How To Win The Zodiac Signs On The First Date

The First Date

How To Win The Zodiac Signs On The First Date

A first date is complicated… Everyone has experienced those moments of tension in which you have to stop to meet that person. And you are also faced with being known to yourself. There are many fears and insecurities when meeting someone for the first time. Will I be enough for him? Will he like me? Will he notice my shortcomings? We are afraid of messing up and that person will not want to hear from us again. Here are some tips on how to win over the zodiac signs on the first date:


To win over an Aries on the first date, the first thing you have to do is avoid being shy, it’s something they don’t like at all. What Aries likes is active people and they come into this world to live intensely in everything that happens to them, just like him. You must be direct with him, he is very attracted to passion and power.

Keep it cool and surprise. She gets too bored with the routine and the affairs of the past. Let’s see, it’s not that he’s not interested in where you come from… It’s just that now he doesn’t want you to spend hours talking about your ex-partners if you have any. Aries is a fire sign and that means that it is very impulsive, so from time to time let it take the reins, it may lead you to unforgettable and very interesting moments.

To conquer an Aries completely on a first date, try challenging him on something so that he can get into it and bring out his competitive side. There is nothing that hooks you more than wanting to be the first.


Taurus is known to be a very stubborn sign. For everything to go well on the first date, you have to be very patient with him. It is better that you do not rush since Taurus likes things calmly, especially if it is about meeting someone and opening up. If you are a person with great stability in life, it will not be too difficult for you to conquer him since he is one of the things he appreciates the most. Nothing like the peace of mind that there will not be too many surprises.

If you are the type of person who abuses physique-related jokes, save them. It is something that does not go with him/her and although he knows that it is only a joke, he is not too amused to laugh at some physical defect. When you no longer know what to talk about, bring up the subject of money, the creation of wealth, or talk about nature, these are topics that Taurus will never tire of talking about.

To get Taurus on a first date, take him to a good restaurant with good food and drinks, to a museum that arouses his most secret curiosity for art, or take him on a wine tour, he will love it.


Gemini’s versatility can lead you down the path of bitterness or it can help you depending on how you see it. It is true that sometimes this duality hinders more than helps since you never know how he will react to the plans that you propose. He may or may not love it so much, but Gemini will never make you see it, he is too polite in this regard.

Geminis are very interested in new things, but they are not too interested in learning them in depth, so don’t get obsessed with something either, otherwise, they will get tired. If what you want is to capture the attention of Gemini, talk to him about intellectual topics. There is nothing that is more passionate about an intelligent mind, without leaving gossip aside, you cannot imagine what Gemini enjoys with these things.

For a Gemini to stay with you, what you have to do on a first date is to be versatile, otherwise they will end up getting bored and they will lose all the interest that you have been able to arouse in them. Be funny, take him to a festival, a board game party, an amusement park, or even a romantic picnic somewhere where he can be himself without being afraid that someone might judge him.


For a first date with Cancer to go well, you must be very affectionate and sweet since they have an extremely strong sensitivity. Also, it is convenient that, if you are the type of person who tends to criticize others, it is better that you keep it to yourself. Cancer is a very empathetic sign, it puts itself in the place of whoever it is to be able to understand what is happening to him/her, so criticizing for criticizing’s sake does not go with him/her.

Cancer is very motivated to know that you admire their qualities. So let him know because you will earn a lot of points, sometimes he loves to be praised and enhance his virtues. He is too intuitive and the spiritual world is something that fascinates him. If you are one of those people who does not believe in this type of thing, show a little interest because for Cancer it is something very important. On the other hand, he is very good at giving advice and he loves to be asked for it so if he needs any take advantage and you will earn many more points.

An ideal first date for Cancer should be full of music, a walk under the moonlight, or a romantic dinner at home, there is nothing like simplicity for Cancer.


To conquer Leo on the first date, there is nothing like praising him and congratulating him on his successes. For Leo, there is nothing like being number one and he loves it when you let him know that he is. He usually has a great sense of humor so he’ll probably do whatever it takes to make you laugh and if he does, laugh, because he doesn’t like humorless people at all. There’s nothing like sharing a good laugh with Leo.

They are very interested in plans for the future, so if you don’t have them and you want to get Leo, start creating them. Because yes, Leo likes to be impulsive and live life as things happen to him, but he also likes to control his future.

For a first date to be ideal and perfect with Leo, what you have to do is lead him to a monologue. He loves to laugh and with that, you win for sure, he is also a lover of different things so you can try a visit to a zoo with exotic animals or even a star observatory is something that will surely fascinate him.


Virgo is a lover of control and does not like taking unnecessary risks at all. On a first date, if you want to win him/her over, you’d better work out something calm, a plan where you can talk to him/her and just live in the moment. Super important: if you want to have a second date, shower, get ready and put on your best perfume. Virgo is attracted by smell more than by sight. If a person smells good, you already have 50% of his heart won.

If what you want is to get it right with Virgo, what you have to do is plan what you are going to do because spontaneity is not something that goes well for him. You need to have everything under control, but hey, even though it seems obsessive to have everything under control, sometimes it’s a good thing. It is not bad to want to know what is going to happen, and it is that Virgo is too cautious.

To keep an interesting conversation, talk about work-life or about your pet if you have one because that’s something you love. He greatly appreciates the details and that you care about what is important to him/her and value ​​it very much. To have an ideal first date with Virgo, what you have to do is take him to a museum, a theater, a concert, or an opera, which will make Virgo very happy.


Libra is a sign that likes to be very helpful to others, so if you want to conquer it, you have no choice but to try to be, or at least not be selfish. He can’t stand people who can’t stop looking at their navels. There are too many problems in the world to worry only about yourself. Libra is a social being by nature, although sometimes he seems a bit shy, give him a little time and he will start to open up and feel very comfortable, this will make the date go smoothly.

For Libra, culture is something that attracts a lot of attention, they have a great facility for learning new things, so if you are an expert in something, try to teach them. This will appreciate it a lot and later congratulate you on how smart you are. There is nothing that I value more than the intelligence of people.

For a first date with Libra to be perfect, what you have to do is prevent them from choosing the plan because this can take centuries. Sometimes Libra gets into a loop of indecision from which it is impossible to get out. If what you want is to win him over, take him to a musical, some cultural event, or even a fashion show.


For a Scorpio, there is nothing like mystery and intrigue. If what you want is to win him over, you will have to work hard and not give him everything right away… What mystery would it have to know everything right away?

You have to make sure you listen to him carefully when you’re talking because if he’s not going to be upset enough, there’s nothing that annoys him more than feeling ignored. As a general rule, Scorpio loves black humor, so if you are one of those who has a large deck of dark jokes, it is time to bring them to light. If what you want is to start a good conversation with him/her, the only subject that causes him/her great interest is the meaning of life, since the other topics do not seem very deep to him/her.

Do not be surprised if the physical issue comes up on the first date, for Scorpio it is something important. Not what else, but if it’s important and you like to know who you’re dealing with. For a first date to go smoothly, what you have to do with Scorpio is go to the cinema to see a horror movie, an excursion with water sports, some witchcraft, or a night walk.


We could say that Sagittarius is one of the most positive signs, if not the most. So, if you are the type of person who is complaining about everything and does not stop taking the negative side of things, it is better that you start to change your attitude because it is something that Sagittarius cannot stand and this can make you lose all interest. for you.

If what you want is to get a good topic of conversation, he loves current topics, philosophy, and his friends, so be interesting for them. Avoid being too controlling because Sagittarius is free, if you try to tie him up, the only thing you can do is make him fly away and you will never see him again.

If there is something that Sagittarius is truly passionate about, it is discovering new things and places. Being a free sign makes me want to investigate and not return to the same places. Although if you love a site, you will not hesitate to repeat it, over time. Take him to a restaurant he has never been to, to an outdoor concert, karaoke, or even some confederation of something he loves, and with that, you will end up winning him over.


Capricorn is a sign that at first seems too cold and distant, but in reality, it is being cautious since it prefers to get to know you before starting to open up. He does not trust people very much and this can make it very difficult for you to enter his heart. In general, he is looking for a fun person who knows how to have a good conversation because he prefers to listen to the truth.

If what you want is to conquer him completely, you have to respect his time. So don’t even think about being late, being late is something he can’t stand, he values ​​his time too much to waste it waiting for you, he has better things to do. If there is something that Capricorn loves, it is discipline, he is very responsible and a hard worker, so next to him he needs someone who is very similar to him in that sense.

For a first date with Capricorn to work, what you have to do is take him to a dance floor to give it his all, that will make him start to lose his shame and you will start to get to know him. Plus, there’s nothing like a bit of hiking in the mountains, a book signing, or a play.


Aquarius can sometimes seem a bit antisocial person, but it is the opposite, he loves social environments. This does not mean that he likes to talk about anything or current issues. Aquarius loves to talk about anything humanitarian as he’s sure to have something to say about it.

For Aquarius, the world is full of conspiracies, which is why this subject fascinates him. He tries to investigate all the issues to get all the truths and that the world knows them, even sure he will end up investigating you in case you are part of a conspiracy that goes against him.

As an air sign, Aquarius loves to have fun, take him to a concert or charity event, a science fair, or a museum, and you can even try extreme sports activities. Aquarius is so strange sometimes that you will never know where the shots can come from, you can take him to parachute and you may or may not hit it.


Pisces loves to daydream and imagine what his life would be like under all kinds of circumstances, so if you want to win him over, start discussing all your fantasies with him. Because surely you have some in common and who knows if you can carry it out. Imagination is something that fascinates him, so if you have great creativity you already have many points.

Pisces is a very sentimental person, so if you want to start a good conversation with him/her, start by talking about the mystical and supernatural, surely he/she has some experience that he/she wants to share with you, and if you listen carefully you will end up earning a piece of his/her heart since few people stop to listen to that kind of thing. On the other hand, Pisces enjoys having secrets so don’t try to get things out of him because if he doesn’t want to tell you he won’t.

For a first date with Pisces to work, take him to a dream theme park where he can develop all his imagination and bring out the child in him, take him to the cinema to see a fantasy movie or invite him to start building an adventure with you.

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