How Every Sign Breaks When Stressed

Breaks When Stressed

How Every Sign Breaks When Stressed

Each zodiac sign has a way of breaking down when stressed and each one also has a way of reacting that can throw the rest off a lot. There are those who fall short in their reactions and there are those who overreact. Here’s how each sign breaks down when stressed:


You scream you cry with rage, you curse everything at hand and you destroy everything in front of you. Aries, you are impulsive in person, and in this case, she is the one that controls you. It is the only moment in which you are not the owner of your actions, the only moment in which you really lose control of your actions, your words, and your thoughts…

When stress manages to burn you inside and you reach the point of “not being able to contain yourself anymore”, your emotions explode in unpredictable ways. You are passion, you are sincerity and you are STRENGTH all of that is magnified when you find yourself at a point of maximum anger with life. An Aries cannot be asked to calm down when he is on the edge of an emotional precipice, right? This way they add more fuel to your internal fire and you know it. When you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the last thing that should be required of you is calm, especially since that can end in a third world war. Blessings for the person who causes you such a dangerous state, because they can become your favorite punching bag.


You let your darker side control you. That’s the only time you truly lose control Taurus, the only time. You are a very very fair, wise, intelligent, and truly cunning person. But when you find yourself in a situation of maximum exhaustion and enormous emotional stress, it’s logical, you can’t control your most impulsive and dark self…

You can scream, you can spit painful words out of your mouth, you can hit the right spot, where it hurts the most, in the jugular, where you know you’ll really hurt… It’s obvious, you’re not going with any malice, you’re not one of those types of people But when you break emotionally you believe that the world is against you and the only thing you do. It’s defending yourself. As simple as that.

When something burns your throat, when something makes you completely break down, and when something really gets to you, you become very very stubborn and hard-headed and don’t come to your senses so easily. When you get scared, you get paralyzed. At that moment, you embrace your darker self and protect yourself from what you think is attacking you, it doesn’t matter. They attack you, and you attack. What they give you is what you will give. No more no less.


You say the first thing that comes to your mind, you speak without thinking, you explode in the biggest way possible and you don’t leave a single bit inside. You provoke conflictive situations because you don’t shut up even one. You’d rather be a person with a lot of impulsiveness and something abrasive than be a fake person and not say what you really feel, but you know what? That later, at night, you think a lot about what you’ve said… There are times when you even half regret many of your Gemini actions, and that’s because you have a perfect heart.

You are a very impulsive person when you are in a moment of maximum emotional stress, but then you reconsider and you feel bad when you know that there is someone who is having a hard time because of your actions…

But of course, it all depends on whether the other person is good or not, because you have a good heart, but you’re not an idiot. When you break down emotionally, you break down in a big way. You don’t know or want to have balance in that sense. The good thing about you is that surely after five minutes that will pass, but the moment of maximum explosion is really dangerous. Every man for himself when a Gemini really snaps and explodes.


How do you break down when something burns inside you, Cancer? How do you express your anger when something stresses you out too much? With you, of course, there is no pattern that can tell us exactly what you can or cannot do. Do you know why? Because you are incapable of being calm after the storm. You are the storm. Electric, magnetic, temperamental, and unpredictable. You can manifest diplomatically, sweetly, but then see something you don’t like, and do it with instability, in a cold way, going for the jugular…

The smartest option for you would be to count to 100 before you speak so you don’t get too hot and you won’t regret everything you can put out of your mouth after. But you are PASSION, IMPULSIVITY, AND INTENSITY and in your case, that is impossible.

Asking you to calm down is like asking a bird not to fly. Asking you for peace of mind is like asking a Cancer lemon tree for strawberries. You are a real-time bomb that needs to let go of everything that burns inside you. You are a real whirlwind of emotions, very unpredictable, but VERY abrasive Cancer. We wish good luck to the person who manages to make you lose your temper because he will need it. And you know.


you get irritated You get irritated again. You pay for it with the person in front of you, because you are like that, impulsive/or from the cradle. Without any kind of evil, that is clear, but you need to explode to be very, very comfortable. When there is something that makes you burn inside, you break, you hurt yourself / or Leo. You don’t just pay for it with others, because there, you do much more damage to yourself.

Not having control of the situation makes you very angry… You are fire, you are impetus, you are very passionate and very temperamental. If there is something that really hurts you and burns inside, you have to explode one way or another. Yes, or yes, you are not one of those people who let things go. You are not someone who forgets easily. You can’t look away and pretend you haven’t seen anything Leo, that would eat you up and kill you inside…

You let your most abrasive self hurt you and you stop taking care of yourself to hurt yourself, but beware, that doesn’t last your whole life. When you go through situations like this, you’re bad for a couple of days. It’s just a couple of blast days because you know how to get out of a mess better than anyone. And you know.


When you feel cornered and notice that there is something that really burns you inside, you bring out your most warrior self and make the world tremble. You make the most confident person in the world very scared. It’s true, you cause quite a bit of terror when you adopt your darker Virgo self. You don’t TOLERATE injustices, you can’t handle stressful situations, and you don’t allow someone unfair to win or something that hurts to get away with it. But you know what? This is the theory because in practice many times you are a much better person than you have to be.

At first, it causes fear, but deep down, they have played with you many times because of your good heart. That’s right, it’s amazing, right? And that’s what really burns you inside. You hate to see how you have been used, you pay for it with everyone. But in reality, you pay much more for yourself.

You hurt yourself more than others. You punish yourself much more than others. You don’t defend yourself by releasing the biggest thing through your mouth, Virgo, on the contrary, you immerse yourself in yourself and in your thoughts. It is very difficult to enter your head, your mind, and your heart…


Silently. Very quietly Libra. When you break inside because of a very stressful situation, you shut up, you keep it, you don’t say anything, you hurt yourself, a lot of damage… When you have that feeling of having a lump in your throat that burns you, that burns you, that It doesn’t even let you breathe, you don’t have to say anything, because it shows in the brightness of your eyes. Even if you don’t know it, you are a very expressive person and whoever knows you well will know what really happens to you the second.

Instead of taking out your frustration on others, you do it on yourself. Although sometimes you also pay for it with the people you love the most, that’s true, you become a very dark Libra who has no mercy in saying things. You know. But usually, the one who really hurts is your Libra heart. You stop wanting to do things. You become more passive / or with life.

You don’t want anything more than to sleep, eat, sofa, blanket and sometimes, not even that… but you know what? That there is always something that makes you see life in a different way and that makes you reborn Libra. Your mind is very powerful, and just as it makes you think badly, it makes you reborn and stronger than ever.


Your intelligence leads you to find the best solution to cure your anger, but your impulsiveness and your temper break it and make you explode without remedy. When you are in a stressful situation, or at some point in which you feel that everything is going wrong for you, be careful, because it can be quite dangerous for you. For everyone else? Maybe too. Many times you have paid with others for the problems that were only yours, but in truth, you do much more damage to yourself than to your people, Scorpio…

When you burn out when you can’t take it anymore, when you need a break and you don’t have it, and when you’re on the brink of an emotional collapse, you need peace. You need NOT be told, “everything will be fine, calm down”. You don’t need anyone’s help, you don’t want to listen either, you just want to be alone, with your mind, meditate and really feel what you have to do. You are a very very intuitive person and in these cases, you trust your sixth sense much more than the advice that a good helping hand can give you. When you feel that way, you don’t trust anyone, not even your shadow… You know it, we know it and I know it.


When you are in a situation of maximum stress, be careful, because your sanity can be a double-edged sword. There is nothing more dangerous than being in front of you in absolute silence when you feel that there is a knot in your throat that burns you and does not let you move forward. That’s right, you keep quiet, and that in you is very, very worrying. You are one of the most talkative people on earth, and the fact that you have become the most reserved person in the world is more than worrying. That means something is wrong. There is the key. That is the trigger… You know it.

When you’re like this, you need to escape. You need to travel. You need to get away from everything that usually surrounds you. You don’t want to talk to your people, not for anything in particular, but because at that moment it’s the last thing you want.

Your more adventurous self comes out and wants to go far, far away. And no, it’s not that you run away from your Sagittarius problems, because when you come back you will face them, but you need that spiritual retreat. For your good, for your peace of mind, and because a free soul cannot be asked to stay at home and lock himself up forever. As simple as that.


You shut up. You carry it in the most absolute privacy. When there is something that really stresses you a lot and burns you inside, you don’t tell it the first time, or the second time… Directly, you swallow it and manage it yourself. You punish yourself a lot, Capricorn, you assume that your problems are only yours because, in reality, you don’t trust people much. You are afraid that speaking is a double-edged sword.

You are afraid to tell what you really feel in case you tell someone, who can use it against you in the future. You distrust even your shadow, it is the truth, but it is what it is, you have always been like this… How can it be that you always expect the worst from others? Very easy, because that way the disappointment is smaller. If you don’t have high expectations and then if it turns out to be the opposite, it hurts less. It’s a pretty smart Capricorn strategy, but not very good for your heart. and you know.

A miracle, a lot of luck, and some magic are what it takes for you to express yourself with total clarity and without fear. Seriously, for you to let go of everything, everything, everything, it takes much more than that.


When you feel that everything is going wrong for you, you burn a lot, Aquarius. When you are in situations of extreme stress, you get completely out of place, to the point of not knowing where to go, what to do, who to count on, or which path to take… It is true, this only lasts a few seconds, because you are very intelligent and you always know how to get out unharmed / or from all the conflicts that come your way, but that stretch of the maximum emotional storm you pass yes or yes.

First, you shut up, you let it go, you make the nights horrible because you don’t sleep, your mind goes round and round… You don’t like to cause trouble and you take on your problems alone. You punish yourself a lot in that sense… You want to talk about it with someone, but there are times when you don’t even trust your shadow. You want to get out of that emotional loop alone, but you realize that you need a good friend. You let off steam with someone, you see life differently and that’s when your chip changes. That’s when your most WARRIOR Aquarius comes to light and you know what? that it is very difficult to surpass yourself in that sense, Aquarius, because seeing you reborn from your ashes is a true work of art.


You cry out of rage. You curse everything. You don’t want to see anyone. You lock yourself in your room and put on music to accompany your anger. You cry again, but this is timeless. You’re dying to talk to someone to get it off your chest. You do and that’s when you see things differently. When you go through very stressful situations you have a hard time. But when you notice that this is getting out of hand and that the lump in your throat burns and doesn’t let you sleep at night, you become a very, very negative person and you want your people to find out one way or another.

You pay it with yourself, your family, your friends, and even with people who have nothing to do with it. But you do that when you’re hot because when you think coldly and it calms you down, you’re the first person to ask for forgiveness and to see things from a much different perspective.

There are times when you are delusional and you become a very paranoid person. You think badly of everyone and you think that everyone is against you. But that may be something that comes from your insecurities. You know perfectly well that these are mini episodes of maximum fear that vanish when you talk to someone, who really knows how to open your eyes, Pisces.

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