How Every Sign Says Goodbye When You Lose A Loved One

How Every Sign Says Goodbye When You Lose A Loved One

There are pains that never go away, they remain in the depths of your soul like a sore that you only have to caress for them to return to the beginning. They become a lump in the throat, that sensation in the chest that does not let you breathe, contained tears and desperate desire to scream. Still life teaches you that there is no more, that you have to look up and continue, smile with a bitter taste. Here’s how each sign says goodbye when it loses a loved one: 


Firing someone you love is extremely painful for you. Because you are fire, you are the one who has no need to pretend and the pain is noticeable in every pore. Your sad soul advances with anger and frustration, it is as if it were a nightmare , that is what you wish and the negativity is present, it bothers you that people are not empathetic, that they do not understand what you are going through. That’s when you don’t understand reasons, when your emotions cloud you and you walk away. You need time alone, you need to heal and get away from people who only approach you out of curiosity.


It is difficult for Taurus to say goodbye because generally he has everything under control, between routine and his plans, he forgets that life is like that. That everything changes overnight and that it is not safe to see the people we love again. Taurus takes refuge in people who have always shown loyalty to him, that emotional support that is capable of making him feel that everything is fine. You are very hugging, physical contact is the way that your soul gradually recovers. You know you will have to deal with it forever.


Geminis are one of those who suffer the most when someone they love loses their life, because they are not one of those who spend their lives showing their affection. However, when someone is important they go out of their way to give them their undivided attention. Gemini is very resilient, he has overcome very hard battles since he came to this world,but he needs not to hear from anyone for a long time to be able to embrace his wound. He is the one who feels overwhelmed with so much attention, wants to mourn and be respected, then he will try to make everything go back to the way it was before.


The most emotional sign of the zodiac, the one that can break from one second to another, when it has no stability. He is the one who protects, who loves, who does not let go of you and, therefore, suffers a lot when he loses a loved one. Suddenly, they may feel guilty, even if they are not, but it takes a long time to assimilate that things will not go back to the way they were before. Cancer can fall into a deep depression, it may not even show and hide all that pain behind a smile, because somehow life has forced them to be strong, just don’t walk away in case they need you.


Leo has a hard time dealing with a goodbye, he is one of the people who are doing one thing or the other all the time and that can make them lose a bit of reality. News like this shakes the world from head to toe, its brightness fades for a long time and there comes a time when they can no longer pretend that nothing is wrong. The moment when they break down and their emotions are captured in unstoppable crying. Leo mourns his deceased even after years, sometimes, because he misses them, sometimes, because he wanted to share an achievement with them.


As perfectionist, meticulous and thoughtful as Virgo is , there comes a point where things get out of hand. It is a sign that always sticks to logic, rarely does it let its vulnerable side show up. However, as much as you try to understand the why of things, you can end up with a huge depression for hiding what you really feel. It is possible that Virgo is going through very hard times and does not say it, but it shows in how opaque his soul has been since then. Virgo is strong, but the heart does not understand the last goodbye.


Libra is the one who honors his deceased, who has no problem turning to the sky and smiling at them. He is the one who may one day the tears find him halfway, because he misses that person and would like to feel him at that moment, but he is also the one who appreciates all the moments lived. When someone you love loses their life, they need a good time to process it, to go from denial to resignation, do not expect it to be overnight. Libra is an accumulation of emotions, do not try to pressure their grief.


Scorpio is such a noble soul that he is able to swallow his pain so that the rest do not suffer. He is the one who hides sadness in laughter, memories and those unexpected jokes. This is how you protect yourself from the loss of a loved one, it is hard for you to lower your guard, because you are always the strongest of those around you. Your heart is so big, it can be in pieces and you still wipe someone else’s tears away. Scorpio is one of the strongest signs, but sometimes you just need to cry yourself to sleep and breathe to make everything better.


Sagittarius is the one who needs a break when saying goodbye to a loved one. The impact is so strong that his life changes completely. That’s when your usual joy dies down, you put your hobbies aside, and you want a haven. It relies heavily on nature to let the wound heal little by little. Don’t you dare say that a Sagittarius does not care if he goes on a trip, he is not celebrating, there is so much pain that runs away, he wants to regain the desire to move on and assimilate that that person will no longer be there.


Capricorn is one of the most resilient signs of the zodiac, he is the one who prefers to keep his vulnerable side and draw a smile on his face, although the pain is eating at his soul. He is the one who sinks in his list of activities, he wants time to fly by , so work becomes his best anesthesia. However, there comes a time when your mind can’t take it anymore. In which you have to face your thoughts, what your heart hides and that’s when the memories take your breath away. It’s hard for him to say goodbye.


Aquarius may seem the most distant sign of the zodiac, but in reality it is one of the most sensitive, only that few people get to know that vulnerable side. When it is time to say goodbye to a loved one, your heart breaks into pieces,it moves further away and although it may appear that nothing is happening, inside it no longer can. He prays that it is a nightmare and he just wants to evade reality, he is not ready to say goodbye, he needs a lot of time.


Pisces is the one who is fragmented physically, mentally and emotionally, when he loses a loved one. It seems that the tears are endless, he misses the person and clings to his memories. What he liked, what he listened to, what he ate. It is the sweet way that honors those who have already left, huddles in sadness and silence. He would give anything for the pain to disappear, but there comes a time when he understands that there is no more, that he has to learn to live with that emptiness and that desperate desire to go out and find the person.


How Every Sign Says Goodbye When You Lose A Loved One

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