How Every Sign Will Humble You If You Go Out Of The Line

Go Out Of The Line

How Every Sign Will Humble You If You Go Out Of The Line

Everyone, absolutely everyone, has patience. But, there are limits that cannot be tolerated to lines that must be respected. However, let’s not fool ourselves: there are those who seem to have been born just to touch our noses and complicate our lives. How often have we made things clear and trusted someone and they have ended up happening? Even, coming to destroy, or negatively influence, our self-esteem and personal image. Well, every action has its reaction. And the signs know very well how to humiliate those who want to destroy them. How will each sign reduce you if you cross the line?


When Aries reaches its boiling point and explodes, it will use all its (black) sense of humor to destroy your good image. And for that matter, with your new partner, if you leave him for someone else or dare to cheat on him. He will not hesitate to air all those “problems” that you had as a couple and he will know very well how to turn everyone else against you. Better leave Aries alone if you want your dirty laundry to stay at home. 


Taurus’s intelligence, its values ​​, and its principles are its main weapon. Taurus will tear you apart through education: he’s going to send you to hell, and he’s going to destroy your reputation. But, he will do it so methodically, you won’t even notice. In fact, he even will seem to you that he does nothing. However, at the slightest opportunity, he will return it to you. The Taurus advantage? That he knows he shouldn’t run. Life always brings him the opportunity for revenge and he knows how to take advantage of it very, very well. 


Dialectic, without a doubt, is Gemini’s best asset and he will make it work fully if you get smart with him. Geminis have a lot of talks, don’t forget that. And, with a few truths and a little extra sauce from him, he’ll turn everyone against you without you even realizing it. One fine day you will wake up and your friends will be gone. Geminis are brilliant at turning the tables. 


Cancer, spiteful or messed off, puts on some show scenes. Not a single one is silent or ashamed. Do not be surprised if he shows up at your house, work,s or in this place where you meet with friends and puts on one of his “stages”. He’s going to blurt out everything, he’s going to give details of your “darkest way”, of everything you’ve done to him and he’s going to expose you so much in public that you’re going to feel that everyone else suddenly doesn’t like you. You will never be able to return to this place. We assure you. 


With good stone, you have gone to give. If you have humiliated a Leo, or have tried, you can start preparing. Leo has such power that he will take everything that is important to you. He knows where it hurts and he won’t hesitate to use it to his advantage. The King is going to tear you apart so fast you won’t even see it coming. If you have tried to hurt a Leo, you better run, because whoever can make you pay dearly does not care if he has to touch your job, your family, or strip you of all your friends.


Virgo… You have to be careful with Virgo. Perhaps it is not one of the most vengeful signs of the Zodiac nor the most “bad”, but it has it soon. Be careful if you have humiliated a Virgo, because he will suffer first, but when he gets up… he will make a fool of you in front of the whole world, if he has to pull strings to get you fired from work, he will. If he can emotionally tear you apart, he won’t hesitate or think twice. You have gone to mess with one of the most intelligent signs of the Zodiac and this is going to be expensive for you. 


When humiliating a Libra, one must tread carefully. Although he is not vengeful and does not usually attack for the sake of attacking, he does have a great asset in his favor. Diplomacy. A Libra, if he wants to, uses the sides of coins to his advantage. What do we want to tell you about this? Well, without you realizing it, what was white in your life today will be black tomorrow without you even knowing where it comes from. If you have friends in common, you can now forget about them. Libra, with their balance and sense of justice, will know how to do it so that everyone ends up taking their side. Your humiliation? Being left alone and exposed to everyone.


Oh my gosh! Have you dared to humiliate a Scorpio? Well, you’re going to have a very bad time. Scorpio does not mince words. He’s not one to make a scene with you, or he’s going to get jealous. Nothing of this. Maybe you won’t hear from him in a few days or months. But don’t sleep so easily. You have not gotten away with it: he is planning, step by step, how to destroy you. While you think you’ve won, Scorpio is analyzing his resources, yours, your weaknesses and strengths, his ability to kill you, and what you adore the most. And when he has set up the war plan, he will appear like a whirlwind in your life. You won’t see it come, you won’t see it go. You’re only going to see a gale that has taken what you loved most. 


Sagi, don’t humiliate. Let life do it for him. But what is the matter with Sagi? Just living his life is punishment enough for you. You will have humiliated him, true. You will have hurt him, right? But his lack of reaction, living life to the fullest, and everything he does will upset you to the core. He knows what makes you sick and he will do it in front of you. He will live his life so long and well that others will realize who the problem was. You will never, ever feel whole again once Sagi is done with you. 


A Capricorn is very intelligent and dominates emotions. As much as you do, Capri, you can’t even react. This is what you want and he’s not going to give it to you. Now, he’s analyzing you. He is seeing what you do, how you do it, what is your life, where you are going, and what you need. It will give you time to achieve your ends and when you have achieved it, it will take everything away from you. Capri can be a great strategist, don’t forget about it and if you’ve hurt him, either run away without a trace or better not lose sight of him too much. 


Aquarius goes with everything. They are usually relatively calm people, they live their life and are very humanitarian. Now, they have their limits. Have you crossed the line? Well, run, because you’re going to pay for it and more than that. Everything you have achieved with their help, you will lose. He will expose the situation publicly and seek allies to end you and your reputation. Also, be careful, he will do it so well and so planned that you will not have any weapon with which to hit him back. You have been warned: Aquarius is much more than it may seem at first glance, so be careful with spending time with him. 


Despite being a hopeless romantic, Pisces is also a great organizer. Pisces knows that they cannot attack hotly because they are going to beat them: they are very affectionate and attentive, and this way of acting would hurt them more than it would hurt you. No friend, no. Pisces will take the time for him. He will seek support and then he will ignore you so much that you will not even know if you were born. Keep in mind that Pisces just need to withdraw your attention from him so that you already feel bad. But, in addition, he will plan the way in which you are going to need him, or in which you are going to see each other again. And it will be at this moment, that he will bring out all the colors. And, he will do it so politely, that even you will be ashamed of what you have done. Remember: as much as you want to run away from this situation, Pisces has everything planned so that you have no way out until he has done what he wanted with you.

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