How The Signs Will Delete You From Their Life

Delete You From Their Life

How The Signs Will Delete You From Their Life

Do you know why we are no longer here? To stay next to someone who criticizes us humiliates us, and does not have the level of commitment that you are looking for in a relationship. I’m not just talking about love, there are friends and family that also break you. Let’s stop justifying their bad deeds, we don’t have to settle and force ourselves to be close if they hurt us so much. Fortunately, the signs of the zodiac already understood this and they know perfectly well how to delete people who are not worth it from their lives. And this is how the signs will erase you from their life:


You are the one who when you propose becomes the cruelest being, your bad face gives you away, and when you can’t stand the company it shows. Your impulsiveness is what leads you to make the decision, when you get fed up you say everything, that you have been keeping for so long and that you can no longer hide. Your words are full of honesty and it doesn’t matter if it hurts the other, it’s not your intention, and you only have the right to say what you feel. For you, betrayal is unforgivable and if you have to take someone by force, you do it. You are not going to allow yourself to be humiliated by anyone. 


Sometimes it is very difficult for you to understand that there are people who do not commit themselves, and who take the emotions of others lightly. For you that is not a game and the first red flag in the other, you put a stop without mercy. You are not here to look good with anyone, if someone does not fill you with good vibes, they do not deserve a seat in your life. You are very intelligent, you can tell when something is wrong and you are not willing to wait for the other person to change. I’m sorry, but Taurus will tell you without filters that the chapter of your story is over. Don’t beg him, once he makes the decision he doesn’t change his mind anymore.  


Yes, you are very changeable, you hate having to settle for what the rest tell you, but you also adapt easily to all kinds of environments and you are not going to allow being next to someone to become your ordeal. What you are looking for is to be happy, to be calm, and with people who value your walk. If being with you is synonymous with constant drama, Gemini doesn’t want you in his life. It doesn’t take him seconds to make the decision to take you out, don’t test him, because later you’re going to miss having him around. He doesn’t like to give second chances. 


You are synonymous with sensitivity, love, and charm. You are the person who can show his tough side, but inside compassion wins you over. You don’t let anyone hurt your loved ones and if you have to fight the rest you will. You love affective ties, and knowing that a person decides to be with you without any obligation becomes a great relief. However, when Cancer notices that you have negative attitudes, he prepares his escape from him and does not intend to accept any type of argument from you. Cancer loses respect for you when your dark side shows what a bad person you are. Bye bye! 


Leo is used to receiving attention, he likes to be shown that he is a priority and to have his achievements recognized. It is very gratifying to realize that his passage through this life is not being in vain. Hence, he loves to surround himself with people who are on the same channel, with goals and dreams to fulfill. He will not allow us to be insulted or minimized. He won’t allow anyone to dim his shine and he doesn’t care if they call him selfish, he prefers a thousand times to stay with just three friends than to share his day with fake people. There is no more, he will stop talking to you until you know nothing about him. 


Even for the ties you have with others, you are a perfectionist. It doesn’t matter to you that they call you intense, of course, you take any behavior of the people around you very seriously and boy do you not miss any detail. What you are looking for is to share your time and space with people who motivate you to work on your best version. The moment you notice envy, there is nothing to think about, you do not want people who fill you with bad energy and comments that you did not ask for. The door through which they entered is the same for them to leave. 


What you need is to breathe stability, your emotions really change when you feel uncomfortable with someone. You are a very sensitive sign, so it is impossible for the toxicity of others not to affect you. However, that does not mean that you have to pretend nothing is wrong. If you notice that this person does not respect you or know the term loyalty, you know that your relationship will not last long. That means you’ll stop telling him things, you don’t trust him anymore, and you don’t need someone to watch your back. 


You are a sign that cannot hide, you like to make it clear when something bothers you or makes you sad. You don’t always say goodbye to a negative person with anger, there are times when disappointment brings you to tears because it’s hard to realize that you deposited all your essence in someone who didn’t deserve anything from you. The last thing you want is to be near your enemy. You are not going to stay with hypocritical and bad people, who at the first opportunity have used all your secrets against you. With that they sign their farewell, you don’t want people like that in your life. 


If there is someone on this list to whom bad comments slip, without a doubt, it is Sagittarius. This a sign that prefers his solitude to be with people who question his steps all the time and require him to argue each of his decisions. The last thing he wants is for them to go against his nature. Life is one, he will not stay with those who remain and who want to keep him in a cage. If you’re not ready to deal with such a natural, in-the-moment soul, she doesn’t need you in her life either. You can leave whenever you want, but please don’t wait too long. 


Nobody disputes that you are an intelligent, dedicated, and very disciplined sign. Hence, you are not very tolerant in your relationships, you like to be selective and be sure that the people who decide to stay by your side are the right ones. You have a very hard time letting someone into your world and that makes it a bit difficult to say goodbye. However, your logical part makes you see reason and does not let you continue sharing with such mediocre people, who need to humiliate others to feel superior. Capricorn will expel you without fear because he knows that nothing will happen to him because he misses you, but if you stay you can ruin his path. 


Independent, brave, and dreamy. It is already difficult enough to deal with your own thoughts, to still have to fight against people who are not willing to support you in anything. Undoubtedly, you are happy with yourself and you do not plan to live with the worry that the person who claims to be your friend, partner, or family member is simply a betrayer who wants to see you torn to pieces. You don’t feel like embittering your days with that kind of energy. Better invest your time in someone else, because with Aquarius it will not work. 


Pisces loves to be with people who inspire them, who are able to see beyond the case, and who don’t have time to interfere in the lives of others. He hates when they make him the protagonist of a gossip that he doesn’t even know about. He doesn’t understand people who go out of their way to ruin other people’s lives just for the fun of it. When he realizes that your company makes him feel bad, he decides to turn the page. Someone like that doesn’t deserve a second of his attention. For that, it is better to stay with his enemies and they are far better. 

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