One of the reasons why Aries can be emotional is that it never slows down. They never stop long enough to process their feelings, so one day their emotions go wild. They may have trouble getting enough sleep, so their stress levels never recover. In addition, Aries can be reckless and not think about things before saying them, which can lead to emotional conflicts.


Fish don’t want other people to hurt themselves, so they tend to face problems that put their hearts at risk. They are too compassionate and kind to them. It doesn’t take them long to get too emotional and their feelings tend to overwhelm them every time. They tend to want to fix other people’s broken hearts and forget about their emotional troubles until they get so fat that they cannot be ignored.


There are times when Libra feels like a failure and fights for it. They logically know that they are not losers and that everyone makes mistakes, it’s just that they feel they should have done better or done something else. They may try to reduce their feelings, but they always emerge on the surface at the least opportune times.


On the surface, the Scorpion may not seem emotional, and if I ask him, he looks like he has his emotions under control. But the truth is that there are times when their feelings are out of control. The Scorpion is very passionate and intense, and sometimes it is fantastic, sometimes it is terrible. Their emotions can get so big and powerful that they take control of the Scorpion and things get scary. No one wants to get in the way when he has been injured or when he is seeking revenge.


Sagittarians like to present themselves as cold and controlled, but sometimes their emotions take over. They can feel good when suddenly something seems to break and they are angry or worried about things that didn’t bother them. Sometimes their impatience can trigger an explosion of anger or they may feel neglected and it hurts them. It is difficult to know what to do when Sagittarius experiences all the emotions because everything happens quickly.


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