How The Signs Fight Against Their Thorns

Against Their Thorns

How The Signs Fight Against Their Thorns

Waking up is to keep winning the battle, because despite the bad days you keep a smile. It’s your dreams that don’t let you down and the ones that remind you that there are always many reasons not to stop halfway. The competition is with yourself, working on your best version, and recognizing that you have achieved great things. Nobody has given you anything, what you have is because of your dedication and responsibility, do not minimize your walk. How do the signs fight against their thorns?  It is not easy, but at least they dare to accept them. 


You know that when you focus on something there is no human power to distract you, you are very dedicated and your dominant side helps you stay strong no matter what. The bad thing is when your thorns are present and play with your mind. They tell you that it is possible to manage the lives of others and that is when you face disappointment. Believing that you are in control of everything is the worst thing you can do because even if you are right, you will not make others think the same. It wears you down, puts you in a bad mood, and activates your impulsive side until you finally explode. Do you realize? And all because you want things to be perfect. 


My sweet Taurus, you know that as long as they respect your space and your arguments, you have no problem with anyone. However, when they start to become a constant critic, they awaken your darkest side, where thorns inhabit that become too hurtful. It is very natural for you to explore, come on, you are the bull of the zodiac, but be careful not to make yourself angry to your limit, because you do not stop until you see the other repentant. Perhaps your reckless and foolish character is not such a good combination in those cases, because you cloud yourself so much that you magnify the situation and the other can leave crying. You have to work a little more on that. 


You have the gift of eating the whole world through words, it costs you nothing to persuade and you love it. However, that can lead you to be a care manipulator, especially when you have some quarrels with someone. You are not one of those who makes a scandal when it comes to expressing differences, but… underwater you can put whoever you want in their place. Your intelligence is so great that when you set out to knock the other down, you do it. You don’t calm down and that can be bad because there are times when it’s not such a big deal and you end up hurting people you love. Gemini, in those cases it is better to walk away and come back since you are calmer. Don’t let your thorns rule. 


On the outside, you look like an exquisite dessert, one of those that melts on the palate and fill your life with sweetness. However, there are times when your anger takes over and you come out with the most spiteful soul anyone could ever know. Your kindness goes to the background and all the love that one day you felt for that person ends up becoming nothing. A hot-tempered Cancer does not understand the reasons, he is desperate for the person to feel at least half of what he felt. The worst thing about his thorns is that they have an incredible memory, they remember your weaknesses and make you end up begging. Cancer, do not be bitter, because, in the end, you are the one who swallows all that. Let go, please. 


It is nothing new to you when people stop to look at you. You are used to being the center of attention for better or worse. That’s why you get stressed when you’ve been pushed aside. You want to feel part of the group and not the rejected one. So your defiant side may take over your emotions and complain to everyone. When you are upset you do not control your tongue and you are not very sensitive. That is dangerous, because you damage the other’s self-esteem forever, since your words are harsh, they have that touch of cruelty that makes them eternal. You must calm down, because an apology later does not solve anything in those cases, Leo. 


It’s practically amazing how thorough you are with your stuff. You don’t like anyone making you feel like the one with the mistakes. You love perfection and try too hard to maintain it. That is the reason why your courage appears because you feel that everything you do is not valued and you end up walking away. Your spines are what remind you that you can be the coldest person on this planet and that’s when you take the role too seriously. It is not difficult for you to run away from everything and everyone, you take refuge in your obligations and ignore your heart. Don’t allow it, Virgo, don’t believe everything your anxiety tells you because good people are leaving you because of bad people. 


Let’s see, you’re not used to losing your mind. Usually, you are the pacifist, the one who is always in the middle of an argument wanting to calm the waters down. However, when you are the one who explodes, your acting is overwhelming. You are not interested in anything that people say to you, you just let the anger take you, period. You have so much courage that you can end up in front of the mirror looking at yourself and claiming things from the past. Why do you harm yourself Libra? You know that you do not feel comfortable with confrontations, do not let the attitude of others influence your center. Sometimes, you just have to look and walk away, you don’t have to get your hands dirty. 


In truth, the world is not so wrong when describing a Scorpio. Of course, it’s not pure evil, but when someone tries to blow it up, they have to prepare for the worst because they don’t touch their hearts for anyone. Two things, in particular, remove the spines of Scorpio: if you lie to him or if you betray him. It doesn’t matter what your arguments are, better shut up, because he is not interested in listening to them. It is a sign that is based on facts and if you hurt him you are going to have to face the consequences with the same courage. Not only are you going to lose his friendship or love, but he will also teach you a great lesson, which you will not like. 


Sagittarius’s intelligence is so great that he has no problem making mistakes and correcting errors in a short period. He knows very well how to get out of awkward moments and it’s very rare when he loses his sanity over something because he usually just lets it all go. Let’s say it’s not a conflicting sign, but… his thorns are usually disguised in an almost perfect way because they appear from his imprudence. Sometimes, Sagittarius gets carried away and talks too much. The truth is that he doesn’t even do it to harm, but unfortunately, he does, and that’s when many of his people end up heartbroken. It’s hard for him not to be like that, but he works at it. 


Capricorn loves to dress tough and show the world that he is made to do whatever he sets his mind to. It is a sign that is not afraid of tears, on the contrary, he becomes friends with his fears, to defeat the enemy. However, such determination usually affects his relationships, because he does not forgive anything, and when I say nothing, it is nothing. Capricorn, you can be very exaggerated, you hate being seen in your face and you don’t feel comfortable talking to that person again, you feel hypocritical and you better walk away. They may think you’re a clown, but you don’t care, that keeps you away from people who don’t even deserve your greeting. 


Behind a distant Aquarius, hides another Aquarius who one day gave everything for the people he loved, but got tired. Now, he prefers to be selective rather than let anyone contaminate his good vibes. She loves to be different because it helps her keep conservative people away, she doesn’t want to be with those who are only judging. However, his thorns appear when they take advantage of his goodness, more than anger it causes him a disappointment to realize that everything he did for someone did not have the slightest importance. That hurts you Aquarius and that’s when you become detached, you save your emotions until you feel safe again. 


Oh, Pisces you and your weakness for helping as if you didn’t dry up inside. There are times when your emotions are the most affected because you know that there are many vampires who are waiting for you too careless little to take advantage of you. You are special but do not think that you have the key to save the other Pisces. Your thorns appear because they are desperate that you do not listen to yourself and that you put yourself in the last place on your list. It’s not worth others receiving everything from you and not even asking you if you’re right or wrong. Just because they assume you’re the one who always gives doesn’t mean there aren’t days when all you want is a hug. 

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