How Much The Moon Affects You According To Your Sign

How Much The Moon Affects You According To Your Sign

The energy of the Moon changes several times a month, it is one of the stars that most influences us and the planet, as we can see on a physical level in the tides. The different phases, the signs through which it passes, or more exceptional moments such as eclipses mean that each day we have different energy available than the day before. And therefore it is a hope for change and renewal. How much does the Moon affect you according to your sign?

We all feel the effects of the Moon to a greater or lesser extent, they are closely related to our moods, our emotional world and our closest relationships. In addition, our Moon sign tells us about our entire childhood world and out of consciousness, about our most spontaneous emotions, that is why it is very important to know it. Next we focus on telling you how the Moon feels according to your sun sign, you just have to keep reading.


Being a fire sign, Aries, your relationship with the Moon can sometimes be a bit conflictive. You don’t usually feel comfortable when it brings you moments where you have to enter your emotional world, and in the end you end up exploding in the most damaging way. However, the energy of the Moon has something to connect with the most childish self that attracts you, makes you feel at home and allows you to rest a little from your rhythm of life. In addition, it will be very useful to know how energy changes in the different phases and signs to take advantage of it in your projects. It will help you boost yourself and make the best of every moment. Don’t panic if you feel a bit lunatic on a Full Moon. That energy coupled with yours of fire can be explosive.


You feel the Moon in a very peculiar way, you like it to put you in contact with your most emotional side, but sometimes so much vulnerability can be a bit exasperating. As an earth sign, it is good for you to be watered from time to time by the energy of the Moon, the bad thing is when you are in delicate moments and you do not want to start removing everything you have been keeping inside. But that well-channeled energy can help you bring out your most artistic side, more intuitive and with better taste. Above all, it is convenient for you to be attentive to the New Moons, which give you the possibility of cleaning your heart little by little, so that it does not accumulate.


The Moon, Gemini, is a mystery to you, because it tells you about things that you are not very willing to look at. And also many times it gets on your nerves and you don’t know why … Especially the Full Moon. You are a sign that is already changeable, and the energy of the Moon tends to disperse you even more and even if you feel comfortable changing like the Moon, it would be good for you to keep a journal and observe how you feel each day in each phase. And reflect on what could help you. In addition, the Moon leads us to meet our most emotional world, which you sometimes overlook, or do not give importance to. But do you know that when you touch it it really hurts, Gemini, because you are great putting your head into this, but sometimes you just have to feel. And feeling means giving a little space to painful things that have happened, look them in the face without rationalizing them too much. Simply so that they heal.


Cancer, you are the sign most connected to the Moon, she is your ruler and therefore you feel every change, even if it is very subtle. This leads you to relate in a very special way with your emotional world and that of others, but also to suffer the weekly ups and downs that would drive other signs crazy. That is why we recommend that you be attentive to the phases and signs that it passes through, that you keep a diary and discover how it affects you personally in order to get to know yourself better. This can help you do your best. It can seem overwhelming to be changeable like the Moon, but it also opens up a world of possibilities for you if you know how to harness the energy of each phase. You are sensitive and strong at the same time Cancer. You have a great lunar intuition and something mysterious that you fall in love with.


For you Leo, who is a sign ruled by the Sun, the Moon brings you quite uncomfortable situations. You like to shine and live out, the social moments without many complications. But the Moon asks you to look within, to face what you feel, and to take charge of your inner child. He asks you for an intimacy in which you do not always feel comfortable. And this happens every month, in all there are stages governed by our satellite. That is why it is good for you to observe yourself and see how the different phases and the signs through which it passes feel you, because when you go through signs like Scorpio, such dramatic emotionality can get out of hand and make you feel without tools to face it. The Full Moon can make you nervous Leo, and that it is more difficult to rest, keep that in mind.


The Moon can help you a lot to heal what was stuck at some point, all painful experiences, because there is no one better than you to put your head and intelligence to what the Moon can make you see. She brings your emotions to light and you take care of managing them. Of course, you need to give yourself permission for that, which is exactly what sometimes slows you down. You don’t want to see them. For you Virgo, the Moon suits you because you are more than ready to feel, even if you think not. Just be attentive to the phases and the sign that passes so that you are not caught by surprise. You are very attentive and meticulous to realize how much it affects you, so you can harness the energies to your benefit.


You have a hard time understanding the people who are most influenced by the Moon, Libra. It is not that you feel very uncomfortable, although sometimes you wish you did not have any ups and downs, rather the signs that are affected a little more are too emotional for you. And this also causes that you do not want to enter the energy that the Moon often brings you and that invites you to enter a little more inside yourself, see what is inside you and take charge of what you really feel. Because even if you really like to be in balance, sometimes you have to break it in order to move forward. To clear past pain or to give the opportunity to new feelings.


The Moon can many times with you, Scorpio. You feel it a lot and also in a slightly unpleasant way at times. You tend to go on the more dramatic side, and although the Moon does not want that, you do not always know how to channel it in another way. The mood super emotional in which the Moon can put you in phases like the New, or the drastic changes of eclipses are a sample of your relationship with it. In addition, it makes you contact your darker side, with your hidden face and with the past experiences that you would rather forget. All this together makes your relationship with the Moon not very comfortable, and it may be useful to observe how you react at certain times of the month, noting the phase and the sign through which it passes, in order to better cope with these energy changes and being able to use them to your advantage instead of being dragged down by them.


Sagi, with the changes of the Moon you feel a little dizzy, that is, sometimes they stir you up too much, but being you a sign that always looks for a way to learn about things, you do not get along very badly with the Moon. You use its energy without feeling like you are coming down when it brings you extra excitement or intimacy. It is true that you would prefer to always live to the fullest, without having to look at sudden feelings or accentuated by a New Moon, but if they come you know that it is to show you something that you have to look at. Being able to observe how you feel in each phase of the Moon and write it down in a journal could help you a lot to get to know yourself better and better understand why the Moon was so important to ancient cultures.


Capri, the ups and downs caused by the Moon are not comfortable for you at all, what’s more, you despair of the people who are so affected by them. Because you try to turn your back on them and pretend nothing is wrong. The problem is that Capri does happen, you have to take charge of your emotions and understand that there are cycles in life, that one day you can be full and the next you may need a break, nothing happens. You don’t like having to deal with that New Moon energy that stirs you inside every month and brings out all the emotions that you have not wanted to acknowledge. But Capri, if you learn to see the Moon as a growth tool and learn to take advantage of cycles, you can be much better in everything you set out to do. It is important for business, to plan goals and even to know when to cut your hair, so keep an eye on the phases and signs to know what energies are available. And give yourself the pleasure of paying attention from time to time to everything you carry inside, you have to clean that little heart of yours of harmful things that you have kept locked.


Aquarius, the Moon makes you connect with your emotional world and that, in general, is not pleasant for you. The ups and downs caused by the Moon and having to look at your face, even in dreams, feelings that you thought were buried, you don’t like it at all. You always try to have a more objective view of things and not get too carried away by what you feel, but more by your head, but the Moon comes and reminds you that you are a human being, with many lived experiences that need to be processed. So in the end, at certain times of the month, you become more irritable than usual, and you try to pretend nothing is wrong until everything you hide explodes in your face. Therefore, Aquarius, it is better that you go little by little, with love for yourself, giving space to what the Moon opens for you, which is sometimes painful,


Pisces, you move like a fish in water with the energies that the Moon is marking. It is true that sometimes they take you too deep or out of reality. And this is where the danger is, you have to be careful to put some reasoning into what happens to you at different times of the month and year. You have the ability to feel this Lunar weather and use it to your advantage. But first you should learn how it moves, what energies are available and how they affect you. And above all, do not let yourself be blindly carried away at certain moments with more energy, but prepare yourself, be attentive to what is moving, what is awakening in you and how you want to act based on this. With a little awareness, all the changes that the Moon proposes to you will be very favorable.


How Much The Moon Affects You According To Your Sign

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