How Signs Behave Just Before Breaking Up A Relationship

Ending a relationship is not an overnight decision. Even if it is unconscious, the process begins earlier. And when the idea of ​​cutting off and starting a new path separate from the other person comes to fruition, it is too late to turn back. Living it from the inside is a complicated situation, but if you are attentive you can see the signs that indicate the outcome. Although sometimes you can’t do anything about it, at least it won’t take you by surprise. How do the signs behave just before breaking up?


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It is very rare for Aries to fake something they don’t feel. And he does not walk with subtleties, he will make you see that he no longer feels the same. For this reason, when the time to break a relationship approaches, Aries will be very irritable and will express his disappointment, because he really thought that he would be with you the rest of his life. He will have tantrums like a toddler, and some of them won’t even know where they come from.

But his somewhat childish attitudes do not mean that he does not have enough strength to nip something that does not work in the bud. Especially if he begins to discover details that he does not like, and if he doubts your loyalty. Because if there is one thing that Aries will not bear, it is being deceived. If you have given him reason to think about it, prepare for the breakup. By the way, do not try to make him see that he is wrong because he will never admit it.


Before breaking up, Taurus takes a very cold position. Silently he takes a place from which it will be impossible to move him. He gets angry and remains quiet for days. But for Taurus breaking up is very difficult because before starting dating, he made sure that this relationship was what he really wanted. He’s been open, romantic, and caring even though it’s hard for him, so he won’t throw it all away at the first trouble. He will test the relationship for a while, he will show you what bothers him, what he is not comfortable with, and you will see it very clearly. If it is in the silent phase, you will surely already know what has happened so that it has taken that attitude.

Taurus can put up with a few unpleasant situations, but they don’t have infinite patience. As soon as he discovers that the relationship gives him more dislikes than joys, he will end it.


Overnight, in less than a week, small tantrums will be in the day to day. You can get confused and reassure yourself that it’s another one of their normal mood swings. But not. These tantrums have another nuance. Reproaches without much foundation, so much so that you might think that he wants to break his whole life and start from scratch being totally different. But breaking up would be too absurd a change, right? Well no, it is precisely the idea that is beginning to germinate inside, give it a few days and the relationship will be history. For Geminis it makes sense, there are things that have been screaming inside for a while, insecurities, not agreeing with some attitudes, problems with love… But he will not give you many explanations, he has already dropped it in the past once. Gemini thinks a lot and says it out loud,


Cancer holds a lot yes. Arguments with Cancer, dramas, are the order of the day, but that does not mean that it will break the relationship. When the problem is serious, Cancer hurts so much that it hangs out for a while. Do you know what they say about earthquakes? As long as there are little ones, even if they are followed, the big and catastrophic one will not come. Because the earth is releasing energy little by little. Well, Cancer, our water sign, will warn shortly before releasing the wave of its tsunami. The only clear sign you can see, if there is one, is likely to be that he is looking at someone else. But this he will never tell you, perhaps his closest friends will know. If you find someone else to create a home with, you won’t think twice about breaking up.


Leo begins to distance himself and meet new people when he feels that his partner no longer fulfills him, or does not treat him as he deserves. You will spend more time with your hobbies and with your friends to the point that you will stop seeing your partner because you are somewhere else where he feels he can shine and have fun. Leo will not say what he feels clearly until it is evident that he prefers to spend time single, or that he has already met someone else. You can be attentive to his way of behaving in public when he is with you. He may take you to his dates for commitment and it shows. If he doesn’t pay much attention to you and seems irascible when you want to be with him, rest assured that there is something wrong. His grumpy face says it all.


Virgo needs concrete reasons to break up a relationship. That something very clear is presented to him, signaling a necessary end. If this does not occur, and Virgo is no longer comfortable with the relationship, it will take a long time to take action. But do not doubt that in the end he will do the right thing. Meanwhile he will isolate himself and show himself distant. Both of you will have time to think and move a piece on the board if necessary. If this does not happen, you may plan to find the best day, the best time that does not disrupt your schedule to say goodbye to your partner. Virgo knows that breaking a relationship involves a few weeks of drama and there are times that it is not the best time to turn life upside down, but he also realizes that after the storm calm will come and will surely be much more productive.


For Libra, facing a breakup is very difficult because even he will not be clear about it. But you will notice small gestures that show that something may go wrong. For example, he will be late for appointments, or postpone them, and if he lives with you, it will take twice as long to get back from work. He may not tell you clearly the first time, let you continue spending time with him, but you will notice a clear distance as he chooses the best way to tell you that he wants to turn the page. It is an air sign and that will make you try to communicate, talk things over before making the decision, but it will beat around the bush, your partner will have to read between the lines. If a Libra makes a drastic decision, it will be because the other person did not care much, or because something has hurt too much. But this is not the norm. The final break-up process may take longer than you imagine.


If a Scorpio is no longer happy in a relationship, their life drama is accentuated. His looks are more murderous and his words more cruel. The pain gets out of hand, that turns into anger, a rage that is difficult to control. It may take time to break a relationship with a person for whom you have felt so much, you cannot do it in the bud, it is something that costs you a lot. But remain faithful? Do not count on it. Scorpio will not think twice if an opportunity presents itself that brings him some distraction, a bit of human warmth, of passion outside of that relationship that no longer works. And don’t be confused with details that come from remorse, such as exorbitant gifts or invitations without a known cause …


If there is a chance that a Sagi is thinking about breaking up, it is going to be difficult for you to notice. For quite a long time, you will pretend that you are unaware of problems, or it will seem that you do not care. He will even tell his friends that he does not care about the obvious problems that they point out in their relationship, he will say that they are things that happen and that you have to love each one as they are. You may see yourself reflected in another couple who just broke up and joke down the importance and seriousness of the matter. But don’t be fooled! Sagi knows exactly what is happening, and overnight she can explode, break up, blaming things that happened years ago. Thus, abruptly, suddenly, the relationship will have ended forever.


For a while he will indicate details that he does not like, Capri is one of those who thinks that the one who warns is not a traitor. But he will not have much hope that you will change either, because Capri is realistic and knows that few people change, and less for someone else. So while you miss every detail you find, (being late for an appointment, not doing something you promised, not taking care of some aspect of the relationship …) you will be scheduling the best day to break up. He will not do it in the middle of your exam time, unless he has discovered an infidelity, he will wait for you to finish so as not to be the culprit of your failure. If you live together it may be that before leaving you he has already moved a suitcase to his new residence, if he has not packed your things, that could also happen. It is not coldness, it is practicality.


Aquarius is very given to disappear from one day to the next, one day something will cause him more fear than he can bear and he will not give you the opportunity to talk to him again. The signals will be clear, comments about feeling saturated with messages, complaining about a lack of freedom. Aquarius is attracted to people who have something special, who are different, and if he considers that his partner does not have it, he will begin to be disappointed, to not have her at all, to live a parallel life and even to be unfaithful. By the time he realizes this, the relationship will be almost over, and he will only have to stop talking to you, say goodbye without much drama by clinging to some event that is the last straw. Something that you no longer see yourself able to bear, or feel like trying.


Pisces is going to postpone any breakup, facing the reality that something is not right, it is hard for someone who likes to be in their world of peace and disconnection. But don’t expect him to shut things up either. He will complain about what he does not like, he will cry over and over again, but he will cling to the love he feels. The pure and romantic love that only a Pisces can feel. The danger is that that love is disappearing. That’s right, Pisces ends a relationship when they feel there is no love. If reproaches like “you really don’t love me” or something strange about him like “I don’t know what I feel anymore” come out of his mouth, his partner may start to tremble. Do not think that he will be waiting for the next crush, because Pisces will be faithful until the end, but he may feel a little ticklish when he sees another person, and this is the sign that the previous love has ended.


How Signs Behave Just Before Breaking Up A Relationship

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