Cheating isn’t always physical, here are 6 types of emotional cheating.

Cheating isn’t always physical, here are 6 types of emotional cheating.

Fraud has now been reclassified and encompasses not only a physical but also an emotional matter. It can start out as a platonically friendly feeling towards another person and turn into an inappropriate path. These types of affairs are becoming more common. 

Remember that while attraction is not a choice, cheating is definitely a choice. An affair doesn’t just happen magically. Only you can decide whether you want to follow this slippery slope or not. 

Here are the 6 unrelated physical fraud types:


1. Having an affair on a cell phone.

Most of us wake up and check our cell phones before we even say good morning. This way of being far away while still close can be quite dangerous because we think we are close to someone when we may not be. And sometimes we will get too close to that person and give them more attention than our partner

The main reason our attempts to spend less time on our phones fail so often is that we structure our efforts the same way we diet. Nobody likes to hold back, that’s why it’s so difficult. So try to focus on the goals you want to achieve instead of the things you no longer want to do.


2. Bringing about your partner with someone else.

You will obviously be talking about your relationship with friends or family, and that’s fine. What is wrong is complaining about the partner on a daily basis. You may think you have to complain to deal with your relationship, but you are actually betraying your partner because you didn’t work with them to fix these issues. In addition, in the end, you create even more distance between the two of you. This type of approach can be devastating for the other person if they discover that you are secretly upset. 


3. Crossing the line with a stranger.

Emotional infidelity is just as dangerous as traditional love at home because it is intense but invisible. Of course, you love your partner, but if some of your little actions cross the line of infidelity, you risk losing someone who is important to you in your life. 

For example, you meet a guy in a bar and he flirts with you, flatters you, and gives you something that you don’t get in your primary relationship. This has to be a warning sign that something is not going well between you and your partner! When you need someone, especially a stranger, to fill the void you have in your primary relationship, you are entering the realm of emotional infidelity. And that can be the most painful form of cheating for your partner.


4. To have a secret friend.

It is not fair or realistic to expect your partner to meet all of your needs. With that in mind, it’s perfectly okay to meet a friend for a drink to hang out for a while! But there is a small problem: if you go out of your way to cover up this meeting, you will at least feel a little guilty. And with that, you are committing emotional deception as well. 

Maybe you feel that your special friend is threatening your relationship and you don’t want to admit that fact. Maybe it’s a special connection that you share with this friend or you feel that he wants more from you. All of this is possible and it may feel great, but it’s not fair to keep all of this from your partner.


5. Having fantasies or dreams of another lover.

If you have a dream in which you are having love with someone other than your partner, your first response is to panic and think that this must mean that you don’t really love your partner. Keep calm and relax. It’s perfectly okay to have a few little fantasies on occasion. However, if you are constantly dreaming or envisioning a romantic partner other than your partner, it can lead to an emotional affair. The only way to control this is to openly talk to your partner about your romantic fantasies and what you like and dislike at home. 


6. Not standing up for his partner.

You and your partner should always be a team. When things get tough, he should feel safe and secure that he has someone to rely on. But if his partner isn’t standing up for him, it is possible that he isn’t really interested in things moving forward. 

To give your relationship a second chance, realize that from the day you realized he is who you want to grow old with, you will be his teammate. This means that your partner has a pride of place in your life. Let your family and friends know that there is a line they cannot cross when it comes to your significant other and your relationship.

Cheating isn't always physical, here are 6 types of emotional cheating

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