Don’t Let Sadness Take You Back To That Toxic Person

Don’t Let Sadness Take You Back To That Toxic Person

Do you remember? You felt so little, that relationship sank you so much that you even forgot the way you smiled. You’re funny, smart, and love when your inner child comes out from time to time. However, that person turned you off, he stole the most beautiful part of you and you came to think that you would not be able to get out of that hell, but you did. You got up, got your glow back, and now it’s become less complicated to enjoy every moment. Please don’t let loneliness drive you back to that toxic person. Your zodiac sign is no longer for that ill-treatment.


It even seems incredible how you went from being a competitive and temperamental soul to becoming what the other person wanted. She made you feel worthless, she insulted you, she raised her voice countless times and you forgave her. However, you realized that it will never change and there your courage returned. You have recovered Aries, you picked up your pieces and put them together. Don’t fall for the words of a manipulative person again, you don’t deserve that life.


Without a doubt, you are a walking duality, because you are an earth sign, but at the same time you are ruled by Venus and that turns your world upside down all the time. It may not be noticeable at first glance, but you are a generous, noble being, you like to give everything to the people you love. Unfortunately, that led to bitterness, but it’s not your fault. It was that toxic person who hasn’t healed and that’s why she unloaded all her negativity on you. Taurus, don’t come back, you know you’re not happy there.


You are an air sign, of course, there are times in your life when you feel like everything is getting out of hand. You stayed next to a person who at first promised you the Moon and the stars, he made you believe that he was your salvation, but in reality, he was waiting for you to tell him about your wounds to hurt you twice as much. That changed you, you opened your eyes and now you don’t want to go back. Don’t let me sugarcoat you with lies.


You have resisted so much Cancer and saved a lot of tears, but your shell is still firm, they have not broken you enough to turn off your light, you just have to go to the bottom of your heart to realize how much you are worth. You are a sensitive, loving, and very strong sign. It wasn’t bad that you loved it so much, but being with the wrong person was. You took off the blindfold and now you have to remember him because he doesn’t deserve another chance.


Your personality is devastating and extravagant, you are a person who wants to improve yourself in every way. However, you came to believe someone who doesn’t even have self-esteem. A person so wounded with life that it shook your emotions until you doubted yourself. She wasn’t with you when you needed her most, she made you feel less, she criticized everything you did and what you dreamed of. It’s not worth it, don’t let it come back into your life.


If anyone on this list deserves the analytics medal, it’s definitely you. You have done everything in your power to progress in the midst of the storm. But that person crushed your heart mercilessly, he filled you with doubts, anguish, and bitterness. Being by his side led you to meet your worst version, turning you into that submissive being, the one who did not dare to say anything out of fear. Do you want to go back to that? No Virgo, you are here to be truly loved, do not settle.


How easy for the rest, right? They assume that you are the person who always weighs any situation before making a decision. It is the planet of love that rules you, perhaps that has its counterproductive side because there are times when you blind yourself, hoping that everyone around you has some kindness, but it is not always like that. That toxic person handled you as if you were his puppet, but you already realized that you don’t deserve that and it’s time to turn the page.


If you think about it, your life has been one test after another. The times you’ve thought you can’t take it anymore, strength comes from your gut and you keep moving forward. You regenerated Scorpio, you released a toxic person who hurt you physically, emotionally, and mentally. It was not easy, you had to cry for hours at night, especially to overcome your fears. Today, you are no longer the same, so you are not going to allow it to come back and ruin you once again.


You have fire in your eyes and in your soul, but what few know is that when you give your heart you usually feel very vulnerable. That person controlled you, he decided many times for you and got it into your head that you are not capable of doing the things you want. There was so much mistreatment from him that you ended up believing him until you fell into depression. However, you decided to rise from the ashes. What little was left of you that helped you up? Now, do you want to go back? Don’t even dream of it.


I find it incredible when people dare to assume that feelings do not live in your heart. Yes, they are, but you prefer to be very secretive with whom you share them. The bad thing is that being so selective there is a risk that you stay with the wrong person, someone who only gives himself out of toxicity and who clearly has no idea what emotional responsibility is. Nothing that he made you believe is real, he spoke to you from his shortcomings and it is very cynical on his part that he wants to return. 


Probably, your inspiring and playful side is the one that has not allowed you to let your guard down. You’ve been through some really bad times, but you’ve never lost your smile. The problem is that you pretended too much next to that person, justifying his mistreatment and absences from him. At his side, you learned the way you don’t want to be loved and that has been the best lesson. Remember that when he tells you he’s sorry and he’s going to change. He lost you, there is no more.


They may try to make you feel like the worst of people, but your creative and intuitive side will never be taken away from you. Trust yourself, if something tells you that it’s not there, don’t hold on, because you can end up in therapy if you stay with an insane love. Your heart was closed for a while, but your wisdom and empathy remain stronger than ever. It is what has lifted you up, what will make you determinedly tell that person that they no longer have a space in your life and that without their company you are better off.


Don't Let Sadness Take You Back To That Toxic Person


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