How Romantic You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

How Romantic You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

We are not all equally romantic and a strong component of romanticism is linked to the sign of the Zodiac that influences us from birth. In this article, we are going to reveal to you how romantic you are according to your zodiac sign and what you should improve.

Aries: 60%

Aries can be very romantic, but it is something that must come from deep within. He will be romantic when he wants to be and not because others are with them. Even when we are in a stable relationship, no matter how much we ask for details, Aries will only give them to us when they feel ready. And, not all his relationships are the same, so it will also depend on how good he is in the relationship and what the person he is with is like.

Taurus: 45%

Being romantic is not something that goes with Taurus. We are not saying that they are not, but that it is not their most characteristic feature. They may have details with their partner, but they stand out for other qualities such as commitment, loyalty, and responsibility. Sometimes, we just have to show them what we like and they will adapt to the relationship. And, therefore, being more romantic if this is something that makes your partner happy.

Gemini: 65%

Geminis are very flexible people when it comes to romantic relationships and is always looking for a special person to share their life with. They are very practical people, so before starting a relationship, they think twice. Of course, once they have it, for them it will be a relationship for life. They are people who have their point of romanticism, but they also stand out for being funny and generous.

Cancer: 70%

Cancers are people who may seem cold, but nothing is further from the truth. Once they have found her partner, they are people who do not have a hard time having details with her. Although life always brings a routine to our day to day, Cancers always remember special dates. Also, if they see us in a low mood, they will always look for the smallest detail to make us feel good.

Leo: 75%

Leos are very self-confident people and always have things to do. They are always active and this can lead you to believe that they are not romantic at all. That is not like that. There is no one better than a Leo to combine these two characteristics. They are practical, but they also know how to surprise their partner when they propose.

Virgo: 80%

Virgo natives are very romantic people and they give everything for the relationship. They are people who always think of others before themselves and this means that they always have details with others. And, even more, with their partners. Moonlight dinners, a letter on your birthday, a special dinner on your anniversary… Virgos will always surprise you in this regard.

Libra: 35%

Libra has very good qualities, but romanticism is not one of them. They are people who are always thinking about things and are afraid of doing something that could go wrong. They are people who do want to do things, but they are always assailed by doubts about whether it will be the best, if they will like it, if they will not like it, etc. Therefore, despite the fact that they can surprise us from time to time, they are not the most romantic of the Zodiac.

Scorpio: 42%

Scorpios can be romantic but at times. The truth is that romanticism in Scorpios has to come out of them and they will do what they think is best. For example, Scorpios will surprise you with something on Valentine’s Day, but it will be with small detail. Something to fulfill. On the other hand, when they really feel like it or on dates that are important to them, they will not hesitate to put the dining room full of candles and prepare an impressive dinner for their partners.

Sagittarius: 76%

Sagittarius is one of the signs that do like to have details with their partner and do not need special days for it. They can surprise you today as much as tomorrow. It is true that they may not do anything on a specific date because of their beliefs or values, but they will always surprise you when you least expect it.

Capricorn: 95%

One of the most romantic of the zodiac is the Capricorn and that is that they have no rival. They are people who carry romanticism in their veins and show it day by day. A message in the morning, a good night message or a few emoticons is something we can expect from them almost every day. In addition, the dates indicated they always know how to put on something big. They are people for whom the couple comes first and they show it every day.

Aquarius: 65%

Aquarians, go according to the partner they have. That is, they will be romantic when they are sure that the person they are with is the right one and if this is a characteristic that their partner values. You can’t just ask an Aquarius to be romantic. It is something that they carry inside, but that they only show to those who have already shown that they want to always be by their side.

Pisces: 57%

It’s not that Pisces isn’t romantic, because it isn’t. Not that he’s very good with dates, though. Pisces partners should have a little patience with them. They will be romantic and will always think about the well-being of their partners, but there are things that they forget and dates are one of them. However, when it comes to everyday life, Pisces can surprise you when you least expect it.

As you can see, each of the signs of the Zodiac has its degree of romanticism and, in some way, we are all romantics. It is about knowing how to know our partner and understanding the relationship we have with her. Do not demand more than each one can offer and always give what we would like to receive.


How Romantic You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

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