February is the worst month for these three zodiac signs, and here’s how to deal with it

When Venus enters the sign of Pisces on February 10th and Mercury on February 17th and Aquarius’s transition to Pisces on February 18th will leave you confused. Plus, Aquarius season won’t end without a fight. A new moon is expected on February 15, as well as a partial solar eclipse. This is an interesting combination – Pisces will thrill the emotions, making you dreamy, while Aquarius wants you to become a person of action. This could lead to chaos, making February the worst month for these three signs: Taurus, Cancer and Sagittarius.

Taurus: do it or die

Taurus, you are climbing the corporate ladder. More responsibility means more work. On February 15th, however, a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius will affect your 10th work house, which will mark the climax of your career. This can cause friction between you and your loved ones, you and your colleagues, and, unfortunately, you and your boss. And it can lead to the fact that you have to reconsider your work.

However, you will cope with this, you just need to solve problems not all at once, but as they arise. Remember, solar eclipses mean a new beginning, so do not relax. This can negatively affect your career or even ruin it.

Cancer: save money

Money is the least significant thing for you at the moment, and in vain. Stop frivolous spending and think about long-term ways to build your financial well-being, otherwise you will expect trouble. A partial solar eclipse of Aquarius will arrive in your 8th house, which governs money and investment but also implies death and transformation.

A solar eclipse will force you to figure out how to handle your finances to avoid hitting your well-being. But practice frugality in case this does happen. This month money will be difficult for you, so step on the throat of your own laziness and forward to prosperity!

Sagittarius: Don’t Let Cupid Conquer You

Usually you are an archer, a Sagittarius, but in February you can become a target. At the beginning of the month, Mercury and Jupiter will upset your plans, which can lead to conflict in a romantic relationship. You and your partner may have a problem with understanding, and Valentine’s Day will feel more like torture than the dreamy, passionate celebration of love it should be.

If you’re single you may feel uncomfortable around all this holiday hype, on the other hand, even if you’re dating someone, you may feel frustrated with your connection. This will be an important time to rethink everything you value in your partner, and ultimately you will learn from this.

Everything will get better by the end of the month. Mercury and the Sun will converge in your 4th house, which governs home and family. You will feel much more comfortable after February 18th with the start of the Pisces season.


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