Astro-Love: With these 10 tips you can tame an Aquarius

You need a lot of time and patience to conquer an Aquarius, because because of his urge for freedom and his eccentric nature he is a real challenge! We have ten tips on how to fish for an Aquarius.

1. Be authentic

He is sincere and honest. Aquarius also expects this from his partner. If he finds out that you have made a mistake or played a role, he will immediately flee.

2. Be his best friend

Aquarius doesn’t believe in love at first sight. He mostly falls in love with women he has known for a long time. First of all, it is important to him that he can laugh with her and trust her. Only then does he open his heart.

3. Be a philanthropist

A man born between January 21 and February 19 has a philanthropic streak. He will admire you when you do social services in a retirement or animal shelter.

4. Be open to discussion

An Aquarius loves heated conversations. He likes to convince others of his opinion. Nevertheless, you should not mutate into a yes-man.

5. Don’t be burdock!

Aquarius is notorious for his desire for freedom. For women who want to see and control their partner around the clock, it is a horror. But if you trust him and leave him enough space, he will always come back to you.

6. Be funny and intelligent

Men with the zodiac sign Aquarius love humorous, quick-witted women who also have good taste and enjoy life to the fullest.

7. Be persistent

The Aquarius is not the fastest when it comes to love things. It takes a lot of time to bind. So you need a lot of sitting meat.

8. Be honest

He is known for his loyalty and a real seeker of truth. Even small white lies he resents very quickly.

9. Be enthusiastic

Aquarius is particularly attracted to a woman who shares his idealism. He is a born philosopher!

10. Be happy …

… because with an Aquarius you can expect a very exciting love that will turn your whole life upside down!


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