Aries, you feel trapped when you’re in a relationship that demands more of you than you want to give. This feeling of losing your freedom sends you back and brings you closer to the group. You would rather not know anything more about that person before continuing to waste your time. You are a free and independent person and you are not ready to lose all of this for someone let alone if it makes you feel trapped.


Taurus, you don’t like to live up to the expectations of others. You can’t stand someone wanting to change you in order to get something from you, that feeling that someone is trying to manipulate you makes you feel trapped and the thing just doesn’t flow. When you are feeling trapped, you are not yourself and you want to get out of this loop as soon as possible. That’s why you create a wall for the other person to stop insisting and go where they came from.


Gemini, with any kind of plan you want to let go of. You don’t like commitment at all and when someone wants to have them with you first and foremost, you feel trapped and under pressure. You can’t stand being rushed through things and it pushes you to do crazy things to get out of this trap that they are creating for you. You are free like the Gemini wind, never stop thinking about it and do what your heart tells you to.


It’s not that you have a very active social life, Cancer, but being at home all day makes you fall for it. When you’re feeling trapped, you feel like going out there and making whatever foreground comes to your mind just to put the air in your face. Cancer, you are a very warm person, but you also need your moments of pleasure and you usually find them outside the house with your friends.


Leo, you’re used to having everyone behind you. You like to stand out and see that you are important to others. You feel trapped and lost when you feel like you are no longer the center of attention and trying to do whatever it takes to get back to it. You can’t stand to feel ignored because you know you don’t deserve it. You are unique and irreplaceable and the whole world should be at your feet.


Virgo, you are a perfectionist by nature. You like to have everything under control and you can’t stand them doing things for you. The problem is, you’re stuck in high expectations and struggling to get out of that loop. When you realize that you are caught in such a loop you are trying to leave things to fate because you know what you have to do, but your nature prevents you most of the time.


Libra, you have a heart that does not fit in your chest. Usually, you don’t say no to anything just to please everyone around you and that sometimes makes you feel trapped. When you feel it, you are doing all in your power to get away from all those people who are not adding anything to your life. You are not ready to waste your precious time and even if it seems a little selfish, you are not ready to share your life with people who do not deserve it.


Scorpio, you live your life, but sometimes you just can’t seem to let others live. You are not envious, but you like karma to do its job and you feel trapped when you see bad people doing well. This is why, when you feel trapped in this feeling of rage, you are doing karma yourself. You don’t stop until you see that things are balanced. You have it more than clear.


Sagittarius, you are a free soul, you always do your best to live your life to the fullest, and you hate having your wings cut. This is why, when you feel trapped, you run away without a second thought. No matter who makes you feel this, you will immediately disappear for a while. You are the sole owner of your life and you are not going to allow them to tell you what to do or what to stop doing.


Capricorn, you are a very hardworking person, you are sick of hearing that. You are responsible, correct, determined and disciplined, there is nothing that can resist you. The problem is when you feel trapped by one of your absurd thoughts, that is, one of those thoughts that don’t allow you to move forward for the world. Sometimes you have to stop being so stubborn so you can open your mind and stop missing out on opportunities.


Aquarius, for you to be controlled in any way is a trap. You hate feeling trapped in any area of ​​your life and you won’t let anyone or anything make you feel that way. When you feel trapped, you take your wings and you fly away. You fight like no one else to get out of this situation as quickly as possible. You don’t like to run away like nothing, first you take action, you clarify things and then you run away from this place.


Pisces, you are a sensitive person, you always put yourself in other people’s shoes and that sometimes makes you forget your own needs. This is why many times you feel trapped and you don’t know how to get out of this loop that you are stuck in. Seeing that you are always there for others, but that they are not there for you, overwhelms you enough. Get out of this place and start valuing yourself the way you deserve and looking for a lot more for yourself.


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