Horoscope: According To The Zodiac Signs – How Many Children Will I Have?

Big family, only child or childless? We’ll tell you how many children you will have according to your zodiac sign!

Not only do the tides and the mating behavior of entire animal species depend on the stars and moon phases – no, the stars also say a lot about our own reproduction. Whether you have a large family, an only child or have no children, we will tell you how many children you will have according to your zodiac sign!

According to the zodiac sign: ideally, you will have that many children

Just click through the picture gallery and find out how many kids you will have.

Aries Aries are made for a big family! With their self-confident and active nature, they get along with a large number of children without being overwhelmed or losing their nerve. The best number of children for her: three to four.

Taurus are very patient and down to earth – this is also reflected in the upbringing of their children. People with this zodiac sign will have two children and then be perfectly occupied.

Twins have what it takes to be the perfect twin mom! As inquisitive and curious people, they put all their energy into the development of their children and thus have enough love for several kids. It is likely that they will have two or three little kids.

Cancer Cancers are born mothers! The mother instinct is put into their cradle. They love spending time with their family and creating a beautiful home for them. So that you can fully concentrate on your offspring, two children with a large age difference are perfect for you.

Leo Lions are full of vitality and energy. The drawback: You are in love with being in love and not exactly a fan of committing yourself. But if the Leo lady really loves, then she is ready to give everything and have offspring. The best child number for the zodiac sign Leo is one.

Virgo Virgos are very good at organizing. Many children could mess up their structured and precisely planned everyday life. Either they don’t have children or they have a single one.

Libra are very balanced and are not easily disturbed. The perfect basic requirement for a large family. Those born in Libra will have three to six children.

Scorpio Scorpios are very peculiar and like their rest. They like to choose their company themselves, which means that they are not necessarily the greatest family people. Either they have no children or they have an only child to whom they give all their love.

Sagittarius, as true free spirits, are addicted to adventure – they often find it difficult to settle down. Therefore, they do not have a desire to have children at first. But should it come to that (unplanned of course), they are the coolest mothers ever. And once started, the crowd can always expand.

Capricorn The character of the Capricorn is particularly characterized by ambition and hard work. They usually focus on their own career first before investing time in planning their children. Even so, children are not excluded. This zodiac sign will have one or two children.

Aquarius are especially freedom-loving zodiac signs. Therefore, many people with this zodiac sign choose not to have children. Otherwise, with a child, they will find the perfect balance between motherhood and their own projects.

Pisces are incredibly sensitive and loving people. Your greatest happiness is to lead your children through life full of love and creativity – the more children they have, the better.

Horoscope: According To The Zodiac Signs - How Many Children Will I Have?

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