At these 10 signs, you realize that he wants you back (but tries to hide)

We know this behavior only too well from ourselves. We had to go through it all before. There must have been a night when we sent out endless messages or cried ourselves to sleep. Why did all this have to happen to us?

Who among us did not think that before in his life or maybe even said it?

Maybe you hated all the men and swore you would never get involved with a man again. You have closed your heart and never wanted to let that pain back into your life. Because you just do not need this drama.

You consoled yourself with chocolate and ice cream and at some point realized that you can be very well alone and not at all dependent on men.

You are very happy with your life even without a partner by your side. Once you have resigned yourself to it and you are again an independent person who can take good care of himself.

Of course it was not that easy to get there. A breakup is always painful and damned nerve-wracking and emotionally charged. But now you are finally fine!

And what about him? 

Maybe you have already realized that the whole thing is not completely overseen for him yet. Because he wants you back. Why is he doing this with you? After dropping you like a hot potato, does he really want to recapture you?

He did not want you back then when you needed him. And now that you are well, he wants you back. Now that you have finally accepted the fact that you can be happy without him and you do not need him, he comes back to you. How should you handle it please?

Should you just take him back? Or is this maybe a trick from him to see where he stands with you? Does he really love you or is he just looking for s*x?

You have to take a good look at the hidden signs. Because in them you realize if he wants you back because he really loves you or if he wants to use you for another reason.

These are the 10 secret signs he will send out if he really loves you and wants you back, though he might try to conceal this:

  1. He looks at you in a certain way

As soon as you enter the room, his eyes wander to you. He just can not help himself and has to look at you automatically. But as soon as he realizes that, he will try to look away. That’s how you realize how vulnerable he is.

  1. He still knows what’s important to you

He still knows what things are important to you in life. He may even have noticed certain things that you once mentioned. That’s a sign that he’s still trying to understand you.

  1. He cares about your opinion

He still asks your opinion, even though you are no longer a couple. Your advice is important to him. He still needs her. He would not ask you if he did not love you.

  1. He wants to see a smile on your lips

He still tries to make you laugh by sending you something funny or making a joke. He still thinks about you and still has feelings for you.

  1. He only wishes the best for you

One reason for the breakup might be that he thinks he’s not good enough for you. In that case he will only wish the best for you. He does not want to manipulate you, it’s just that you’re happy because he loves you very much.

  1. He wants to forget you as soon as possible

Nobody can completely get rid of someone within a few days. Usually, a separation takes a long time. Because it is a painful and long process. If he wants to get it over the stage as quickly as possible, it may indicate that the pain is extremely deep. So you are still important to him.

  1. He seeks contact with your family

If your ex is still in contact with your family, even though he has no drastic reason for it, then it is clear that he still wants you. Why else, should he seek contact with your family?

  1. He squeezes your mutual friends about you

You probably have some friends together, otherwise you would not have been together for so long. He will try to ask her about you if he still has feelings for you. He will want to know how you are or how your life is currently running.

  1. He will contact you

This is also a strong indication that he still loves you. He logs in with you because he misses you. He probably sees now that he has made a mistake and regrets his behavior. 

  1. He talks about your time together

He talks about common plans that you once had or addresses your common goals. In truth, he would like to pick it up with you because he is still attached to you. He probably wants to bring your relationship back to life. 

If you find these signs with him, he probably wants you back as the woman by his side. Whether you give him a second chance is up to you, of course.

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