks and you still have a lot to go. You are not to lower your guard and settle for the company of someone who only does is turn off your dreams. It’s too much for you, Sagi, you prefer to rip your feelings out the hard way, than to continue hoping in a bond that no longer has a solution.


If there is a lesson that has stuck with you after living a toxic relationship, it is that it is very smart to enjoy solitude, but it is very foolish to try to fill it with just anyone. Relationships like this hurt you in every way. However, you are not one of those who like to talk about it, you prefer to keep everything to yourself and face the duel alone. It is your pride that keeps you grounded and doesn’t let you humiliate yourself for anyone. No matter how much you love.


What gives you the most courage is having wasted your time with someone who did not deserve anything from you. You are a very intense sign when it comes to relationships because you do not like to share what is in your heart with the first one who promises you the moon and the stars. Hence it hurts you so much to realize that once again you stumbled over the same stone. However, Aquarius, you prefer to accept your mistake than to continue believing that one day that person will change. You know he won’t do it and that’s why you better leave.


Definitely, letting go of love is too complicated for you, you need to arm yourself with courage and remind yourself that it is for your own good. A part of you gives in, but that doesn’t mean you’re naive, it’s just that you’re giving that person the last chance, but when they’re not interested, you know there’s nothing left to save. Your mind and your heart face a fight that seems never-ending, but you know that sooner or later peace will return to you. The pain is not for life, you will resurface, perhaps with more scars, but you will be twice as brave.


How You Say Goodbye To A Toxic Love Even If You Love It According To Your Sign

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