How Every Sign Is Taken Revenge

On the issue of revenge, let the first stone be thrown by whoever has not ever fallen in taking a certain revenge with whoever has done something wrong to him. Although there will be differences between those who do not sleep planning what they are going to do and others who enjoy imagining revenge but then never do anything. And there will be those who pass directly and it does not compensate them to move a finger (because it does not come out or due to lack of time, who knows) …


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Aries revenge is not the kind that is served cold. His planet Mars makes him warrior and vengeful but also fast, in the moment, and while he is hot. No long-term planning. And it is not that he does not want to, it is that sometimes, his agitated character makes him change his mind, or that he does not have too much time and in the end, the matter gets cold to the point of happening all. That does not mean that you forget … The Arian temperament is “here I catch you and here I kill you” when it comes to revenge, well actually as in so many things in his life. Luckily, sometimes he “can’t” do what he wants at the moment, because Aries would still have problems …

Many do not know the atrocities that can go through the head of the ram at that moment, and it is better that they do not even know. It must also be remembered that his revenge is also to the face. Nothing to throw the stone and hide the hand. If Aries takes revenge, it will be in the moment, if not, you may have saved yourself, it may … Or it may be that it is doing something more interesting and that in the end it will return, to finish what it started …


Taurus is vindictive but it doesn’t seem like it at first glance. He is always seen so peaceful that it seems impossible that he wants to take so much trouble going to annoy someone who has lost up some good, who has lost him up… But don’t be fooled. Taurus keeps track of the revenges to be carried out, and there are quite a few. What you do is take your time to carry them out. After the revenge, he remains calm and is able to behave as if nothing. For those who want to avoid their revenge, beware of doing something bad to him. It is very simple.

Taurus is a very skilled and silent enemy. And enemies like that, better away. Better to have him as a friend. It is the easiest, the healthiest, the best. Because Taurus does not forget, but also does not forget anything, and forgive? It will be difficult for him to do it, it has to see that there is really a sincere regret and that you have also done everything to make me apologize. Good, everything is perfect, bad, no … With Taurus mistakes are paid, sooner or later.


The twins are a bit confusing when it comes to knowing if they are vindictive. Because they are more of thought than of action. They can think of the worst of hot revenge, and when push comes to shove, move on. Equally, they can take revenge for a foolish thing, and yet, something that offends the majority and for which they would take revenge, they do not care about anything.

Many of the Gemini confrontations and the possible revenge they generate take place because Geminis is very provocative and then does not know how to end the dispute. But let’s not forget that if someone really hurt him and also with bad intention, Gemini’s revenge can be dangerous, because his mind is brilliant, and he will not be aggressive at all, he will not use the way of physical force. Gemini will bring out all their arsenal of mental, communication and intellectual abilities. Let whoever be prepared to suffer public derision when I attack him with words. But with Gemini in reality, you never know … So the best thing is not to push your luck …


Cancer tends to resentment easily and there it chews many of its revenge. Those who know him well know it and therefore avoid entering the Cancer blacklist in any case. And it is that the crab knows well how to take revenge on who has done something wrong. As he empathizes a lot with people, he knows the staff well and when it comes to being against him, he has an advantage in knowing what lost up the aforementioned.

Although he gets damn off fast, he takes a long time to get revenge on someone, that is, you have had to lost the crab a lot for him to actually want something truly horrible for you, he has a lot of stamina for everything, more than sometimes he should. And also, the good thing about Cancer is that it has a big and always open heart. So whoever has done something wrong to him and wants to avoid seeing him upset, can do so by touching that heart and asking for mercy. And if you do not avoid it at the moment, the same in a while. But we recommend to insist. Sooner or later, if you really do it, he will end up putting aside that terrible urge he has to hit you with a stick.


Because of his huge ego, Leo takes offenses very personally. And maybe something disproportionate at times, but hey, it’s also how you catch him … For something very serious he can endure and even laugh and suddenly for any nonsense that has been said at a bad time he can explode. And when Leo explodes, he goes into explosion mode and whoever gets ready. Of course, if the culprit shows repentance, submission and the promise that he will never repeat it again, Leo will forgive him, even if he does not forget it.

Let’s say that Leo takes revenge with whom he really deserves it, with whom he does not regret his mistakes, with whom he plays too much c ** ones go … But the heart of the lion or the lioness is big in the end, and can get to forgive, yes, what I would never forgive is that they hurt any of their own, that does not happen, and others, there is no appeal that is worth, you are going to pay. If you really want to stop Leo’s revenge, the best thing is that you ask for forgiveness not once if not a thousand times, and that you show, with facts that you regret everything you could have done, what is more, that it is the worst thing you have done in your life. Leo’s anger will subside …


Virgo is vindictive, but he is stubborn. As you feel that someone has done something to you, hold on to it and want to be right. And of course, if someone has offended you, you deserve a punishment. Yes or yes. Well, warning for sailors: when Virgo is so stubborn, it is best to agree (within an order, of course). What has been doing the ball to him, recognizing that he is seldom wrong and that surely what he has seen, heard and felt is the pure truth and nothing more than the truth. With this Virgo calms down, feels in control and forgets about revenge.

But beware: you have to be quick to agree with him. If not, Virgo will go ahead with his revenge, which is usually quite harsh criticism against his enemy. And there will be no going back. And when Virgo starts, it doesn’t end, and his words can be as harsh as rocks. And if he has seen that the effect of those words on you has not been enough, he will return to the load with other things. What Virgo will want the most is that in the end, you acknowledge your mistake, ask for forgiveness, and almost walk away from where you came from. And also humiliated. That is his revenge.


As in the life of Libra it is essential to get along with everyone, when someone does something bad to him, first he tries to assimilate it, then to fix it. If it is not possible, Libra enters a spiral that it does not know how to manage well. Because his spirit is to fix everything for good. Since Libra is not a fighter, nor does he almost never have bad intentions, his way of revenge is by being cold and withdrawing the word from the other. Something easy, that comes out well and that, look where, perfects over the years. And there we have Libra passing from some people until they die. And that often hurts more than any physical revenge. The indifference.

It goes without saying that if they ask for forgiveness, Libra forgives immediately or perhaps in a couple of days, but also to say that if Libra has been lost well, he will apply justice by his hand, and, even if it is rarely in his life When you can’t take it anymore, and you feel like you have been trampled on, an overwhelming force will come from within you and will apply that tit for tat that is often so necessary and even just. And to be fair to Libra nobody beats him.


We have reached the vengeful sign par excellence. Hurting Scorpio, hurting his own or any kind of betrayal or disloyalty are the main reasons for him to pull out his stinger and do double the damage they did to him or her. There are those who say that Scorpio’s revenge lasts a lifetime. Well, they are not badly misguided. Come on, he is capable of not forgiving even before he dies. Let us leave it to him that it is difficult for him to forget and that he prefers to devise, plan and implement all kinds of revenge. Seeming even as if he enjoyed it. But it is not that. It is that Scorpio believes in karma and in himself as the executing hand. And whoever hurts, let him suffer. That he had thought about it before.

Scorpio will always want you and will do what you want or do but multiplied by 10, by 100 or by 1000. You will think that it is unfair, right? They are the charges to pay, if Scorpio takes revenge it is because he has suffered a lot. But it is also true that if you repent from the heart and Scorpio sees in your eyes that you really feel and everything that has happened hurts, the revenge plans may be prolonged. Because Scorpios do not like to fight or plot that type of plan with defenseless people, with people who are deep down on the verge of crying. But at the least you come upstairs again, it will remind you again that there is something you still have to pay for.


Sagittarius is vindictive, but come on, not the worst. Because this sign tries not to take anything personally. He tries, even if he doesn’t always succeed… If someone does something to him, he analyzes it and tries to avoid the bad consequences. Always by the good at the beginning. And if there is no choice, then we will have to take revenge, of course. How? At the moment, as a good sign of fire that it is, it can be dramatic, it can release the worst and most hurtful words in the world, it will go to the wound, where it knows it hurts the most, and after opening it it will touch and touch it, knowing that will spend a few weeks bleeding. And after that, to something else butterfly.

Not in vain, the archer is to throw his arrows into the future and spend them shooting at a little problem that is left behind as he does not like it too much. But you also know that sometimes, it is necessary. If people strive to redeem themselves and also do it from the heart, they prefer to be forgiving and forgive, but of course, if they explain themselves well and convince them. And it won’t be as easy as you think.


Being proud helps to be vindictive and with Capricorn we have one of the best examples. Be careful about doing something to the goat because he takes it very seriously and his revenge is very destructive. How? Well, releasing through his mouth even the smallest detail of the life of the accused in question to harm him. Which has been destroying your reputation.

Similarly, Capricorn finds it difficult to forgive, so the consequences of the damage done must be limited as soon as possible: ask for forgiveness, give him gifts, name him heir … anything goes. And before all that happens, take care not to gamble. It is the best. Believe us. Capricorn can plot revenge for years, because he does not forget, because he has enough patience to wait, because it is unfair that you do not try your own medicine when you give it to others. Nothing about that …


Aquarius does not waste time in momentary revenge, that is, it does not have that malice of other signs nor that impetuosity to do something at the time they have damaged it. Aquarius is not like that, but let’s not forget that he does not forget. He does not forget when there has been no forgiveness on the part of the one who has crushed him, he does not forget how he felt at that moment, he does not forget that you are an idiot.

And the years will pass, and although obviously he does not remember it every day (Aquarius does not live for those things), if something reminds him of that moment, he will remember it as if it were yesterday. And Aquarius believes that life puts each one sooner or later where he deserves, he truly trusts, and that is why he knows that revenge will come alone, at the least expected moment, life will put him face to face with the one who hurt him. , and it will give him the possibility so that in the end, Aquarius can take revenge, and when this happens, he may take it or he may not. But it will be up to you to decide. Of course, if on the contrary you apologize to Aquarius and pay what you deserve, there is no problem. NONE.


The proud Pisces has a hard time forgiving. His heart takes damage and abuse badly and consequently, revenge haunts him while he heals. Whatever you do to collect what has been stolen from you, Pisces’s intention is to make the other person feel awful. And when they end up forgiving, they don’t do it at all. A part of them, because of their pride, is still affected by the issue. Come on, the other is going to notice that they have not completely forgiven him.

Also, since Pisces is intuitive, people are very impressed with it and if there is something they do not like, they move away. It’s better to prevent than to cure. And many of his revenges remain in the end in his head, as a thought, as an idea. You have had a lot to do with the little fish, and sometimes, even if you deserve to be burned at the stake, Pisces will simply wander away, with its pain, elsewhere.


How Every Sign Is Taken Revenge

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