If you were lucky enough to be born under a Virgo sun (or if you have a Virgo in your chart), then you will understand the interesting fate of being born Virgo.

Virgos are highly skilled, highly organized, hardworking and efficient. These are the people you want to hire because they will always work hard and do a great job, and people like them very much. However, as fate willed it, sometimes they cannot see their own worth, and as a result, they are often taken advantage of in the workplace. They expect everyone to work as hard as they do, but they usually don’t. This can cause a lot of anxiety as overwork leads to overall dissatisfaction in life and can make a person very anxious. Virgos are very prone to burnout if they don’t control it.

Virgos are also most commonly known to suffer from social anxiety, generalized anxiety, phobias, and OCD. They can be extremely picky about the way things are, and they can sometimes have a hard time seeing things from other perspectives due to their natural tendency to be rigid.

Virgos usually suffer from stomach or digestive issues due to this anxious disposition and temperament. They may also have problems with their liver, which is governed by the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is in the same region as the stomach. It is responsible for self-confidence, and because of this, they may be prone to alcoholism or other addictions to mask their anxiety. They can also suffer from eating disorders and restrictive diets. Virgos are also typically found in codependent relationships.

However, due to suffering from so many of these illnesses and disorders, and due to their natural inclination to want to help people, Virgos are generally very drawn to the areas of healing and health, and once they do. they work on their own anxiety and lack of confidence, they can become some of the most powerful healers in the market.

If you are a Virgo, I recommend that you carry lavender with you at all times to promote calm. I would also recommend that you drink kombucha, do muscle building exercises, and get more protein in your diet to boost your confidence.


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