Each Sign Has A Person In Heaven That They Would Like To Hug Again

Would Like To Hug Again

Each Sign Has A Person In Heaven That They Would Like To Hug Again

A lot of mixed feelings, they shake you, they hurt you and you would like to turn back time. These dates hurt because those moments come to your memory when the laughter made you cry sharing next to that person. Suddenly, you see her in the lights, the colors, the aromas, the gifts, she is there, but she is not there and that breaks you. It is inevitable that tears are not present. Each zodiac sign has someone in heaven that they would like to hug again. 


You don’t plan it, and that sigh comes, it hurts from head to toe and makes you wonder why. You know that life makes inexplicable decisions, but the fact that you are resilient does not mean that you resign yourself to the fact that that person is no longer there. Nobody teaches you to live with pain, you have to do it because you have no other option, and when you least expect it bends you again. 


There are lumps in the throat that are forever, they are there to remind you how vulnerable you can be and how hard it is to miss someone. It’s nice when you relive all those crazy things from the past, but in the end, you feel that emptiness. They say that time heals everything, but it’s not real, you learn to live with that hole and you can’t help but look at the sky with a sigh. 


Silence also hides cracks in the heart. You are one of the most discreet signs when it comes to showing pain, you don’t want them to pity you and that’s why you play to be strong. However, between the four walls of your room, there are no masks, it hurts you not to be able to share all the beautiful things with that person and also those that overwhelm you, but you put up with it. 


Honestly, you know that you are never ready to let go, how do you erase everything you have experienced? You can no longer go to complain, talk to him or simply see that person. He’s gone and that’s something you’re going to live with for the rest of your days. Just because the months go by doesn’t mean it hurts less. There are bad and good days, but the wound stays there. 


When something makes you feel bad, you prefer to keep it, Leo, because it hurts twice as much to know that there are people who say they love you and minimize your emotions. There are many things that you wanted to say to that person, but you couldn’t and that makes you feel more frustrated. He left and you can’t do anything about it, just honor his memory and try to keep smiling as you did next to him. 


People who don’t dare to get to know you on a deep level usually get a bad idea of ​​you. You are not as cruel as it seems, you have beautiful feelings and the departure of someone you loved hurts you like any other. The fact that you don’t collapse and make an effort to go on with your life, doesn’t mean that you don’t have days when you feel like you can’t anymore. 


That moment in which you would like that person to be here is when you realize how important the little things are, the experiences, the laughter, the jokes, the trips. Libra, the amount of money you have in your bank account or all the material that surrounds you is uselessWhen someone is missing, it is impossible to replace it with something else. 


The dates on which the family gets together do not please you at all, because the times when that person held your hand or told you how much they loved you come to mind. There are so many things that you would like to tell her, surely she would be proud of all that you have advanced. It’s very sad to know that no matter how much you want me to be here, it won’t be like that and you have to accept it. 


Of course, independence defines you, you are a sign that loves to show that you can always get ahead. It’s okay to be so determined, but you don’t have to force yourself to pretend that the absence of that loved one doesn’t tear you apart. Beautiful moments no longer feel the same, they are missing something, that essence that cannot be replaced. 


Just because you go out of your way to show the world that coolness defines you doesn’t mean it’s true. Sagittarius, you break at the loss of a loved one and even if you make an effort to continue with your activities, there are times when you have nothing left to do but face your pain and that’s when you feel that your heart can’t take it anymore. You dream of the day they meet again. 


Although you know how to deal with loneliness perfectly, there are things that get out of hand, especially when it comes to your emotions. It is sad to accept that you are no longer going to hear that person’s laughter or the crazy way in which all his beautiful energy of him infected you. Sometimes you remember with great affection and other times anger wins over you, it’s normal, you need it and you don’t know how to handle it. 


And now you see that person in others, in the way they were helpful, how funny they were in meetings, or how they would suddenly walk away when they felt annoyed. It’s nice to remember all those times when she made you feel special and loved, but you also wish you could erase them from time to time. They are mixed feelings that end up lowering your spirits. 

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