Each Zodiac Sign Hides Their Madest Secret

Madest Secret

Each Zodiac Sign Hides Their Madest Secret

And you, how much are you silent? We all have a dirty secret, something that maybe makes us feel nervous or embarrassed. In the depths of our thoughts lives a part of us that few know. We are not always beings of light with a smile on our faces. There are times when all we want to do is explode and shout to the world that we need a helping hand too, hear words of encouragement, or just walk away from it all. Each zodiac sign hides it in its own way, but only those who make an effort manage to decipher it. This is the darkest secret that each sign hides:


People who only know you from the outside know that you are a very intense person, with that curious spirit and energy that leaves more than one speechless. The truth is that as soon as they meet you, you earn the admiration of people because it shows them that the most important thing in life is to break your fears, focus on what you want and go out and fight for it. However, there is a part of you that you hide, deep down your darkest secret reveals that you are a being full of compassion, with sensitivity to the fullest and that you are not always the strongest being. There are many things that hurt you, but you shut them up. Aries, you know your determined character is one thing, yet your heart is easily broken. 


For you there is no such thing as double faces, it is not something that is in your nature, and for the same reason you prefer to stay away from that type of person. You develop yourself in a very honest way, the fewer filters the better. People usually fall for your charm because you are very intellectual, you always have a new fact in your mind that changes the lives of many. Without a doubt, your advice is exceptional, you don’t judge, and you try to put yourself in the other person’s place. Your darkest secret is that you won’t tolerate being defined as someone stubborn. Come on, you know that you have a special character and that when you set your mind to something there is no one who can get you out of the way. But, it’s very annoying to be pigeonholed, you don’t cling to an idea just because you’re stubborn, it’s because you have good arguments to defend your point. 


On the outside, you seem like a person who doesn’t always have things under control, however, it’s not something you lose sleep over either. You are so used to being pointed out long before they decide to talk to you, that their bad energy already slips through you. They have created the reputation of being changeable, someone who does not compromise and who is capable of betraying in any blink of an eye. However, your darkest secret is that you are your own worst critic, it is hard to accept, but you secretly tell yourself the worst and minimize all your advances. People look at you so nonchalantly, because they have no idea what goes on behind four walls. You are being too hard on yourself and silence can be the worst companion, you have to stop Gemini, you are much more than everything your thoughts tell you. 


It is almost impossible for someone not to think of Cancer when talking about good people. You are like that, always looking after the health of the other, helping those who need it most, and giving your whole heart to your affective relationships. You don’t do it to look good with anyone, it really is your way of being, and the people who really know you know very well that your company is exceptional. However, you have a shady secret, you fight every day with your sensitive part, and you don’t like having such a noble heart because you break at the least expected moment. You know that you are not a weak being, but when tears come to you, they do so in such a devastating way that they can plunge you into sadness. You try very hard to pretend that everything is fine, but inside you can’t take it anymore. It’s time you shared it with someone Cancer. 


You like to break people’s expectations, Leo because there is nothing that fills your ego more than showing them that you are capable of doing whatever you want. You are like that, you enjoy your freedom and you hate when you depend on someone, for the same reason you don’t like to ask anyone’s opinion. However, you are very open, you like to meet people of all kinds, and your generous side does not hesitate to show up when you like someone. However, you have a shady secret, under that brave shell hides a sweet being, who is often in a bad mood because he really wants a hug, the hand of someone who loves him, and to hear that everything is going to be fine. It is your sensitive side, the one that can turn you into a cute kitten and all you want is to be pampered. 


Your steps are full of calm, without a doubt, you are one of the most patient people in the entire zodiac. Virgo, you always stay at the foot of the canyon, you are not one of those who throw things overboard, on the contrary, you see the way to find a solution. However, your zen side does not always speak for you. There is a shady secret that makes your head spin a thousand times at the same thought. You keep everything to yourself, you don’t want others to worry, but in reality, you waste a lot of time analyzing issues that you don’t even know if they are going to happen. It is your anxiety that does not let you sleep, the one that has been keeping information that hurts you, but that you are afraid to share because you do not want to be judged. You don’t forget anything and you end up suffering from things that only happen in your head. It is not easy for anyone to understand. 


You are a social, fun soul, you are the one who has the gift of performing like a fish in water in affective relationships. It is enough that someone interests you to touch their heart in a very deep way, and you know very well how to charm people, but you do not do it with the intention of manipulating, it is just that it is very easy to love you. In addition, flirtation and joy are your best accessories, you really earn the admiration of many, although most people do not say so. However, if you have a shady secret, you can become too judging in your mind. You do not do this with bad intentions, it is thanks to your indecisive side, which makes you analyze the pros and cons of everything before you open the doors to someone in your life. Let’s say that inside you lives a perfectionist that few know. You would like everything to turn out as you imagine, although it is very complicated. 


I wish evil tongues would put themselves in the shoes of a Scorpio for just a second. Perhaps their criticism would be on the ground because they judge just for the sake of it. Scorpios can be very passionate and at the same time somewhat reserved, but that does not mean that they are a bad person. It’s just that with the passage of time, he has learned that the best thing in life is to set limits because when you least expect them they end up tearing you apart. His darkest secret is that he does mental research all the time, even before you talk to him, he has already analyzed you from head to toe. At first glance, it seems that he is always distracted, but he already knows what kind of perfume you prefer, and the way in which your gestures say the opposite of what you say. He is an expert at drawing conclusions and believes me he is rarely wrong. That has helped him not to get involved with the wrong crowd. 


What is the first thing you think of when Sagittarius comes to mind? It is enough to imagine the waves of the sea, the way in which the wind drags the leaves, or how beautiful the Moon looks accompanied by so many stars. It is the sign that leads you to freedom, to all that you have wanted to do for years, but do not dare. Sagittarius is changeable, and daring is the one who enjoys everything that has to do with adrenaline. However, his darkest secret is that inside he melts with fear, He doesn’t like people’s prejudices. It’s hard when you’re always in their sights and judged by his lifestyle. Sometimes he feels too vulnerable with it. It seems that as much as he tries to maintain the spiritual, emotional, and physical side of him, it is never enough for others and it is not easy to deal with it. 


For you, the more practical everything is, the better. You don’t really like getting hooked on emotional issues, you have very clear goals to meet and you don’t plan to let anything become a distraction in your path. You are like that, a very strong, disciplined sign, and you are used to saying everything you feel, regardless of whether it means someone gets hurt. Your darkest secret is that inside you are very pessimistic, it seems that you continue to put the same enthusiasm into your projects only out of instinct because in reality something inside tells you that everything is going to go wrong. It’s difficult because you don’t tell anyone and many times you end up crying in a corner. Your life has become too much pressure, and you want to be the best at everything, but that is destroying your peace of mind even if you don’t say it. 


The weird one, the one who walks away, the one who doesn’t quite connect on an emotional level. That’s you, at least that’s the version that people have made of you, Aquarius, without even knowing you. It’s a bit difficult to deal with those kinds of opinions, but you’ve learned to let them go over time. Your darkest secret is that there are many times when you feel insignificant, It seems that no matter how hard you try to show your best version, it is never enough. Even if you don’t say it, the criticisms of others are stuck in the depths of your thoughts and make you have long conversations with the pillow every night before going to sleep. Aquarius will rarely say how he feels, he has become an expert at faking smiles and avoiding worrying about himself. He knows that there are people who love him, however, he does not want to become a burden to anyone. 


It is not a secret that your emotions are a flare that most of the time not even you yourself can control. You are a very sentimental, devoted, and passionate sign. When you really care about someone, you make an effort to make them see everything you would be able to do for him or her. However, there is a shady secret that makes you disappear at any moment. It’s just when you don’t want to talk about your emotions, you feel like they’re minimized and you run away for a while. A part of you is not satisfied with half relationships, be it friends, partners, or family. You really don’t feel valued and that makes you sad and you start to put up barriers. No Pisces stops being affectionate overnight. It’s the attitudes of others, he gets disappointed and becomes distant. 

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