Aries June 2022 Astro

Aries June 2022 Astro

June begins and this month you will have to face more than one thing at the same time. It will be difficult for you to admit it, Aries, it will be difficult for you to recognize that the insecurities have not gone away yet, that there is something that still “keeps you awake at night”, that you have to face it as soon as possible. It is important that you get to work on it before throwing away more sleep. Do not act as if nothing happened, because in reality it does happen and it happens a lot…

There is a person around who is a bit shady, a bit quiet. Someone who is changing his mind too much, that one day is one thing and the next day is another. When this happens to you and you run into people like that on your way, get as far away as you can. Even, if possible, remove that person from your life and you do not want to know anything about it. It is not convenient for you to hang out with people who have that dangerous double face. If he is turning people green behind their backs in front of you… who knows if he is not doing the same with you? You’re not in the mood to deal with people like that. You’ve already been through a lot, Aries. You are still recovering from your own wounds and trying to find more self-love and security for yourself. You don’t want toxic people in your life.

June is going to be one of the reunions and intense but somewhat complicated emotions. There is a person who is going to be like your “coach”, who is going to help you get out everything you have inside, everything that until now was drowning you. Within that intensity, you are going to live experiences that are going to stay well stuck in your mind, in your retina, in your heart. It is important that you know how to let yourself be loved by those who love you well, that you let things happen, that they happen, that they occur, and that you do not put a brake or control. If something or SOMEONE makes you smile, why would you change?

You have to start spending a little of everything the rest of you think, Aries. There are people who are no longer in your life. Yes, it was important to you, but you’re not going to give anyone a chance again. As much as they want to be back, they will never be. Don’t waste a single second of your time thinking about them. You’ve done enough for all those people.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th will make you feel at your best in every way, but above all in the field of passion. You are going to seek to enjoy in bed with people who also contribute to you intellectually. And yes, Aries, offers of this type are going to rain. To such an extent that you yourself will have to decide who you stay with and who you don’t…

If you have a partner, a good streak will come, even if you don’t believe it, things improve, probably because communication is the main thing between you now. You know that your outbursts can mess up many things many times, but you are a noble Aries, and even if you are short-tempered, later you always seek to solve everything. If you don’t have a partner, it is also likely that this month you will meet someone special, or that a relationship that is being forged begins to be a little more serious.

Be careful at the end of the month, Neptune begins its retrograde, and the illusion can vanish for some doubts. Remember that not everything you see is all there is. Analyze everything more thoroughly before making momentary decisions on any impulse. Happy June.


Aries June 2022 Astro

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